Promoting Virgin Mobile in newsXpress stores

newsXpress stores are promoting Virgin Mobile SIM packs and mobile phone handsets in a range of ways including from LCD customer displays (where installed). This Virgin promotion is exclusive to newsXpress and offers access to some excellent shopper prizes.  By promoting at the point of sale as well as in store, newsXpress members are making the most of the various touch points in their businesses and thereby maximising the opportunity not only for the up-sell but also for recharge business.

We appreciate the support of newsXpress preferred supplier Jenlist in running this promotion.

newsXpress Pakenham Candy Lane Drives Impulse Purchases

candylane-pakenham1.JPGThe candy lane created by the team at newsXpress Pakenham is delivering impulse business as shoppers move toward the sales counter to make their purchases. Packed with good value items from newsXpress preferred suppliers, this well-stocked and structured candy lane is a boost to the business, and the shopping basket in particular. It brings to Pakenham shoppers something quite unique and valued – easy gift shopping.

newsXpress Wetherill Park shows their support for the Socceroos!

wetherill-park_1-wc.jpgnewsXpress Wetherill Park have embraced the retail opportunity presented by the World Cup this winter and have ordered some fantastic Australian supporter merchandise including plush Kangaroos, Soccer Balls, towels and Flags!

Coupled with their merchandising and promotion of soccer themed magazines, and the newsXpress A1 landscape Posters they have created an exciting destination for all things World Cup for their customers.

This is the kind of retail theatre newsXpress applauds and promotes as it brings together items from multiple categories.   In this case it is magazines, support items and gifts.  Shoppers are more likely to notice and buy from this display than the regular display of the items on offer.

Well done to the team at newsXpress Wetherill Park responsible for this display!

World Cup Fever comes to newsXpress Ascot Vale

ascot-vale_1.jpgnewsXpress Ascot Vale have taken advantage of the great newsXpress POS as well as utilising The Sunday Age ‘car flag’ giveaway and the vast range of Soccer World Cup publications themselves to promote the world’s largest sporting event commencing tonight in South Africa.

With the eyes of the world glued to the telecast, newsXpress newsagents have profitted by strongly merchandising soccer themed magazines and related product, some have even reported sales exceeding $1,500.00 for magazines, a monumental result!

Diane and Kylie have done a great job promoting this historic event, and have transformed their front window with a magnificent World Cup theme. They also expect a strong boost tomorrow on the eve of Australia’s opening game against Germany and the release of a $2.00 Socceroo supporter scarf with the Herald Sun.

Supporting sport leads to sales at newsXpress Sarina

state-of-origin.jpgAfter the impressive story on this blog about newsXpress Sarina‘s NRL State of Origin in-store merchandising they have reported back sales in excess of $4,000 in the lead up to game 1!

This is a magnificent result and they expect a similar outcome for game 2, Wednesday June 16 as the game is being played in Queensland. This story once again confirms the great opportunity small businesses have in engaging and promoting events that are likely to gain immense support in their local markets. Sport is a particularly strong driver  of this retail success as a large percentage of Australians are passionate about their team.

Pictured to the left is the newsXpress POS provided to all stores for local printing to promote the 30th year of State of Origin battles.

Local Mandurah Man Wins Toyota in newsXpress National Competition

silver-sands-2.JPGnewsXpress Silver Sands owner Phil Foo was overjoyed a local customer (Chris Smith and his wife, Helen are regulars and shop in his store every week)  had won the grand prize in the newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion, exclaiming “It’s amazing that his name was pulled out of the draw after purchasing a chocolate bar and scratchie from my shop”.

Foo further explained “I couldn’t be happier with the result, Chris & Helen are great local people and obviously my team did a great job of suggesting they fill out an entry form“.

Trent Shields, newsXpress Marketing Manager added “this was our first ‘Back to Work’ promotion and to have received over 50,000 entries nationwide far exceeded our expectations and clearly justifies our decision to support members in this promotional event“. “To be able to give away a car to a lucky newsXpress customer is the cream on the cake!

A beaming Smith (pictured left) remarked “the win could not have come at a better time as our current vehicle was on its last legs“. In complete contrast “the Toyota Yaris drives like a dream, with all the capabilities and and conforts of a big car – Helen enjoys it so much she has pinched it off me!“.

newsXpress gives away a Toyota Yaris!

silver-sands-1.JPGThe culmination of the great newsXpress ‘Back to Work promotion occurred over the past few days in Mandurah, about an hour south of Perth, WA, when Chris Smith (also of Mandurah) was handed the keys to his brand new red Toyota Yaris 3 door hatchback by newsXpress Silver Sands owner, Philip Foo.

