Is being in a newsagency marketing group worth it?

Is being in a newsagency marketing group worth it?

I bought my first newsagency in February 1996. Today, I am grateful to own four, with the most recent purchased in December 2021 in Malvern Victoria.

Over the years I have owned businesses that were part of Newspower and nextra. That changed in 2005 when I invested in newsXpress. It would have been a conflict to remain in any other group.

I have found that being part of a proactive newsagency marketing group is vital and here’s why I believe this … a proactive marketing group will place before you opportunities and ideas beyond those you may have discovered for yourself, and they will do this ahead of the pack.

newsXpress is different to other groups. We have been first with traffic generating product opportunities, first with new and valuable supplier relationships and first through Covid withy real help.

newsXpress membership costs $175.00 (inc. GST) a month and for that our members have access to:

  1. Strategic planning. Based on your situation, your data and your budget … a plan for you to consider. Whether you embrace it is 100% up to you.
  2. Bonus rebates. Offering bonus margin opportunities off newsXpress member pricing.
  3. Curated supplier showroom visits. Exclusive early access to launch opportunities.
  4. Seasonal marketing collateral. Beautiful. Exclusive. A1. Double-sided.
  5. Digital collateral. 100s of exclusive assets for your use each year.
  6. Digital collateral for in-store use. Ready for you to print, and use.
  7. Catalogue opportunities. While catalogues don’t work the way they used to – just ask Coles, Woolworths or Ovato – we do offer specialty / niche product catalogue opportunities from time to time.
  8. Customer loyalty cards. For 3 different categories. Free to members.
  9. Exclusive to newsXpress seasons. To help you attract new shoppers.
  10. 100+ preferred suppliers. Better margin. Faster selling. Good terms.
  11. Social media collateral. Images, and videos ready for you to use.
  12. National consumer facing websites. Connection for your shop is easy.
  13. Half price Shopify website.  Connected to your business, made for you.
  14. Supplier problem resolution. We actively represent you.
  15. Landlord negotiation. We help you negotiate.
  16. Low EFTPOS rates. We launched least cost routing in Jan. 2018 and better new deal in March 2022.
  17. Product buying. To your budget, we create orders for you to consider.
  18. Business management advice. Evidence-based advice.
  19. Team member training.
  20. Visual merchandising advice, training, and inspiration.
  21. Shop fit, and layout advice. We have helped save thousands of dollars.
  22. HR. Timely access to award rates.
  23. Member meetings. Online. Via Zoom. Regularly.
  24. Supplier launches / presentations. Filmed by us, for you.
  25. Private Facebook group. Talk about anything, any time.
  26. Online knowledge base. 150+ business management articles.
  27. Deals envelope. Exclusive member deals from suppliers.
  28. Financial guidance. Helping you budget for profit.
  29. Listening. We can be your sounding board on anything.
  30. Mental health support. We will help any way we can.
  31. More. We do more than this every day.

If you want fresh ideas, new traffic ideas for your business, reach out today and see whether newsXpress could be right for you:

Mark Fletcher, Managing Director, newsXpress.