The newsXpress difference

A key difference of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group is our Business Development Manager team.  Our BDMs work with newsXpress members to help encourage and guide the development of the business.  They help fix problems, act as a sounding board, connect with suppliers and roll their sleeves up and help make changes in the business.

From assistance sourcing new product to assistance on magazine supply issues, newsXpress members know that their BDM offers an extra pair of helping hands which can add real value to the performance of the business.

No other newsagency marketing group offers such hands on practical support.

newsXpress members have access to their BDM as part of the newsXpress monthly membership fee.  This is a newsXpress difference.  Practical and valuable.

Glasses make for a special gift

knox-drinks.JPGnewsXpress Knox is promoting a unique range of glasses as Christmas gifts behind the counter this week.

Created by a trained visual merchandising specialist on the newsXpress team, the display is visually stunning – unlike anything you would expect to see behind the counter in a newsagency.

The glasses have been sourced through one of the newsXpress preferred supplier relationships.

The result is an offer which promotes the newsXpress point of difference through product and display.

Great Christmas display at newsXpress Ballarat

womens-weekly-christmas-display-002.jpgnewsXpress Ballarat has an excellent display promoting The Australian Women’s Weekly and the Christmas Classics cookbook which comes with the magazine this month.

The delicious looking display is a wonderful centrepiece in the store’s Christmas promotion and an excellent example of retail theatre.  Congratulations to everyone involved!

newsXpress members receive visual merchandising tips as part of our regular (email and face to face) member communications.  Our focus is on displays which drive incremental business.

newsXpress toy strategy delivering results

beechworth-toys.JPGnewsXpress Beechworth is another store reporting excellent results with toys.

Thanks to the resources of our toy partners, newsXpress stores have access to an excellent range of toys from small impulse lines to high ticket price popular brand lines.

newsXpress Beechworth has a toy department which is a fun destination for kids and a place of wonderful gift ideas for adults.  Thanks to our suppliers, toys are back in business at newsXpress stores.

Attracting customers wwith magazines

knox-aww.JPGnewsXpress Knox has successfully used the latest issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly to draw shoppers into the store.  Shoppers to Knox City Shopping Centre are still finding this relatively new store and so the store team uses this high profile lease line location to attract customers with top selling magazines from the ACP range.

Since last Wednesday, the display stand has had to be regularly topped up as shoppers have purchased from the display.

Tactics like this display and how it is used are part of the newsXpress comprehensive magazine opportunity program which separates newsXpress stores from other newsagencies. We are the newsagency marketing group with the best magazine specialisation.

Christmas at newsXpress Bairnsdale

bairnsdale-christmas.JPGnewsXpress Bairnsdale is promoting Christmas on the dance floor through across to the card display as shown in the photo.

The gift display looks especially compelling, promoting easy to buy gifts in an appealing way.

The gift table features Christmas gifts from the newsXpress Merry Giftmas catalogue.  The card wall features the excellent range of Christmas cards from Hallmark.  All of this is supported with complimentary Hallmark and newsXpress Christmas marketing collateral.

Christmas at newsXpress Yarram

yarram-christmas.JPGnewsXpress Yarram is embracing Christmas throughout the store.

The display in the photo of one of their Christmas displays features the Hallmark recordable storybook along with a good range of other Christmas treats available at newsXpress Yarram.

The recordable story book display is set to leverage off the national TV advertising for this product which kicked off last night.

newsXpress Yarram is a beacon in town this Christmas season.

Leongatha wrapped up for Christmas

leongatha-window.JPGThe front window of newsXpress Leongatha is wrapped like a gift with a wonderful and personal Christmas message from the store to the town – note the gift tag on the top right corner of the ‘ribbon’.

This not only spreads Christmas cheer and goodwill, it also draws attention to the Christmas offers in the window.

This initiative at newsXpress Leongatha takes the Christmas away from just being a commercial season and provides for a more personal connection with the Leongtha community.

Christmas at Point Cook

ptcook-christmas.JPGnewsXpress Point Cook is promoting items from the newsXpress Merry Giftmas catalogue in the front window.  The dolls from Tamaar are one of many popular items featuring in this year’s catalogue.

By promoting in the window as is being done at Point Cook, they are presenting a unique offer not usually associated with newsagents.  Presenting a point of difference, breaking with tradition, is vitally important for newsagents.

There are more items from the Christmas catalogue inside newsXpress Point Cook.

Junior MasterChef on show at newsXpress Sunbury

sunbury-masterchef.jpgnewsXpress’ Rob Henderson created this display promoting the Junior MasterChef range at newsXpress Sunbury Square. Ben from newsXpress Sunbury Square got in on the act by donning the Junior MasterChef hat and apron.  This is an excellent promotion of the range throughout the store – wherever Ben goes.

The Junior MasterChef display at newsXpress Sunbury Square follows the visual merchandising guidelines published by newsXpress for this line.  In addition to sourcing excellent national brand product, newsXpress provides the vital information which helps our members leverage the opportunity to maximum value.