With 8 fantastic Southern Cross Bicycles and 5 Apple iPhones already presented to other big newsXpress winners, the shiny red Toyota stood out like a beacon in the morning sunshine as Phil excitedly greeted Chris with the keys like a long lost friend. (Pictured left)

Chris himself was absolutely rapt and his excitement was palpable as he recalled this was his only entry into the nationwide competition for the newsagency channels biggest ever prize, “I only entered the competition out of chance after seeing the entry form in-store and being prompted to enter by a staff member“.

Chris and his wife Helen are forever indebted to newsXpress Silver Sands, Phil and his team of customer service experts for his huge windfall, and he also made a point to pass on his sincere thanks to Graham at Big Rock Toyota, as well as newsXpress General Manager and National Marketing Manager, Ben Kay & Trent Shields.

Book Sale at newsXpress Chancellor Park

270310-086.jpgBooks are quickly becoming an essential and profitable part of all newsXpress businesses. Customer demand for reading is seemingly on the up and by strategically pushing promotions during traditional gift or holiday seasons newsXpress newsagencies are reaping the benefits.

newsXpress Chancellor Park are one such store generating great add on sales or impulse purchases to their regular daily business through simple, clear signage utilising the newsXpress POS (available to all members) and a well stocked and neatly stacked book promotion on a trestle table in a prominent merchandising area of the store.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Southport Park

southport-park.jpgThe marvellous newsXpress Back to Work promotion is still reaping benfits for stores with newsXpress Southport Park recently presenting a winning prizze to a lucky customer.

Daniel Robertson (right in the photo) was exceited as he received a 26″ Women’s MkII Comfort Bike from Southern Cross cycles simply with the purchase of a ream of paper! Natasha Sanchez from newsXpress Southport Park (left in the photo) was almost as thrilled as Daniel at the presentation ceremony.

Margaret River 2010 Cow Parade

mr-cow-parade.jpgMargaret River are currently hosting the famed 2010 Cow Parade and newsXpress Margeret River have created a simple colouring in competition for kids to take advantage of the interest , tourists and theatre in town.

Colouring In competitions are an easy way to engage wiht customers as kids will often dictate their parents buying behavoiur – a good experience for the children will almost certainly ensure repeat custom frm the parents.

Well done to Andrew and Tanya and the team for identifying and benefiting from a local opportunity.

State of Origin in full flight at newsXpress Redcliffe

001.jpgThe team at newsXpress Redcliffe are expectantly awaiting the start of State of Origin battle tonight, and have made a clear distinction of where their loyalties lie. Amy the Cane Toad and Hannah the Cockroach (left) lead the supportfor their respective teams in what is certain to be a typically bruising affair.

Sporting events are a perfect way for small businesses to engage their local community, dressing up the staff, decorating the store, or selling merchandise it is a strategy squarely aimed at the Australian obsession with sport, and none is more fervent than the northerners and their love of Rubgy’s biggest stage!

BTW Winner at newsXpress Singleton Heights

singleton-heights-1.jpegsingleton-heights-2.jpegnewsXpress Singleton Heights gained a double bonus from their enthusiastic participation in the recent newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion as two loyal customers won iPhones simply by purchasing Optus recharge during February.

Karen O’Kane & Jodie Buckton, (pictured to the left) were proudly displaying their brand new 8Gb Optus Pre Paid iPhones valued at $899.00 and courtesy of Jenlist as part of the newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Sarina

sarina-1.jpgnewsXpress Sarina have embraced Mother’s Day and produced a wonderful statement at the front of the store to entice customers to purchase their seasonal cards and gifts from them. Shelley and her team have dressed the fixtures with tissue paper to tie into the theme of the understated yet bright and vibrant newsXpress posters.

Mugs, pendants, jewellery, trinkets, pillows, frames and plush adorn this display and have been carefully chosen as a perfect and easy accompaniment to a greeting card sale.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Streaky Bay

streaky-bay-1-md.JPGnewsXpress Streaky Bay (SA) is one of our newest members, but this has not precluded them from participating enthusiastically in the newsXpress Mother’s Day promotion.

