newsXpress members prefer certain suppliers

newsXpress has noticed increased attention from some non-referred suppliers on newsXpress stores in the lead up to our Market Fairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in June.  These suppliers appear to be trying to get orders in before the exclusive deals from our preferred suppliers which will be on show at the Market Fairs.  newsXpress has asked its members to hold the line, wait for the Market Fairs and have the resources available to partner with preferred suppliers.

We have also caught out some suppliers claiming newsXpress preferred supplier status when they do not have this.  Such a false claim will only hurt their business.

newsXpress is a proud energetic retail channel.  It is natural suppliers what to be part of what we are doing.  We work hard to build balance and equity for our members, suppliers and ourselves.  Our preferred supplier program drives this.

newsXpress recording strong Red Nose Day Sales

may09-003.jpgnewsXpress is proud to be in partnership with the Sids for Kids Red Nose day initiative in 2009. Each newsXpress store has received a counter top merchandise unit with Sids product.  All monies raised go towards the ongoing endeavours of the foundation. SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and to supporting bereaved families.

With 28 days still to go before the celebrated ‘Red Nose Day‘, newsXpress members are already advising of strong sales of merchandise.  Several stores have placed re-orders – what a success!

The photo above is the counter top unit in action at newsXpress Kin Kora.

Just In bookmarks – another newsXpress difference

nx_just_in_fb.JPGThe Just In bookmarks from newsXpress are another point of difference we deliver to our members to help promote newsXpress newsagencies as the magazine experts.  The bookmarks are placed on monthly magazines which are just in – to draw attention to new titles.  It is attention to detail like this which separates newsXpress from other newsagencies.  newsXpress provides the bookmarks to members for no cost.

The just in magazine bookmarks are part a broader and considered strategy developed by newsXpress to use consumer touchpoints in-store to build the shopping basket.

With excellent traffic in newsagencies, the opportunities for using the store itself to achieve this are excellent.  The keys we have discovered are: consistency, a professional approach and adding value.  The magazine just in bookmark ticks each of these boxes.

newsXpress Stores promote O’BON products

picture-010.jpgnewsXpress Members have commenced stocking the environmentally friendly O’BON range in their stores following the announcement of a commercial relationship between newsXpress and the Stationery supplier.

O’BON have created a great range of social stationery in some exciting fashion designs but with a very modern environmental twist, pencils made from recycled newspaper, notebooks made from sugarcane paper, and binders made from recycled cardboard make this a very impressive retail story.

The photo above features the O’BON range as seen at newsXpress Ascot Vale.


nx_stocktake_cover.jpgnewsXpress has pushed the button on producing the brochures, posters and other collateral to support the 2009 STOCKTAKE SALE.  This sale, exclusive to newsXpress, is an excellent opportunity for our stores to quit items and save the cost of counting stock.  Talking with our members, there will be some excellent bargains on offer.  Most important will be the in-store excitement the SALE and the supporting collateral generate.  We will announce details here over the next few days of the various offers and supporting strategies which will feature in our STOCKTAKE SALE.

Three $20 million superdraw syndicates

newsXpress members in Queensland are participating in three syndicates for the $20 million superdraw to be held on Saturday June 20.  This will be our third mulit-store syndicate offer.  The previous two have sold out. Details were announced to members today.

Golden Casket has helped us develop this opportunity and build lottery sales for enwsXpress members.

newsXpress flattered by the attention

newsXpress and its members are flattered to be the target of a recruitment campaign by another newsagency marketing group. Their marketing targets our members categories in which we lead.

The best measure of how much a newsagency marketing group backs their ability to deliver rewards for members is how long they force a newsagent to stay in the group. Locking newsagents in for five years and not permitting newsagents to leave because they want is a reason the group will struggle.

newsXpress supports State of Origin games

nx_state_of_origin.jpgnewsXpress has provided its members with artwork and access to other collateral with which to support the upcoming State of Origin series.  The free artwork, created by our in-house team, captures the passion that is State of Origin.  This will help our members engage with their customers and have fun through the three game contest.

we understand the importance of theatre in retail.  newsXpress is committed to providing its members with collateral and resources to provide the enjoyable experiences for newsXpress customers and valuable experience for newsXpress members.

newsXpress Market Fair dates

Next month, newsXpress is hosting Market Fairs around the counter where our members get access to great specials from newsXpress preferred suppliers, receive briefings on a small selection of products and discuss new strategies and opportunities exclusive to newsXpress. These business building sessions are open to newsXpress mebers. Here are the details:

Melbourne 11 Jun 2009, 09:30AM, Flemington The Event Centre – Panorama Room 448 Epsom Road, Flemington

Perth 16 Jun 2009, 09:30AM, Citigate Perth Hotel, 707 Wellington Street, Perth

Sydney 18 Jun 2009, 09:30AM, The Lakes Golf Club, Cnr King Street and Vernon Avenue, Eastlakes

Brisbane 23 Jun 2009, 09:30AM, Brisbane Technology Park, 1 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains

Bookings are available online at our website.  Access is free but bookings are essential.

