newsXpress Pakenham filling the car

htc-020.jpgThe Toyota Yaris on show at newsXpress Pakenham is filling with entries in our newsXpress national Back to Work campaign.

Using the car as the entry box is a stroke of genius!

newsXpress members across the country are reporting excellent interest in the competition and the Back to Work sale.   Our stores will have good marketing databases as well as good and valuable sales from this campaign.

This is another newsXpress difference: an excellent campaign driving good business and offering our members an opportunity to enhance their marketing opportunities.

Tomorrow is the last day of the newsXpress Back to Work campaign.

newsXpress members working together

back_to_school.JPGThree newsXpress members on the Gold Coast worked together last month to promote their newsXpress Back to School offer.  The full page colour advertisement in the Back to School supplement of the Gold Coast Bulletin worked well in driving traffic and building brand recognition.

The newsXpress marketing team welcomes opportunities to work with members who want to work together on promotions such as this.  Our design and marketing people have a range of collateral opportunities for each promotion.

Three days left for Back to Work

back_to_work_in_style.jpgAs the newsXpress Back to Work campaign nears its close, many stores are continuing to promote the deals and generating excellent entries in the competition to win a Toyota Yaris. At our own new corporate store, newsXpress Knox, we are enjoying success with this display at the front of the business. It is attracting good traffic and sales.

Back to Work works even outside the work environment. The artwork makes the offer visually appealing regardless of whether there is a shopper connection with work as such.

The feedback on the campaign has been excellent and is encouraging us to look for opportunities already for 2011.

Walking the Sydney Gift Fair

newsXpress is scheduling meetings with members attending the Gift Fair in Sydney this weekend. Our NSW Business Development Managers have generously provided time on Sunday to take members around the fair aand highlight gift oipportunities. This personal service is another way newsXpress helps members expand their businesses.

We have members of our merchandise team at the fair on Monday and Tuesday meeting with suppliers and negotiating deals.

Back to Work car promotion at Leongatha

leongatha_car.jpgnewsXpress Leongatha has been promoting the Toyota Yaris on offer as part of the newsXpress Back to Work competition by placing a Yaris at the entrance to the store.  Having the car on display adds to the theatre and better connects shoppers with the opportunity on offer by shopping with newsXpress.  We are thrilled that local Toyota dealers across the country have been working with proactive newsXpress locations to provide cars for these promotions.

newsXpress members meet in Brisbane

nx_brisbane_feb10.JPGnewsXpress members got together in Brisbane on Tuesday to look at new product, talk strategy and network.  A feature of the meeting was a presentation on how to make money from calendars.  One of our key suppliers outlines new opportunities which will help newsXpress members make good money from this lucrative category in the 2011 calendar season.

The newsXpress member meetings are an excellent place for discussing business ideas and learning together.

newsXpress exclusive That’s Life promotion

newsxpress_thats_life.jpgBuy That’s Life at a newsXpress store this week and get a free puzzle book.  This is a terrific promotion which is, as the poster indicates, exclusive to newsXpress.  The offer is also being promoted on the That’s Life website.

That’s Life is a popular title with newsXpress stores.  This exclusive promotion gives us more reason to promote the title at the counter and other hotspots in the business.  Customers love a good deal.

newsXpress regularly brings exclusive offers to its network of stores.  These offers help us deomnstrate the value of shopping at newsXpress.  They also show our members how we add value to their businesses beyond  the traditional supplier deals we negotiate, business advice we provide and other newsXpress offers.

Chasing a car at newsXpress Leongatha

nx_leongatha_btw.jpgEntries are rolling in at newsXpress Leongatha for the newsXpress Back to Work promotion where one lucky newsXpress shopper will win a Toyota Yaris.

Adam Watchorn, son of Debra and Dean, is seen in the photo pretty happy about the volume of entries they have for the competition.

newsXpress is thrilled at the initiatives being taken by newsXpress Leongatha and others to drive terrific entry volume for the Back to Work promotion.

Expanding Top Gear opportunities

top_gear_gifts.JPGnewsXpress has launched a package of Top Gear branded products at its members meetings over the last two weeks.  From pens to clocks to USB sticks, the range is certain to appeal to the Top Gear enthusiast.  We like the Top Gear range because it is a strong international brand – the Top Gear calendar was #3 this season in the UK.  Brands are important to the newsXpress strategy and offer our stores an excellent point of difference from other newsagencies.

Access to the Top Gear package is available for newsXpress members.

Free HP Photo Paper at newsXpress

untitled.jpgnewsXpress is proud to be offering free Advanced Photo Paper from HP through participating newsXpress stores.  This free gift is available with the purchase of selected HP cartridges.  This is another example of the value of buying genuine ink and toner for your printer as this offer is not available for grey market products.  newsXpress has regular access to supplier supported deals which add value to sales and deliver better margin to our stores.  This Advanced Photo Paper is one of several examples already this year.