With a dedicated display area in a prominent part of the store dressed in newsXpress A1 landscape posters, their presentation is highlighted with the Hallmark range of Mother’s Day cards and complimented with Ernest Hillier Chocolates and ABW Books.

This is a great example of how newsXpress can positively influence your retail operation straight away – provision of professional marleting materials and access to fantastic supplier deals are just the start!

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Sun Valley

img_0258.JPGnewsXpress Sun Valley have created a Mother’s Day destination in store using a four sided slatwall gondola. The main side features Hallmark’s range of Mother’s Day cards, including the new and wildly popular recordable greeting cards, while the front end contains perfcet gift ideas from suppliers such as Hallmark, Ernest Hillier, The Book Seat &

The photo to the left illustrates the reverse side from the card display and features great product from newsXpress preferred suppliers including: Keyrings from Alexander Brands, KTwo range of DIY Binders also frm Alexander brands, Forever Friends, Gift Bags, Ribbons & Decorative Bows from Hallmark, Inspirational Plaques and Mugs from Artique, Photo Frames from Gibson Unity and Lako Digitla Photo Key rings available through LDC.

The last side of the display features seasonally relevant magazines, such as Women’s Weekly, Lovatt’s Big Crossword, Better Homes & Gardens and an assortment of AWW cookbooks.

newsXpress Members can order products featured and many more at great terms by visiting the newsXpress website and logging into the preferred supplier section.

Mother’s Day at newsXpress Emerald

mums-day-2010-004.JPGnewsXpress Emerald have taken creative licence with their in-store theme resulting in a magical effect. Hand- made, colorful paper butterflies adorn the store tieing in perfectly to the newsXpress marketing posters and linking Hallmark and other products to the season.

Elsewhere in the store they are kicking goals with books, in particular the ‘Grandma, do you remember when…?’ & ‘Our Family History’, which have already resulted in excellent sales, and by setting the team members sales targets for card sales, which is generating great interest and excitement within the staff ranks.

Sally and Peter have also reported their luck in accessing the outpost location in their centre for the week leading up to Mother’s Day which is allocated on a rotational basis, you can clearly see they are leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a magnificent retail season profit.

Mother’s Day at Kin Kora

mothers-day-2010-003.jpgAlways innovators and upholding an exceptional standard of merchandising,  newsXpress Kin Kora have again set the bar high with their 2010 Mother’s Day promotion.

Sarah and her team have introduced the double sided Mother’s Day card stand and gift idea table onto the dance floor at the icon of their store to maximise passing traffic, impulse sales and add on purchases. The photo to the left shows another ‘Gift Idea’ table featuring Ernest Hillier product and store created hampers at various price points to suit every taste.

The table is dressed with the elegant newsXpress A1 landscape posters drawing further attention to the event.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Kingaroy Mall

kingaroy-bike-winner-2.JPGThe latest winner in the exceptional newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion received his prize this week at newsXpress Kingaroy Mall. Donna Walker and her team wholly embraced the promotion in their local community and the results and hundred of entries were great reward for their efforts.

Mr. Dixon the lucky winner (featured in the photo to the left) was extremely appreciative to newsXpress and Donna for his fantastic new prize – a  20″ Girl’s Butterfly Bicycle sponsored by Pacific Magazines.


BTW Winner at newsXpress Woden

photo.jpgRocky, winner of one of 5 Optus Pre-paid 8Gb Apple iPhones valued at $899 each was over the moon at his good fortune. Upon being told the good news he recounted he still had his first mobile phone from 1999 which was only just hanging on as he weighed up the benefits of a fancy new phone!

Nik McCormack from newsXpress Woden seen with Rocky after handing over the prize was delighted to be able to hand over such a significant prize to a customer as part of the successful newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Tin Can Bay

tin-can-bay-btw.JPGThe fantastic newsXpress ‘Back to Work’ promotion keeps benefiting members as the bounty of prizes are presented to lucky customers over the next couple of weeks. Jill McDonald and the team at newsXpress Tin Can Bay were rapt to have sold one of the lucky entries to local customer Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith joked he wished he had a bicycle like this when he was growing up and was now faced with the tough task of choosing which of his grandkid’s would be the proud new owner of the 26″ Men’s Bicycle sponsored by Pacific Magazines.