Dressing for Back to School

nx_bts_dec09_price.JPGIn addition to providing marekting brochures for newsXpress locations which want to promote Back to School this side of Christmas, we have also provided material for use in-store to promote the prices of the brand name product.

The professionally produced shelf talkers visually connect with the brochures and other material, they complete the story which is newsXpress back to School 2010.

Our team has taken care to show the brands supporting us and which our stores support in this campaign.

Our Back to School campaign is designed to compliment the GNS back to School campaign

Sorted by hiPP in more newsXpress locations

frank_sorted.JPGMore newsXpress locations are installing the Sorted range from hiPP.  There are three planogram sizes for this excellent home office / organisation product.  As the photo from one of our stores shows, the planogram looks professional and neatly fits a good range of product.

We like the Sorted range because it takes us into new product categories – yes, this range is about more than one product category.  Sorted  broadens the appeal of newsXpress locations and gives existing customers more products with which to extend their shopping.  This is a great basket efficiency story.

newsXpress is pleased to have introduced the Sorted range to the newsagency channel.

newsXpress Maryborough (VIC) merchandises well

rimg0223.JPGnewsXpress Maryborough in Victoria is using the newsXpress supplied 2010 calendar and Merry Giftmas posters to dress the store and promote these two newsXpress exclusive offers.  The result is a bright and enticing in-store story.

By embracing the newsXpress collateral, newsXpress Maryborough is able to present a professional and exciting pitch for categories which most newsagents treat in a more traditional way.  The result is shown in sales.

We have stores in the city and country towns, in big shopping malls and tiny high street situations using our Christmas and calendar marketing collateral with great effect.

newsXpress Eli Waters at the new moon opening

nx_eliwaters_tw.JPGnewsXpress Eli Waters was invited by their nearby cinema to operate a Twilight merchandise business in the cinemas as part of their opening celebrations for the new moon movie last week. The display of newsXpress sourced merchandise generated good sales on the night and follow up sales in the shop days later. The initiative was reported on TV with Alan from newsXpress Eli Waters featuring in the story.

Initiative like this is great for newsXpress members and for our brand nationally.

Supporting Movember

rob_henderson_movember.JPGRob Henderson, our National Merchandise Manager, is supporting Movember with his Mo. Rob is doing this in support of The Eastfield cricket club with whom he plays and to raise awareness of prostate cancer during November. The majority of players are growing or have grown facial hair to raise the awareness of the campaign.

If you’d like to support Rob’s fundraising efforts, please click here.

newsXpress Singleton Heights’ award honoured

647181.jpgThe Singleton Argus has a good story in the latest issue about newsXpress Singleton Heights being announced co-winner of the newsXpress Retailer of the Year Award at our National Conference in Melbourne last month.  In the article, Jarryd Moore, co-manager of the business, credited the team and explains what drives them evolve the business:

Our staff have been keeping up with the trends and without their willingness to embrace the new things we take on board, we could not deliver such a terrific customer service.

With such a large number of competitors, and not just newsagencies but other stationary suppliers, we have to maintain good prices and cater for everyone.

It’s about changing things up, introducing new things and trying things even if they sound a bit out there to begin with.

newsXpress presents many opportunities for members to drive better traffic and better margin in their businesses.  Those who embrace these opportunities are doing very well in building healthier businesses.  They show the newsXpress difference at work.

Photo credit: The Singleton Argus

O’BON planogram at newsXpress Leongatha

nx_leongatha_obon.JPGnewsXpress Leongatha has launched the environmentally friendly O’BON range. Following the newsXpress recommended planogram, they have an excellent range of sugar cane pulp journals and folders as well as pencils made from recycled newspapers. Through the O’BON planogram, newsXpress Leongatha is promoting a good environmental story, educating consumers, demonstrating a point of difference and driving good business as a result.

Early Back To School campaign

dsc00437.JPGnewsXpress gives its members the option of when they want their Back To School campaign kicks in. For some, that is about now. This is why we have provided back To School brochures and other collateral to these members. They are chasing orders for the 2010 year prior to the end of this year. Our Back To School catalogue continues the newsXpress commitment to brands with UHU, O’BON, Maped, Artline, uni, Post-it, Canson, Pentel and Crayola all well represented.

The newsXpress Back To School catalogue also offers twilight themed product – because we recognise that school is not all about work and no play.

Obon planogram makes the green story easy for newsXpress

obon_planogram.JPGRanging the Obon green stationery products is easy for newsXpress members thanks to the work between Obon and our merchandise team on planograms for a variety of situations.  Sales reported by members across the country tell us that the combined effort is working well. newsXpress is proud to have launched Obon in the newsagency channel.

newsXpress Leongatha launches new sorted range

nx_leongatha_sorted.JPGThe sorted range from hiPP has been introduced by newsXpress Leongatha to extend their home office / organisational products range. newsXpress is proud to be working closely with hiPP on the introduction of this new range of products to the newsagency channel.

