Halloween dress ups at newXpress Eli Waters

eliwaters-halloween2.JPGCheck out the team at newsXpress Eli Waters as they appeared yesterday celebrating Halloween in their store.  Talk about engaging with the season!  I especially like Allan’s outfit, newsXpress colours and all!

Fairfax newspapers are reporting this morning that Halloween has arrived in Australia with research showing that 20% of the population will engage this year. newsXpress is proud to have lead retailers for years, building this season each year to the excellent success this year.  This is thanks to engagement by our members like newsXpress Eli Waters!

Great Halloween retail theatre at newsXpress Sunbury

sunbury-halloween1.JPGBen from newsXpress Sunbury is rightly proud of his work creating an innovative and successful window display promoting Halloween.  This is another good example of retail theatre from the newsXpress family on display.

The photo also shows some of the many entries received for the Halloween colouring competition around the doorway and on the far window.

Kudos to Ben and all at newsXpress Sunbury for enjoying Halloween 2010.

Halloween with papers at Whittlesea

whittlesea-halloween.JPGnewsXpress Whittlesea has been promoting Halloween in a range of places in-store through the season. The latest location for some of the range has been above newspapers.  This is an excellent move for impulse sales of Halloween products.

Moving seasonal items, especially impulse and fun items like Halloween products, helps find extra sales from existing customers and thereby improves basket efficiency.

Scary owners at Wetherill Park

wetherill-halloween.jpgAntonella and Ginella, owners of newsXpress Wetherill Park, got into the swing of Halloween yesterday, dressing up to celebrate the big day on October 31. Halloween is about fun and retail theatre and these two beautiful ladies are certainly embracing both. Anyone visiting newsXpress Wetherill Park this Halloween would certainly have had their share of fun while shopping.

Halloween 2010 at newsXpress Southport Park

southportpark-halloween.jpgRight at the front of the store and luring customers in is this wonderful display of Halloween products at newsXpress Southport Park.

Bright, bold and easily shopped, the offer is attractive to kids and families looking to have some fun this Halloween.

Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to attract new traffic – as they have been doing at newsXpress Southport Park.

Attracting attention to Halloween

knox-halloween4.JPGnewsXpress Knox has this week used streamers to attract shoppers to its Halloween range.  Tucked just inside the lease line to the store, the streamers flow freely in the breeze through the centre and draw more attention to the display.

This is the fifth major change to the Halloween display at newsXpress Knox in gthe last month.

You can see the streamers working when you watch people across the mall and how their head is turned by movement off to the side or in a distance.

The streamers act like a speed hump.  They slow people down or draw their attention to something they may have missed – in this case a terrific Halloween display.

As the season is drawing to a close, there are plenty of reports of success with Halloween across the newsXpress network.

Halloween cobwebs at newsXpress Parkmore

parkmore-halloween.JPGThe external window of newsXpress Parkmore is a feast of cobwebs as they promote their newsXpress Halloween range of goods.  The very different look of the display window is drawing attention to the store, as it should.  Halloween is a season with excellent promotional opportunities and newsXpress is thrilled to see members engaging – as at newsXpress Parkmore..

Stunning window display at newsXpress Maryborough

rimg0162.JPGThe team at newsXpress Maryborough (VIC) went all out to create a different Halloween display this year. They hired a professional merchandiser to put the window together.  The goal was to make the store the talk of the town and draw people in to see the Halloween range.  Click on the image to see the detail of the stunning window display – a display which is completely unlike anything you would expect to see in a newsagency.

The display offers an excellent tutorial in visual merchandising opportunities for seasons like Halloween.

Featuring Halloween voice changers

jimboomba-voice.JPGnewsXpress Jimboomba has been featuring the exclusive to newsXpress Halloween voice changers with this display.

newsXpress sourced the voice changers through its strategic partnership with Hallmark.

Priced at $14.95, the voice changers can be bought for $9.95 if purchased with three Hallmark greeting cards.  newsXpress often uses cross promotion like this to drive sales in multiple categories.

newsXpress members are reporting that the best way to sell the voice changes is through in-store demonstration.  Kids love them.