Funko Pop! Vinyls scenes help sell Pop! Vinyls for newsXpress

Visual merchandising takes on a new meaning at newsXpress as it presents products in dramatic and visually stunning style. This photo was created by one of our store managers for all newsXpress members to use through social media and other promotion.

Here is a wonderful newsXpress difference – engaging with these Funko Pop! Vinyl products in an innovative and fun way to drive traffic and sales.

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newsXpress shows off colour blocking opportunities

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.44.41 amNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has been showing off more colour blocking opportunities to its members thanks to engagement with some excellent suppliers at recent trade shows in Sydney. Our partner suppliers provided product buying opportunities to enhance the value we leverage through smart and appealing colour blocking – from gifts to homewares to everyday.

Newsagency marketing group advice helps newsagents colour block for success

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has researched and published thorough advice for members on how to colour block professionally and with success using products in a typical newsXpress newsagency in a special paper called: HOW TO COLOUR BLOCK FOR VISUAL MERCHANDISING SUCCESS .

Promoting the gift range using traditional newsagency fittings

giiftrangeChanging fixtures can be a challenge in newsagency businesses and so smart retailers become skilled at repurposing existing fixtures.

The photo shows what has been achieved at newsXpress Pakenham using regular shelving and dressing this up to hold an excellent range of gifts covering several gift categories.

This is a wonderful display laid out in a browser friendly way – giving a wonderful shopping experience.

newsXpress visual merchandising expertise helped achieve this.

Creating a welcoming retail environment

warmretailThanks to great buying and expert visual merchandising help, newsXpress Pakenham is pitching a warm retail experience. This photo shows just part of the shop floor transformation pitching the business as a warm and friendly shopping experience for people shopping for themselves or for gifts for loved-ones.

Through the newsXpress preferred supplier relationships we are able to help our retail partners make the most of excellent opportunities through which to tell visual stories like this.

It’s displays like this that get shoppers browsing longer.

newsXpress helps members with Visual Merchandising advice and practical help

newsXpress has been sharing practical visual merchandising advice with members, with examples for making the most of VM opportunities. This advice is supplemented by access to VM experts available to help newsXpress members in-store for a modest consulting fee negotiated specifically for newsXpress members.

When it comes to visual merchandising in a newsagency, newsXpress has it covered for members.

More newsXpress members enjoy Peppa Pig success

peppasuccessThanks to preferred supplier relationships and timely marketing and management advice, more newsXpress members are reporting excellent sales from Peppa Pig. With terrific product from some of our suppliers we have had access to excellent products with which to leverage the new Peppa Pig partwork into additional sales. newsXpress was first to market with the opportunity and our quick to engage members picked up stock, locking others out for a what. The early bird and all that.

Key to success with the Peppa Pig merchandise is placing it in the right location in the newsagency. This is where newsXpress can help since we’re in many newsagencies each week. We share this information privately with our members for their commercial advantage.

newsXpress delivers best practice visual merchandising

newsXpress has delivered a best practice shop floor visual merchandising solution to members with the display for Patch, a hero product from our Christmas range.

newsXpress members taking the full supply of Patch received a premium floor stand for no extra cost. The stand includes a LCD screen on which the Patch TV ad plays in a loop. This ad, with sound, shows the fun of Patch for the entire family. It perfectly pitches the product, showing off the value of smart technology to help engage with shoppers.

Placing the floor display unit toward the front of the shop and where the TV ad can be heard enhances the opportunities Patch sales.

newsXpress members are reporting excellent success so far with Patch, good early sales to customers happy to have access to this unique product.

newsXpress negotiates excellent product deals for members as well as access to exclusive products. It then backs these deals with opportunities, like this free display unit, with which to drive sales of the products.

Father’s Day at Ascot Vale

Check out the Father’s Day power end display at newsXpress Ascot Vale. Bold. Compelling. Driving sales.

Using the newsXpress Father’s Day collateral in this way to head the display makes the purpose of the display clear.

newsXpress members had access to a broad range of Father’s Day products from many suppliers – enabling them to choose the product mix appropriate to their business needs.

