Easter at newsXpress Whittlesea

newsXpress Whittlesea in Victoria is promoting Easter 2012 with an excellent range of cards and gifts … and with use of the newsXpress Easter collateral through the store, reminding shoppers throughout the business of the season.

Strong branding, as shown in the photo using newsXpress exclusive collateral, makes excellent use of our collateral which has been provided to all newsXpress members.

It is this bold use of the collateral which connects newsXpress members with a common image for not only Easter but all seasons.

Kids playing blocks make for a powerful display

newsXpress Inverloch has created some excellent visual excitement in-store with this display of high-quality kids playing blocks which were sourced through newsXpress preferred supplier Jasnor.

Click on the image to see the detail of the simple yet highly effective and impactful display.

What we like about the display is that it pitches the business differently to the traditional newsagency look and this will become more important as retail and newsagencies change.

Blooming Expressions help people share expression in a fresh way

The Blooming Expressions range from newsXpress strategic partner Hallmark has been rolling out to newsXpress locations across Australia.

We are enjoying having access to this new market-tested product form Hallmark, giving us something quite new to offer shoppers looking for a new way to express their feelings to a loved-one.

the photo shows the Blooming Expressions stand positioning at newsXpress Ocean Grove in Victoria.

Providing an interactive and personal reminder of affection, the flower which opens is new to the Australian shopper. With supply limited, we are thrilled that newsXpress stores were provided early opportunity to offer this product.

Beanie Kids at newsXpress Miranda

newsXpress Miranda has been promoting the Easter Beanie Kids and the newsXpress Easter colouring competition with this window display.

The Easter Beanie Kids have been a massive success story across newsXpress stores with many stores selling out early in the season. the success has been thanks to our TV promotion as well as promotion via Facebook and in other media by newsXpress and newsXpress members. This is an excellent example of good value basket building around seasons.

Wild Republic plush on show in Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale is promoting the new Wild Republic range of plush from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers and driving good sales as a result.

The new Wild Republic product range was a hit at the national newsXpress conference recently.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the photo … and the detail of this wonderful new range.

newsXpress Walkerston promoting Easter

newsXpress Walkerston has been promoting Easter 2012 in-store with this display facing shoppers as they enter the business, capped with the newsXpress exclusive Easter collateral.

Across the newsXpress network, newsXpress members are promoting Easter cards and gifts with terrific displays and other forms of marketing and promotion engagement. This is an excellent season not only for business but in service to the community.

By providing corporate collateral and a range of support materials, we and enabling newsXpress members to connect their businesses in a common way.

Great ink deals for shoppers in Canterbury Victoria

newsXpress Canterbury in Maling Road Canterbury has increased the space for ink as part of the newsXpress HOT ink! campaign.

Located behind the counter but very easily seen by shoppers, the ink display connects visually with the HOT ink! catalog promoted to homes in the area and other marketing from the store and newsXpress to drive ink traffic and sales for the business.

Promoting My Kitchen Rules Cookbook 2

newsXpress Knox City is promoting the My Kitchen Rules Cookbook 2 with this display on a column facing shoppers as they enter the shop. This display is adjacent to the counter and is in addition to a display in-location with food magazines in the magazine department.

newsXpress stores across Australia are promoting the My Kitchen Rules Cookbook 2 with professional and engaging visual merchandising displays, connecting with the runaway success of the My Kitchen Rules TV series and ensuring that shoppers can connect at home with some of the cooking featured on the show.

Sales data from newsXpress stores shows that sales growth is achievable in the magazine space when you promote successful brands, especially brands that are successful in other mediums … like the My Kitchen Rules TV show.

Wonderful Easter display at newsXpress Orange

newsXpress Orange has been running a terrific Easter product display across the entrance to the newsagency, facing into the shopping mall. Click on the image to see a large photo of the display, showing the detail which has gone into creating such a wonderful presentation of Easter product. This display is attracting shoppers to the store and driving sales … just what every good display needs to achieve.

Promoting Women’s Health in Pakenham

newsXpress Pakenham has been promoting the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine with this excellent aisle end display which is located right near the counter.

We love how the newsXpress Pakenham visual merchandising team have used the Women’s Health marketing collateral to wrap part of the shop fixtures. This makes the display more compelling and therefore more likely to be noticed and shopped.

Women’s Health is from Pacific Magazines, a newsXpress strategic partner providing valuable commercial benefits to newsXpress members.

Visual merchandising training a hit

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has run two in-store visual merchandising training sessions in the last week for newsXpress members and employees in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Sydney session was at newsXpress Merrylands and involved creating two fresh Easter displays for the business. One display, facing shoppers as they enter the business features the Hallmark Abigail story buddy, a new interactive product from Hallmark and now available in newsXpress stores.

