newsXpress shines at GNS Market Fair Melbourne

newsxpress-newsagents.JPGnewsXpress has unveiled its new marketing pitch at the GNS Market Fair in Melbourne this weekend.  Loving YOUR Newsagency is the theme of the new creative from our marketing team.  This reflects how we feel.  We LOVE the newsagency channel and we LOVE our members.  This LOVE is reflected in products offers, creative marketing collateral, tactical marketing initiatives and business development strategies.

Our positive approach to helping newsXpress members is delivering excellent results.

Ben Kay and Michelle Caia represented newsXpress today, talking with prospective members and existing members. The interest in newsXpress was strong, especially among proactive newsagents keen to grow their businesses.

We appreciate the opportunity GNS has given us in welcoming us to the event and other GNS Market Fairs.

Christmas campaign almost finalised

newsXpress has presented the Christmas marketing campaign and products to all members at the recent round of member meetings which concluded yesterday in Perth.  Thanks to supplier generosity we were able to show off all of the catalogue items as well as some other exciting non catalogue items for Christmas 2010.

newsXpress members have placed their orders and this data is being used to finesse the marketing materials being used to drive traffic and sales.

Having our Christmas 2010 plans finalised before the end of July, five months ahead of Christmas, leaves newsXpress members time now to concentrate on tactical opportunities in their businesses.

Hallmark campaign drives incremental business

hallmark_frame.JPGThe newsXpress endorsed Hallmark promotion offering a free photo frame to customers buying three Hallmark greeting cards is working well for many newsXpress members.

This limited time offer is proving to be an excellent way to increase greeting card sales in between major card buying seasons.

We are thrilled to be working with Hallmark to achieve incremental revenue without cutting margin. Watch for more initiatives in this space soon.

newsXpress Umina drives magazine sales

umina-magazines.jpgThe team at newsXpress Umina (NSW) takes pride in their tactical magazine promotions. Eschewing the traditional billboard type display, they focus on carefully placed displays designed to drive basket size. All displays include product which can be purchased without requiring customers to hunt for stock to purchase elsewhere.

newsXpress is thrilled to have proactive members like team at Umina who take price in leveraging greater sales efficiency from a core product department such as magazines.

Through our team of Business development Managers around the counter and at member meetings, newsXpress is able to share innovation between members. The photos from Umina are part of our portfolio of successful in-store displays.

Fire at newsXpress Terrigal

newsXpress Terrigal was hit by a fire overnight.  newsXpress is working with the owners to help get the business trading again ASAP.

Here is the news report from the central Coast Express Advocate:

TWO Terrigal businesses were severely damaged by fire this morning, including a bottle shop in which $250,000 worth of liquor was destroyed.

Police first noticed the fire when officers patrolling Terrigal smelled smoke about 12.40am and went to Terrigal Esplanade to investigate.

The officers found bins and cardboard at the back of Vintage Cellars well alight.

They called in the NSW Fire Brigades who fought with the blaze until 3.45am when it was extinguished.

People living in two units above the cellars and newsXpress Newsagency had to be evacuated.

All four premises were badly damaged.

Two people had to be treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious.

Our thoughts are with Andrew and Cathy and their team.

newsXpress Bathurst benefits from packaging changes

bathurst-packaging.jpgnewsXpress Bathurst is one of a number of newsXpress stores to benefit from changes to the gift packaging area of the business.  By creating a more compelling and appealing story, newsXpress Bathurst is able to drive sales – benefiting the business and the preferred supplier relationship with Hallmark Cards.

With a terrific gift range in-store, having a good gift packaging range is a natural fit for newsXpress Bathurst, it drives basket size and enhances customer satisfaction.

newsXpress Mortdale benefits from layout changes

mortdale-relay.jpgnewsXpress Mortdale has undergone a transformation under the guidance of newsXpress NSW Business Development Managers Roger and Lesley Bortfield.   By moving existing fixtures and adjusting the display of stock, the result is better flow serving cards and magazines. The cards being a higher margin product have a greater prominence as you enter the store and the layout now encourages the magazine shopper to browse further into the store.

Store layout and relay is part of the newsXpress difference for without a smart outcome-focussed layout no amount to new stock will deliver the returns newsagents need.

newsXpress Orange dominates in Gifts

orange-gifts.jpgPaul Blunden has developed an excellent gift department at his newsXpress Orange store.  From the quality display in glass cabinets to special offers on the dance floor and elsewhere in the business, newsXpress Orange has a strong presence in the gift space.

The products in the photo are from a newsXpress preferred supplier – preferred suppliers offer newsXpress members preferential terms and, often, products.