Christmas on show at newsXpress Scotts Lismore

scotts-christmas.jpgChristmas greets customers as they enter newsXpress Scotts Lismore.

From the table of Christmas gifts to an excellent card range to wrap and all sorts of Christmas gifts and goodies, newsXpress Scotts Lismore is making excellent use of newsXpress preferred suppliers and newsXpress marketing collateral.

The cheerfulness of the merchandising brings a bright and happy feel to the shopping expenience.

Watergardens cooking with Junior MasterChef

watergardens-masterchef.jpgSales of the Junior MasterChef range at newsXpress Watergardens have been excellent. Click on the image to see a larger version of one of the displays facing out into the shopping mall. The display shows great use of props – notice the bear at the top of the display.  While the bear has no actually synergy with the products, shoppers were coming up and saying that they love the MasterChef Bears, do you sell them?  Um, yes we do – we sell the bears and the Junior MasterChef hats.  Another win for newsXpress – sourcing quality brand name produc, connecting this with existing product (the bear) and telling a compelling story.

Rob Henderson for our newsXpress team created this display.

Merry Giftmas catalogue driving excellent traffic

merry-giftmas.jpgThe newsXpress Merry Giftmas catalogue which has been delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes around participating newsXpress stores is working its magic, driving new traffic as shoppers bring the catalogue in looking for good newsXpress deals.

Created in-house by newsXpress exclusively for newsXpress members, the catalogue offers excellent deals on Christmas gifts, books and a range of decoration items.

newsXpress members are already reporting excellent sales, many placing top-up orders to satisfy continuing demand.

As the catalogue says, it has GIFTS FOR EVERYONE.  This is proving to be true based on the broad range of items which are selling.

Promoting Christmas at Armidale

armidale-christmas.jpgnewsXpress Armidale is making good use of the newsXpress marketing collateral promoting the newsXpress Christmas deals.

Promoting from the ceiling of the store with double sided A1 posters and with an excellent range of Christmas gift products on the shop floor, newsXpress Armidale has a bright and warm Christmas feel.

Bush Christmas at Sunbury

sunbury-christmas.jpgnewsXpress Sunbury has a wonderful Bush Christmas display in the window, presenting a very different Christmas look for a newsagency.

Created by Rob Henderson from newsXpress, the display is designed to attract shoppers and have them look at the business in a different light.

While other shops are going for loud and price based Christmas displays, newsXpress Sunbury is showing a more entertaining and creative window display – a great show of the newsXpress difference.

M-Cups fly off the counter

knox-mcups.JPGM-Cups are selling well at newsXpress Knox from this tactical display created by the team.  The promotional sign makes the purchase easy as it shows how the cups can be used.

The M-Cups are promoting newsXpress Knox as a good value gift location with General Trader nearby selling the same product for a dollar more.  In a Christmas where dollars count, the difference is good for us.

The counter display will run for a week, if the stock lasts that long.

M-Cups are another hit from the newsXpress Merry Giftmas catalogue.

Recordable storybook range on show at Redcliffe

redcliffe-recordable.JPGnewsXpress Redcliffe has the wonderful range of Hallmark recordable storybooks on show with a high-impact display on an aisle end at the front of the store.

Making good use of the Hallmark collateral to promote the unique range of products, the display sits perfectly in front of the popular card aisle.

newsXpress is one of a small group of retail channels offered this range by Hallmark.  newsXpress stores, like Redcliffe, have embraced the offer to leverage the newsXpress and Hallmark relationship to demonstrate our point of difference.

Promoting the newsXpress magazine difference

toronto-mktg.jpgnewsXpress Toronto is promoting the newsXpress magazine difference to shoppers as they enter the store by using newsXpress collateral supporting our Magazine Club Card.  Placement of the collateral above each of the top selling weeklies reinforces the value of shopping at newsXpress for magazines over the other retailers offering magazines in town.  The newsXpress marketing team loves to see the different ways newsXpress stores use the collateral we create.

newsXpress Glendale loves Christmas

glendale-christmas.jpgnewsXpress Glendale in New South Wales has part of the newsXpress Merry Giftmas Christmas Catalogue range displayed on a high profile power end.

The products are beautifully merchandised and selling well, of course.

The newsXpress Glendale team are experts when it comes to selling gifts with the store generating excellent growth by making the business a destination for the valuable gift category in the region.

By capping the display with the newsXpress EXCLUSIVE Merry Giftmas poster, they are connecting the display with the catalogue which has been distributed.

newsXpress stores are reporting good (early) Christmas sales already for Christmas 2010!

newsXpress Melton making money from counter offers

melton-counter.JPGnewsXpress Melton in Victoria is reporting excellent business from newsXpress counter offers.

The Doggy Bank will be a sell out before Christmas thanks to the sage newsXpress advice on product placement.

The Uniball Fantam pens have also been selling very. The pens are erasable, making them especially popular with  crossword and puzzle book customers.

Two excellent money making stories from newsXpress initiatives.  Every dollar of margin earnet from impulse [urchases is more valuable than a dollar earnt on a destination purchase.