Advice from newsXpress: how to spot fake Beanie Boos

At markets, in some retail shops and online there are fake Ty Beanie Boos, Ty Beanies and other Ty products not designed or made by Ty, the creator Beanie Boos.

Here are tips for spotting fake Beanie Boos:

  1. If Beanie Boos are really cheap, ask the person selling them if they are authentic, if their business is an authorised reseller? If a price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. All Beanie Boos have two tags. Look for the bright red with bright yellow and the gold trim. No tags – don’t buy them.
  3. Tush tag. Authentic products have a stitched in tush tag.
  4. Ty uses a premium soft plush. Fake Boos often are of a poorer quality plush.
  5. The Ty eyes are a feature. On Beanie Boos, eyes big, buggy and sparkly. Fake eyes often look dull.
  6. Secret sellers. Online, people known to sell fakes prefer to sell privately, asking you to PM or DM them. Be wary.
  7. Pop-up stores and outpost stores. We often see fake Boos in these locations where the retailer moves on quickly.
  8. Overall quality. Ty has stringent quality control, fake product makers less so. If a Boo does not feel the same it may well be fake.
  9. Buy from a shop you can go back to. Be wary of pop-up shops that may not be around to help if something goers wrong.

As the saying goes: caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

Fake Beanie Boos ought to be stamped out. The only way to do this is to not buy them and report those involved.

Here at your locally owned newsXpress we love Beanie Boos. We only sell new product. We are an authorised reseller. We only sell new, authentic, Beanie Boos, Peek-A-Boos, Teeny Tys and Beanies.