Many happy newsXpress customers

mday2009.JPGnewsXpress newsagents have been busy giving away digital cameras this month as in-store draws have been completed for the Hallmark Mother’s Day giveaway. The photo shows Shayne and Roslyn Clarke of newsXpress Cooma with a happy customer receiving her free Sony digital camera.  This is a scene repeated across the country in newsXpress locations.  Our members appreciate promotions liks this where a local customer is the winner – this reinforces our local connection.

Magazine promotion popular

magclubcard.jpgThe magazine club card from newsXpress is more popular than ever since the decision by the newsXpress Board to make all collateral, including the cards, available to members without cost.  newsXpress happily sends new card stock to members for no cost, including no delivery cost.  This takes a cost out of the businesses and makes running the magazine club card loyalty program even more compelling for newsXpress members.

We launched the latest changes to this magazine loyalty program last month and we are well ahead of projections of cards in circulation and rewards being earned by happy newsXpress customers.

Publishers and smart newsagents see the value of this exclusive to newsXpress offer.  We are drawing traffic from supermarkets and convenience outlets.  We are also guiding our customers to spend more on magazines.  While many newsagents moan doom about magazine sales, newsXpress members are embracing this marketing initiative and pursuing every growth opportunity.

Father’s Day offers launched

newsXpress has communicated a range of Father’s Day offers to its members including some excellent gift opportunities designed to work well with Father’s Day card sales.  included in the range is, back by popular demand, the newsXpress Dad’s Nuts Bags! The bags will retail for $20. newsXpress will make a donation based on sales to a charity to be announced closer to the season.

Sensational marketing collateral supporting ink and toner offer

newsxpress_hot_ink.JPGnewsXpress has released sensational marketing collateral supporting the latest HOT Ink! ink and toner campaign being run in newsXpress outlets.

The marketing collateral, provided free to participating newsXpress members, includes double sided colour A2 posters (10 per store – 250GSM double sided gloss paper) , colour shelf labels and colour shelf talkers for feature products.

This collateral connects with the colour A4 flyers printed for newsXpress members to distribute to homes and businesses around their stores.

The artwork is a departure from the traditional pricelist type flyer used by newsagents for ink.   We tested this approach last time and the consumer reaction was excellent.

It is rare that newsagents have access to such professional and cohesive marketing collateral connecting a campaign from the stock shelves through the store and out to consumer letterboxes and even rarer that such high quality collateral is provided free of charge.

newsXpress is proud to have taken ink and toner marketing to a new level and is certain that newsXpress members who fully embrace the new co-ordinated collateral will reap excellent sales rewards as a result.

The comprehensive and co-ordinated approach newsXpress has taken with HOT Ink! is a perfect example of the newsXpress difference at work.  Place this material next to any other for ink and compare for yourself.  Our collateral shows an attention to detail and to the needs of newsagency customers in the ink and toner category.

newsXpress backs itself and reviews sales numbers for members after each HOT Ink! campaign.  As many said at our recent round of member meetings – HOT Ink! drives excellent traffic to newsXpress stores and generates excellent sales.  This new co-ordinated marketing collateral takes us to a new playing field.

That’s Life fairy blesses newsXpress again

tl_calling_vale.jpgLinda, a lucky shopper at newsXpress Canning Vale is the latest newsXpress customer to be blessed with a cheque from the That’s Life fairy as part of their Random Acts of Kindness project. What a lucky break for That’s Life reader Linda!  The details are in the That’s Life issue which it out today.

The Random Acts of Kindness project by That’s Life is another reason this magazine is so popular with customers and so popular among newsXpress members. A publisher proactively engaging in our stores in this way and rewarding customers with cash and a feature in the magazine is good news all round.

Phil and Shelley De Giorgio at newsXpress Canning Vale offer a great shopping experience – as the That’s Life fairy shows!

newsXpress launches mid year book sale

Following the tremendous success of our Easter book sale, newsXpress presented members with a mid year book sale opportunity last week.  Backed by professionally produced flyers and ranging popular book titles, this sale is sure to draw new customers and drive excellent additional business.

We have members in newsXpress who have increased book sales by tens of thousands of dollars and increased margin – by following our book sale range, price and marketing strategies.

Like any good strategy, sustained success takes planning and time to settle.  The results are bankable and apprecaited by our participating newsXpress members.

newsXpress launches stock take sale

stocktake_sale.jpgIn response to interest expressed by members, newsXpress last week announced details of an exciting Stocktake Sale for June.    The Stocktake Sale, which will be supported by four page A4 flyers and large in-store posters, features six outstanding offers to generate traffic and stimulate sales.  The sale has been structured to provide newsXpress members with an excellent opportunity to clear stock prior to the end of financial year stock take.  The marketing collateral places newsXpress on a par with major retailers also playing in this space in June.

newsXpress calendar survey

calendarxpress.jpgnewsXpress is surveying its members about calendars in the lead up to the final planning for the 2010 calendar season.  The online survey is another example of how newsXpress invites members to share feedback to add to overall learnings.  The survey is unique in that up to date results are provided live to each participant.

Our approach to celndars has been proven to be highly profitable for newsXpress members with good in-store and outpost sales growth over several years.