Newsagency marketing group newsXpress offers exclusivity

exclThrough 2014 newsagency marketing group newsXpress promoted exclusive offers to members – products not available through other newsagency marketing groups and offering margins that are high compared to usual margin. The result is engaged newsXpress members being thousands and tens of thousands of dollars better off on the bottom line.

This is the newsXpress difference. This is newsXpress helping its members make more money – through exclusive product backed with strategy and opportunity and shared only in our group of proactive newsagents.

newsXpress Trentham sells 18,000 piece jigsaw

January is Jigsaw month, the newsXpress exclusive promotion, continues to drive wonderful sales success for newsXpress members.

The latest success story is from newsXpress Trentham in Victoria where yesterday they sold an 18,000 piece Ravensberger Jigsaw puzzle. This feat caps off an excellent few weeks of sales for the business – generating new traffic and more revenue.

The bonus is the newsXpress exclusive deal supporting January is Jigsaw month with newsxpress members achieving 25% off wholesale for orders supporting the campaign.

Well done newsXpress Trentham!

newsXpress members enjoy more amazing GP product

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.55.08 amnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members have just received an offer from an exclusive supplier pitching quality giftware product from which members will make 60% GP and more. Coupled with this offer is information and insights which will help move the product quickly, delivering an even better return on floor space and return on inventory investment than is usual in this type of business.

newsXpress negotiates excellent deals for members and backs these with strategies that enable members to turn the deals into cash sooner.

newsXpress conference spots filling fast

newsXpress members and suppliers are signing up for the first national conference of 2015 – to be help in Melbourne in March to coincide with the Toy Fair.

This conference will feature an extended trade display, offer more networking opportunities and share exclusive retail business insights as newsXpress members plan and engage for a stellar 2015.

We’re excited about the early engagement from members this year – very exciting.

Newsagency marketing group launches first deals of 2015

dealsNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has sent out its first deals envelope to members for 2015.

Packed with excellent offers, the latest deals envelope is an excellent opportunity for newsXpress members to buy at excellent discounts to usual wholesale and to access products many other retailers do not have access to.

This leading service from newsXpress is another way the group is helping its members grow form valuable and stronger businesses.

The Lucky Charm newsagency marketing group endorses newsXpress?

Small newsagency marketing group The Lucky Charm seems to be endorsing newsXpress based on the number of newsXpress members their sales people are visiting. Our members must be highly sought after as they visit and ask our members to join their group. It leaves us wondering if they are desperate for an injection of newsXpress excitement, fun and growth for their group.

Have a good weekend everyone!

newsXpress members achieving excellent jigsaw sales

janjigThe newsXpress exclusive January is Jigsaw month promotion is driving excellent results for newsXpress members. New customers are shopping and many customers, old and new. are buying.

This photo shows one of many displays being run by newsxpress to promote jigsaws in newsXpress.  Thanks to excellent negotiating, newsXpress members are making bonus margin on sales – making these quality brand-name jigsaws better  margin that almost everything else in store.


newsXpress in exclusive Beanie Boo promotion

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress launched another successful social media campaign on the weekend with a fun post on facebook promoting new Beanie Boos and generating thousands of engagements in three days. Here are the cute Beanie Boos promoted.


This latest social media campaign connects newsXpress stores with one of Australia’s top brands.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress drives 2015 diary sales and traffic

newsXpress ran a successful Facebook campaign earlier this month driving more than 70,000 engagement with our brand by shoppers interested in diaries.

This EXCLUSIVE marketing drives valuable revenue generating traffic for newsXpress members.

Connecting the newsXpress brand with highly sought after items helps newsXpress members enjoy greater awareness and through this drive better sales.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress participates exclusively in Hallmark 2015 launch in Atlanta

newsXpress was the only Australian retailer to participate in the invitation-only Hallmark Christmas 2015 preview at the Atlanta Gift Fair earlier this month. This participation is another example of an exclusive and deep relationship between Hallmark and newsXpress, a relationship which is mutually beneficial and through which newsXpress members are able to access and tap into opportunities that help business growth.

newsXpress members have been briefed on some of the insights from Atlanta already.

newsXpress members highly sought after by The Lucky Charm

Small newsagency marketing group The Lucky Charm appears obsessed about newsXpress and its members as evidenced by yet another spam email campaign sent from them to newsXpress members.

Rather than serving other newsagents with valuable insights that help the channel, TLC spams newsXpress members with a claim that members are enjoying double-digit growth. The numbers presented cannot be verified.

Tired of the TLS spam, newsXpress members mock their communication in private discussion as desperate communications from a group struggling to grow to be big enough to make a difference.

Newsagency marketing group helps newsagents sell jewellery

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to expand further into the lucrative jewellery space thanks to a series of exclusive supplier relationships.

In a first for the newsagency channel, newsXpress is offering expanded product lines with which newsXpress members can expect to mark-up product between 300% and 500%.

This is the value of the exclusive newsXpress supplier relationship.

The added benefit is that the products are location-managed. meaning other newsagents who seek to copy will struggle since they will not be supplied by the newsXpress highly sought after supplier.

Winning in 2015!!

International speaker for newsXpress National conference

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has announced to members that a highly sought after international speaker will present at our March conference in Melbourne.

This coup for newsXpress will help participating members to benefit from extraordinary insights the speaker will share.

At this conference, from our international guests through to local hero participants, we will see the newsXpress difference in action for the benefit of our members.

We are excited to be able to to bring to newsXpress members an extraordinary opportunity of learning and sharing.

Newsagency marketing group offers exclusive homewares product access

exclNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members to grow homewares product sales thanks to an exclusive supplier relationship that provides access to an excellent range of products at very special prices. Controlled supply sees newsXpress members have access to products others nearby cannot access. This helps newsXpress members drive sales and through this drive the value of their businesses.

Exclusive suppliers are a newsXpress speciality.

EXCLUSIVE products drive traffic for newsXpress

bbcollectNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is helping members grow plush sales with exclusive products.

The latest is an exclusive Beanie Boo from our exclusive supplier relationship – offering the only group level terms for newsagents – to newsXpress members. these terms, including generous payment terms, help newsXpress members make more from these products and thereby further boost the value of their businesses.

Exclusive supplier relationships are a genuine difference for newsXpress members.