Newsagency marketing group deals pack a hit

nxdealsnewsXpress members are loving the deals in the latest deals pack sent out. better still, newsXpress suppliers are loving the deals. Printed and collated without cost to suppliers or newsXpress members, the deals pack offered an excellent variety of brand-name quality products at excellent prices, giving newsXpress members more good-margin opportunities. This is another successful newsXpress initiative – helping our businesses grow.

newsXpress – the HOME of Beanie Boos in Australia

nxmktgnewsXpress members are proudly displaying theA1 double sided posters declaring newsXpress as the home of Beanie Boos. This marketing, provided free by newsXpress, is another step in a national promotion of Beanie Boos and newsXpress stores, driving traffic and shopper engagement. The newsXpress posters connect with facebook marketing and local store promotion across various platforms. This is an integrated campaign and it is delivering excellent new traffic for newsXpress members.

newsXpress members booking in for local business building meetings

newsXpress members have been booking in good numbers for our April round of cluster meetings – where we will talk business planning, new traffic opportunities and tactics for driving margin even further than members are achieving today.

This next round of meetings will be hosted through a partner supplier and events will include special yet strategic buying of quality products around which newsXpress members will be able to build an exciting seasonal repetitional story.

Te participating supplier is exclusive to newsXpress, offering a valuable point of difference to our members and back to the supplier.

This next round of cluster meetings is an excellent opportunity for us to show off the newsxpress difference.

Bringing the newsXpress conference experience to all newsXpress members

newsXpress has shared professionally produced videos of conference speaker sessions with all members – as a reminder for those who were there and as a fresh resource for those unable to make it.  There is also the benefit of being able to share conference content with employees back in the business.

The professional post production including the inserting of power point slides has provided newsXpress members with another excellent and differentiating resource through which they can consider their business plans and take on best practice ideas.

The video library has been protected to ensure that valuable intellectual property is not leaked from the group.

newsXpress participates in national retail tech conference

newsXpress is participating in a major national retail technology conference this week as retail leaders from around the world share insights into technology in several segments in which newsXpress members operate.

Participating by invitation from the chair of the conference, newsXpress is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a conference which is not usually attended by newsagency marketing group representatives.

The invitation came about because of the work newsXpress is doing to demonstrate strategic guidance beyond what has been traditional for a newsagency marketing group.

The result will be enhanced insights newsXpress members will be able to consider as they plan for their future.

Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents achieve stellar jigsaw sales

brandingNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping its newsagency business members to drive excellent sales of Ravensberger jigsaws thanks to professionally printed A1 size double sided colour posters.

The Ravensberger branded poster is part of a professional marketing pack provided to newsXpress members for out of season marketing. The result is increased sales, faster stock turns, better return on inventory investment.

This is great news for newsXpress members.

The posters are just part of the newsXpress marketing assist.


Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents drive social media engagement

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members achieve excellent success with facebook and other social media engagement through organic and paid campaigns which connect with different demographics around different product opportunities.

Based on sound research by social media experts, the newsXpress approach is delivering excellent results for these independently owned small businesses – generating net new traffic and helping to encourage shoppers to travel to a newsXpress location with EXCLUSIVE or special interest products.

Another newsXpress division one lottery win

11084293_666033390209491_4412491004068151008_nCongratulations to Jason and the team at newsXpress Palmerston in the Northern territory for selling a division one winning lottery ticket in last night’s draw.

As you’d expect from switched on business people, they have been quick to promote the win out the front of the business – excellent marketing team!

This is another excellent win for the newsXpress brand too.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress adds more EXCLUSIVE suppliers

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has this week added more EXCLUSIVE suppliers to its community of suppliers who are working to help newsXpress members grow stronger and more valuable businesses.

We don’t list the suppliers here as we do not want to give our competitors guidance on what they should be doing for their members.

Our new suppliers will not be at trade shows newsagents usually visit, enabling us to attract new traffic for our member businesses from new and exciting areas.

Unfortunately, some competitors visit newsXpress stores to look for ideas. While we can’t stop it, we enjoy the game of watching them try and copy.

This is another example of the newsXpress difference.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress helps Australians shop local

localShop local is something all small business owners hope for and many complain about. Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping its members encourage locals to shop local with its won shop local campaign which runs across all major card seasons in the business. Using our own exclusive art and connecting this as we have been for some time now, the message underscores much of what we do. Our members benefit as a result.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress’ Facebook post drives shopper engagement

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 6.42.15 amNewsagency marketing group newsXpress last week as a Facebook post which attracted 46,736 views in two days and led to excellent store level engagement with an exclusive product opportunity which is only available in newsXpress stores.

This exclusive opportunity and the associated marketing show a value of newsXpress membership.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress delivers easter collateral

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress members have been given access to a suite of print and digital collateral with which to promote Easter in their businesses. This collateral includes digital price tickets which can be modified to suit local business needs.

Connected with the full easter collateral pack, this digital art helps newspapers members tell a consistent story.