New wrap feature wall at newsXpress Gympie

gympiewrapCareful planning has paid off with a new wrap wall at newsXpress Gympie in Queensland where they now have a fresh and attractive display of Hallmark wrap products on show. The result looks stunning in-store. customers are commenting and they are spending! The display is a best-pracyice representation of flat and roll wrap and other packing products from Hallmark.

Giftwrap Mixed With Cards at Beechworth

giftwrap-beechworth1.JPGnewsXpress Beechworth has introduced a display of giftwrap in with cards to show off new Hallmark giftwrap treatments and their broader range of giftwrap options.

Besides breaking up the terrific card display, these new displays are designed to drive incremental business from the greeting card shopper.  The simple displays present a welcome difference in the card department.

Post Mother’s Day Display at Kin Kora

boxes-kinkora.JPGnewsXpress Kin Kora has a terrific gift packaging display on an aisle end as part of a post Mother’s Day plan for the business.

In addition to the display looking good, it educates customers about opportunities for creative trimming of gifts for all occasions.  Central to this display is the new range of Hallmark gift trims.

newsXpress is encouraging all stores in the network to seize this post Mother’s Day period as a time for refreshing the business, creating new displays and driving sales.

Thanks to the tremendous range of more than 1100 newsXpress preferred suppliers newsXpress members have access to a broad range of offers and opportunities for a creative approach to the post Mother’s Day period.

Customers Love the New Hallmark Gift Trimmings

hmk-gift.JPGCustomers at newsXpress Knox love the new Hallmark Gift Trimmings.  Situated in a wonderful hang sell display in the giftwrap department, these new trimmings are bright and beautiful.  They act as a magnet, drawing customers who want something extra to with which to dress up a gift package.

newsXpress stores across Australia are embracing the opportunity presented by these new trimmings.  They are a new and unique product, bright in appearance, attractively prices and easy to display.  They are a perfect way to show the innovation i the business when it comes to packaging products.

Covering a range of gift giving occasions, these peel and stick trimmings can be used easily to dress up a bag, wrapped gift or even an envelope.  The bring a brightness and texture to the gift which can make it stand out on a table of gifts.

Hallmark is the strategic partner of newsXpress.  It is through this relationship that newsXpress members have access to special pricing and ranging.


When you are at the top of your game, how do you keep getting better?

These three stores just get better and better – Amazing. In Japan the word Kaizen means continuous improvement. Well the team at newsXpress Indooroopilly show you how the Kaizen Blitz works and how to bring the extraordinary benefits of this approach to continually improve what already is a stunning operation.







A one stop Mother’s Day Shop

These photos highlight the great use of the Mother’s Day theme at Ascot Vale. The strong message of Card, Ribbon, Wrap, Gift & Packaging tells their customers that ‘we have the complete Mother’s Day solution for you’.

As an added bonus to their customers a fantastic reward for Mum that is exclusive to newsXpress Ascot Vale.







The team from newsXpress Indooroopilly do it so well, you would think the three shops had just opened. Clean, well merchandised and first class service whilst embracing the hiPP range, new giftware, ribbon by the meter, wrap, bags and bow, and the Willow Tree range of statues.

Have a look at this premium operation to see how to operate a retail store. Simply stunning 365 days a year, at all three stores.