Well done Ascot Vale on Father’s Day 2012.

newsXpress Bairnsdale supports The Block

Kudos to newsXpress Bairnsdale for this terrific window display promoting The Block magazine. It’s working a treat attracting shoppers and getting people engaged with the title. Excellent visual merchandising.

Click on the image to see the detail of the display.

Bringing a magazine to life can be vital to getting shoppers considering a magazine title they might not have otherwise looked at.

Well done newsXpress Bairnsdale!

Wonderful Tour de France

Click on the image to see the display created at newsXpress Deception Bay to promote the Tour de France. You really need to see the detail of this display to understand that simplicity is at the core … yet it looks stunning.

It’s this type of display which gives the business a different look. Shoppers, even those not following the tour, will we attracted to the display and thereby the business.

Well done newsXpress Deception Bay.

Stunning slow cooker presentation at newsXpress Grovedale

Well done to the newsXpress Grovedale team for their amazing display promoting the ACP Slow Cooker 2 cookbook.  One day last week the display was taken to new heights with a chef in for the day cooking a delicious meal.

Complete with crystal stemware, red wine, flowers, real fine china crockery, silver cutlery and the finest of irish linen, the in-store event created a wonderful buzz. The Slow Cooker 2 recipe filled newsXpress Grovedale with delicious smells.

Another best practice Mother’s Day – newsXpress Woden

Check out the best practice approach to Mother’s day at newsXpress Woden in there ACT.  From the clean and professional shop front you can see through to the rear of the store.

newsXpress Mother’s Day collateral handing from the ceiling highlights the Mother’s Day season within getting in the way of shopping.

newsXpress Woden is a wonderful looking shop where professional retailing delivers excellent results in a highly competitive shopping centre.

EXCLUSIVE Visual Merchandising training adds value to newsXpress

Last week, newsXpress delivered the fourth in-store group visual merchandising training for employees of newsXpress newsagency businesses.

The EXCLUSIVE training sessions were practical, working on live displays in-store and engaging with employees from other stores in building displays focused on preferred supplier products and using newsXpress collateral.

Run by newsXpress Chief Operating Officer (and VM expert) Rob Henderson, this training not only left the host business is a fresh professional display, it provided newsXpress retail employees with excellent practical experience with which to go back to their businesses to create equally stunning and commercially successful displays.

Already we have reports of a sales lift as a result of the training. Banking results is a key goal of newsXpress for its members.

The photo shows a small part of the group assembled at newsXpress Pacific Fair during the training early last week.

Stunning Mother’s Display at newsXpress Pacific Fair

newsXpress hosted a store employee training session at newsXpress Pacific Fair on Monday night. This was attended by many employees of newsXpress stores on the Gold Coast. One group in the training focussed on Visual Merchandising under the guidance of newsXpress COO Rob Henderson.  The photo shows just part of the stunning Mother’s Day display they created.  Click on the image to see the detail and how they made good use of the newsXrpess exclusive collateral.

Leveraging the AFL product opportunity

newsXpress Bairnsdale leveraged the AFL opportunity to the hilt with this excellent product display featuring a broad selection of AFL themed product.

From the AFL beanie Kids to AFL books to AFL cards, the display screamed AFL and attracted AFL fans of all ages.

Bringing products together from a number of suppliers like this is smart. It serves the customers and delivers excellent business as a result.

Stunning and delicious Easter promotion at newsXpress Beechworth

Shoppers at newsXpress Beechworth have been confronted with a fantastic and tasty display of delicious Cadbury Easter treats as they have shopped the business in the lead up to Easter.

This is a top display supporting excellent product. It’s the type of display which separates newsXpress from other businesses.

Well done newsXpress Beechworth and thanks for supporting a newsXpress preferred supplier!

Click on the image to see a larger version of the photo.

Excellent My Kitchen Rules cookbook display at newsXpress Bairnsdale

Click on the photo to see the detail of a fantastic visual merchandising display promoting the My Kitchen Rules cookbook 2 at newsXpress Bairnsdale.

This is a brilliant display, capturing a sense of retail theatre and bringing to life the MKR cookbook opportunity. Getting noticed is half the battle for any retail display and this display sure gets noticed.

Just amazing! Well done to the newsXpress Bairnsdale team.