QLD and WA member meetings this week

newsXpress is hosting member meetings in Brisbane and Perth this week:

  • Brisbane: Tuesday February 23rd 10am (Virginia Golf Club 1 Elliott Road, BANYO, QLD)
  • Perth: Thursday February 25th 10am (ANF/NGBB Offices 13 Kitchener Avenue, BURSWOOD, WA)

We have product offers and business building strategies to share.  The three meetings so far have gone very well.  Bookings are essential for catering.

Win an iPhone, shop at newsXpress

iphone.jpgThanks to Optus and Jenlist, newsXpress has five Optus 8GB Apple iPhones to giveaway as prizes in a sales based competition.  Every customer recharging their Optus mobile phone at newsXpress has an opportunity to win.  newsXpress members have been sent marketing collateral to support this promotion.  While it is early days, the promotion is proving to be a hit with newsXpress customers.

Buying a newsagency opportunity in QLD

newsXpress has an excellent greedfild site opportunity in Birsbane for anyone looking at buying a newsagency.  In a new Woolworths-anchored centre, this location is all set for occupation.  There is a good rental deal, plans drawn up and ready to go and suppliers keen to assist.  This package opportunity is available now throgh newsXpress.  So if you are in looking for a newsagency for sale, consider taking a greenfield opportunity like this with newsXpress.

Victorian newsXpress members meet

nx_vicmtg_feb2010.JPGThe newsXpress members meeting in Victoria yesterday was a full house with more than forty members participating in a terrific business discussion, networking and checking out some excellent product deals. Ernest Hillier kindly provided is space at their North Coburg facility. They followed the meeting with a guided tour of the factory.  This member meeting tour is helping us better connect with key newsXpress suppliers like Ernest Hillier.

The meeting was following by a tour of the Ernest Hillier factory tour where our team members got to see how this wonderful company makes their much loved chocolates. It was good to see so many skilled people working creating the chocolates by hand.

newsXpress team at Ernest Hillier

nx_team_hilliers_feb2010.JPGSome of the newsXpress employee team got together ahead of our Victorian members meeting at the Ernest Hillier chocolate facility in North Coburg yesterday. We were made most welcome by the Hillier team and given an excellent meeting room stocked with delicious chocolates including their whole Easter range. Note the large bunny on the shelf above the team. This is a chocolate lovers delight.

The newsXpress team is key to the newsXpress difference. Many in the photo spend their day working with members building stronger, more profitable and more enjoyable businesses.

Looking to buy a newsagency?

newsXpress has been approached to open newsagencies in three more shopping centres, two in Victoria (suburban) and one in New South Wales (suburban).  These greenfield locations are ideal for people looking to buy a newsagency.  We can facilitate the lease, shop design, shopfit and a starter range of stock.

Staring a newsagency from scratch can work more effectively than buying a newsagency with goodwill.

To find out more, please make contact with us through our website.

Back to Work at newsXpress Wetherill Park

10022010567.jpgnewsXpress Wetherill Park have backed up their impressive Valentine’s Day and Back to School promotions with an equally effective Back to Work display.

A prominent use of the newsXpress supplied A1 posters and A6 price tickets, along with a clever use of colour from products featured in the 6 page A5 flyer ensures this merchandising is seen by all customers entering the store.

newsXpress members in NSW kick off 2010

nx_newsmembers_feb2010.JPGnewsXpress hosted its first members meeting for 2010 yesterday, in Sydney at the offices of preferred supplier 3M.  In addition to welcoming new members, we had a terrific turnout of existing members.  We are grateful to 3M for once again welcoming us to their excellent facility.

We enjoyed a valuable half day together discussing business, looking at new product deals, working on traffic generating ideas and ways to build healthier margins.  Best of all, the members meeting provided and excellent opportunity for good networking among this group of happy and proactive newsXpress members.

Our next member meeting is in Melbourne this Thursday at the Ernest Hillier factory.  It includes a delicious tour.

Back to Work at newsXpress Scott’s Lismore

scottslismore_btw.jpgThe team at newsXpress Scott’s Lismore is promoting Back to Work at three locations in-store including inside the front door as shown in the photo.  They are using this promotion to push brand name office supplies and high-end products.  They are reporting excellent success and call Back to Work a winner.

While the promotion is called Back to Work, this promotion is working in a variety of situations including many which are not known for selling office supplies.

At newsXpress Scott’s Lismore, they are promotion the opportunity to win a Toyota Yaris by guiding customers to the newsXpress website to complete a competition entry.

Back to Work at newsXpress Maryborough

maryborough_btw.jpgThe Toyota Yaris inside newsXpress Maryborough (VIC) is a brilliant way to promote the prize one lucky newsXpress customer will win as part of Back to Work campaign we are running nationally.

The car plus the brilliant A1 posters, other collateral and excellent product range combine to create some excellent in-store theatre around which to promote Back to Work.

This is the newsXpress difference: bringing together brand name products under the banner of a fresh season and promoting this externally (with 1 million catalogues) and in-store – with cars and product features.

newsXpress provides the in-store marketing collateral free thanks to the generosity of suppliers.