From sourcing props to building the display, the team participating in the training discussed all aspects of creating this display and considering the sales opportunities generated from professional, high visual impact, visual merchandising can have in a newsXpress business.

newsXpress is thrilled to be leading the newsagency channel with this in-store training, delivering excellent practical commercial value to members.

newsXpress HOT ink! Campaign on TV

The latest newsXpress HOT ink! good value brand name ink and toner campaign is being promoted on TV as part of our commitment to year-round national TV promotion of newsXpress and partner national brands.

The TV advertising supplements the delivery of flyers into hundreds of thousands of letterboxes around the country.  It also supplements the advertising we are running in our latest In Store Offers newsletter which is distributed through newsXpress stores and via email advertising campaigns.

This co-ordinated approach to advertising HOT ink! as key to the success of HOT ink! as is our competitive pricing and our absolute commitment to brand name ink products.

HOT ink! is well established among newsXpress members, delivering excellent new customer traffic with each campaign and reinforcing the offer to existing shoppers who visit.

Promoting new Wild republic range at Inverloch

The Wild Republic range of exciting plush is one of the many product hits from the national newsXpress conference in Melbourne earlier this month. The photo is from newsXpress Inverloch in Victoria, one of the stores to embrace the Wild Republic range and showing it off with a terrific in-store display.

Right across our retail network, this Wild Republic is delivering exciting results. We are thrilled to have lead the opportunity for newsagents … demonstrating practical leadership not only for our own members but for the channel more widely.

newsXpress provides access to an excellent range of products across many categories from preferred suppliers, many with exclusive terms which deliver newsXpress members commercial benefits which make our stores more exciting and more competitive.

newsXpress adds value to the preferred supplier mix through business analysis support, visual merchandising advice and tactical tips … making us more than your average newsagency marketing group.

Terrific TV Week One Direction promotion

newsXpress stores have been promoting the TV Week One Direction ticket opportunity this past week. The photo shows the excellent display at newsXpress Pakenham. This is an excellent display making the most of the wonderful collateral from ACP Magazines and making a bold visual statement in-store with which to drive shop pen engagement. Well done to the newsXpress Pakenham team for creating this and promoting TV Week in this way.

Easter at newsXpress Knox

newsXpress Knox has been enjoying excellent sales of Easter product from this display over the last two weeks. Everything is selling well from the Hallmark cards to the Beanie Kid to the Cadbury products.

This store is an excellent litmus test of newsXpress performance given the highly competitive nature of retail at the Knox City Shopping Centre. There are two newsagencies as well as plenty of gift shops and other outlets selling cards and gifts.

Displayed on the lease line facing out into the shopping mall, the whole Easter display is bright, appealing and selling.  Indeed, the store is set to achieve excellent sales growth over 2011 following good growth over 2010.

Easter has evolved into an important retail season, well beyond cards. newsXpress is helping members make the most of the opportunity.

Congratulations to Margaret Carmody

newsXpress member Margaret Carmody was been named last week the Most Inspiring Woman of Boorowa in an community award timed to coincide with celebrations for the 2012 International Woman’s Day.

This is wonderful recognition of hard work, family commitment and much appreciated community involvement from Margaret in her work as owner of newsXpress Boorowa.

newsXpress is thrilled to be able to share this story of community recognition of a wonderful member serving so valuably and as a role model for their local community.

Easter at newsXpress Gatton

newsXpress Gatton has been promoting easter with this front of store display … designed to drive traffic into the business for this season. featuring a wonderful range of Hallmark easter cards and gifts from newsXpress preferred suppliers, the display is a strong pitch for the season and is sure to help the business beat past performance.

Easter is a growing season for newsXpress stores. Indeed, 2011 results were up significantly on 2010. Supplier data indicates that we outperformed many other businesses thanks to a good product mix and excellent marketing.

Promoting Pacific magazines cash prizes

newsXpress Maryborough has been promoting the Pacific Magazines cash giveaway with this placement of the Pacific display unit right next to the counter.

The promotion is supported with entry flyers which are given away wityh each sale – showing customers how to get in the running to win some of the cash on offer.

newsXpress has been behind this promotion from the outset, supporting it in our In Store Offers newsletter as well as through email and other campaigns.  It has proved to be a terrific hit with customers, driving excellent incremental business.


AFL beanie Kids at newsXpress Ivanhoe

newsXpress Ivanhoe is promoting the latest range from Beanie Kids – the AFL team Beanie Kids with each team represented by two jumpers.  Located in a high-traffic position, these new Beanie Kids are selling very well. newsXpress Ivanhoe stock the full range of Beanie Kids – to the delight of many satisfied shoppers.

The AFL Beanie Kids have been selling well right across the newsXpress retail network. Skansen, our preferred supplier for this wonderful line, is working hard to satisfy supply requirements.

Thanks to an excellent presentation at the newsXpress national conference, newsXpress members are better informed and educated about the Beanie Kid opportunity and well briefed on developments planned for 2012.