Paul and the wonderful team at newsXpress Orange are among a small group of newsagents leading the newsagency channel in running a profitable and growing gift department in their store, leveraging traditional traffic.

Cracker book sale for newsXpress stores!

roselands-booksale.jpgnewsXpress Roselands had a cracker of a book sale like so many newsXpress stores over the last few weeks.  Excellent new traffic for an excellent margin product – thanks to newsXpress preferred supplier arrangements.  The outpost at the Roselands Shopping Centre was packed with book bargians, generating ecellent sales and promoting the newsXpress store nearby.

From shopping centre based businesses to smaller rural newsXpress stores, the latest Book Sale has been a tremendous success for newsXpress and its members.

Retail impulse purchase strategy achieves 25% success rate

Talk to any marketing expert and they will tell you that a success rate of 25% for a direct mail, telemarketing or other marketing campaign in any business is almost unheard of.

Talk to retail marketing experts and they will tell you than achieving a 25% engagement rate from an over the counter offer is extraordinary. This is many times over the success rate for over the counter up-sell promotions in petrol and convenience outlets.

newsXpress is proud to have launched to its members last month a well considered over the counter marketing strategy which resulted in a 25% success rate in one of the first stores engaging.

By carefully monitoring the number of offers made to customers and tracking the results of the offers, the newsXpress business has been able to quantify the value of the newsXpress promotion to their business.

newsXpress has supported the exclusive marketing initiative with implementation advice and branded collateral to support the over the counter offer and track the fulfilment success.

There is a considerable difference between newsagency marketing and franchise groups. newsXpress continues to innovate at all levels of the business, delivering excellent business growth opportunities.

HOT ink! numbers for newsXpress

newsXpress members are reporting excellent sales numbers for the latest HOT ink! campaign.  With this latest promotion about to end, many are ready for our local ink initiative to kick in.

This is a newsXpress exclusive initiative designed to give our retail network the edge over others who run several campaigns a year.

By running campaigns between national promotions and providing newsXpress members with valuable tools for promoting this local campaign, we are helping newsXpress members lead the field in the ink and toner space.

Is that a Harley Davidson in the window?

104_0257.JPGnewsXpress Sunbury Square used a cut out Harley Sportster in their window to draw the eye to Harley Davidson licenced mugs from newsXpress preferred supplier Russ. The mugs are selling well – especially for a high price point of $20-$30. The success with the mugs is due to a terrific display – showing the value of professional merchandising.

newsXpress is thrilled to have innovative and entrepreneurial members like newsXpress Sunbury Square – redefining the newsagency experience.

$1,500 bonus for newsXpress member

Thanks to preferred supplier arrangements, newsXpress members have access to valuable rebates from key suppliers.  One national brand ink supplier rewards members with highly valued gift cards in return for loyalty.

One newsXpress member yesterday received $1,500 in gift vouchers for trading in the last year.  This is on top of highly competitive prices for the stock items purchased and valuable reward points accrued through the newsXpress wholesaler.  Three points of significant value from a professionally negotiated and management newsXpress preferred supplier relationship.

So, not only has this newsXpress member accessed highly competitive pricing, they received a bonus in the form of gift vouchers which will take care of plenty of Christmas and birthday shopping.

The member was thrilled at the unexpected $1,500 bonus and called newsXpress to celebrate.

newsXpress has plenty of other members reaping these rewards.

newsXpress Maryborough supports Redwood Carnival

maryborough-winner.jpgnewsXpress Maryborough (VIC) were the proud sponsors of race 3 at the Redwood Carnival held by the Maryborough Harness Racing Club recently.  In the photo, Ross from newsXpress Maryborough is congratulating the winner.

newsXpress works with its members on local promotions such as this, providing access to branding and other material.  We understand the importance of local community engagement and support active newsXpress member involvement in this.

Ink sale at newsXpress stores is HOT!

ink-promotion.JPGThe latest HOT Ink! sale at newsXpress stores is delivering excellent traffic and sales for newsXpress members.

Ending later this week, the HOT Ink! sale has enjoyed a terrific run and has further cemented our position as leaders in the ink and toner space among newsagents.

We are flattered that a couple of others are trying to copy the newsXpress model.  This focuses our attention on delivering even better deals backed by more effective marketing.

newsXpress and Hallmark working together

sunbury-hallmark.jpgAs a strategic partner, Hallmark works closely with newsXpress on a range of fronts.

The branding undertaken at newsXpress Sunbury Square in Victoria is a good example.  With windows to cover, Hallmark was quick to provide professional collateral which supported their brand and helped create the message enticing customers into the terrific retail experience.

The result at newsXpress Sunbury Square is another example of a commercially beneficial relationship between newsXpress and Hallmark.