Our merchandise team saw early on the value leading newsXpress members into a new product niche. newsXpress Leongatha, terrific business innovators, did not take much convincing to embrace the sorted range.

newsXpress locations introducing sorted from hiPP are doing so following a planogram developed to professionally and efficiently represent the whole range.

newsXpress Christmas catalogue out now

newsxpress_giftmas.JPGnewsXpress has delivered hundreds of thousands of catalogues to homes around newsXpress locations participating in our Merry Giftmas Christmas promotion.

In addition to catalogues, stores have been provided with A1 double sided colour posters and price tickets – promoting catalogue items.

The range of professional collateral provided by newsXpress is a further example of the care we take to help our members tell a complete story for key seasons such as Christmas.  From the brochure in the letterbox to the price ticket in front of a promotional ietm, the visual connection is consistent and enticing.

newsXpress Pakenham in the news

newsxpress_pakenham.jpgnewsXpress Pakenham made the pages of their local newspaper with a story about a great competition win for a customer.  Melanie Smith won the full Harry Potter chess set valued at $462.  Rowan and Dianne Higgon at newsXpress Pakenham put asise each issue of this special part series over months to create a prize. The competition was run as part of their recent relaunch following considerable modifications to their business. This is excellent business initiative.

Well done newsXpress Pakenham!

Christmas stocking stuffer collateral

nxpchristmas_stockingstuffergifts_a3poster.jpgnewsXpress has developed addditional Christmas marketing collateral for use by stores in promoting stocking stuffer gifts.  This collateral has been provided to our members through our regular email communication.

This new collateral visually connects with the A1 Merry Giftmas posters we sent out a few weeks ago.  It is designed specifically for displays of lower priced Christmas gift items – some of which featured in the catalogue distributed to homes around newsXpress stores a week ago.

newsXpress recognises the importance of refreshing offers through the Christmas season.

newsXpress Wetherill Park wins merchandising award

nx_wetherill_park_twi.jpgnewsXpress Wetherill Park has won a supplier-funded award for their stunning merchandising display for product associated with the new Twilight movie, new moon.  The display promotes new moon board game, new moon calendars, new moon jewellery and new moon themed magazines.

As this and other recent photos on this blog show, newsXpress members are committed to bold visual merchandising around strong licences which serve across multiple categories.  This is especially true when the licence reaches into strong magazine traffic as it presents an opportunity to leverage this for higher margin business.

newsXpress members are banking excellent results from our licence product strategy.  It offers an excellent example of the newsXpress difference in action.

Congratulations to newsXpress Wetherill Park for such great leadership.

Great use of newsXpress collateral

dsc00215.JPGnewsXpress Forest Hill (Victoria) is using the newsXpress supplied calendar posters above their calendar display and diary posters above diary product.  They are great signposts to the appropriate areas of the shop – making it easier for customers on a mission and to divert others who may have visited for another purpose.

newsXpress prints it’s posters in A1 size, in colour and on heavy duty stock.  We understand the value of good quality marketing collateral.  A1 posters for all major seasons and opportunities are provided free of charge to newsXpress members.

We love receiving photos from newsXpress members showing how they have used newsXpress provided marketing collateral.  It is one thing for our creative team to develop the collateral and another entirely to see how it is used in-store.

newsXpress launches new planogram: sorted by hiPP

fhn_sorted1.JPGIn another first, newsXpress is pleased to be participating in the national launch of sorted, a range of home office organisation products from hiPP.  Many months in the making, newsXpress has played a key role in bringing this product to market.  Planogrammed to tell a bold brand-based story in newsXpress and selected other retailers, sorted places newsXpress into a new niche which straddles stationery, office products and gifts.  As one customer said recently, this is Smiggle for adults.

Bringing sorted to market is another example of innovation from newsXpress and our proactive group of partner suppliers.  The good margin range will drive new traffic and extend the basket of shoppers.  It provides an excellent point of difference for newsXpress locations and newsXpress as a group.

newsXpress leads on licence products offers

nx_brands_giftmas.JPGnewsXpress is demonstrating its commitment to brands and strategic merchandise moves with its Christmas gift offering.   Our merchandise team has sourced gift product which connects with key magazine, partworks, greeting card and departments.  By bringing in additional product under licences such as Ben 10, Twilight, Toy Story and In the Night Garden, the newsXpress merchandise team is providing our members with the ability to promote across departments and drive more effficient shopping baskets.

leveraging excellent traffic for more efficient and better margin business is another beenefit of newsXpress membership.