Optus Range Now Available at newsXpress Ballarat

optus-ballarat.JPGnewsXpress Ballarat has put together an excellent display featuring the Optus range of handsets, sim cards and mobile broadband products.

Pitching the business competitively in the phone space, the display is helping to attract new shoppers and present the Optus product range opportunity to existing shoppers.

newsXpress is grateful to the support newsXpress preferred supplier Jenlist and to Optus for their support in creating displays such as this.

Magazine Focus at newsXpress Manly West

manlywest-mags.jpgLike so many newsXpress stores, newsXpress Manly West in Queensland takes magazines seriously, offering an excellent range of titles in a professional layout. As the photo shows, the magazine department is appealing on the eye and easy to shop.  Having the red newsXpress branding at the end of the aisle helps drive customer focus.

newsXpress has a well developed and considered magazine strategy which respects the importance of magazines in driving traffic for newsXpress stores and newsagencies more generally.  While we acknowledge that print has its challenges, we also see opportunities with the medium … by delivering the newsXpress point of difference around range, service and value.

June In-Store Offers Newsletter Out Now

newsxpress-newsletter.jpgnewsXpress published its In-Store Offers Newsletter for June to members last week.  In fact, it published two versions to cover more options for members of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group.  The newsletter features some excellent offers, designed to drive traffic to newsXpress stores and to drive impulse purchases.  It also features the new magazine, Coach, from Pacific Magazines which goes on sale today.

This newsletter is an excellent example of the newsXpress difference as it shows newsXpress support for preferred suppliers, provides a professional traffic-generating medium for newsXpress stores and helps present the group and individual stores with a united marketing message. newsXpress are showing their appreciation for this medium by sending the newsletter to customers, placing it at the front of the shop and giving it freely to shoppers in-store.

Each newsletter is provided to newsXpress members in a way which enables local personalisation with store address and contact details.

While other retailers are saying that retail is tough, newsXpress is expanding and refining marketing and communication options for members to help them drive better local business.  This professionally produced monthly newsletter is part of that strategy.

Fourteen New Preferred Suppliers for newsXpress Members

newsXpress has announced details of fourteen new preferred suppliers joining the newsXpress newsagency marketing group community.  These fourteen preferred suppliers takes our current preferred supplier roster to 118.

These 118 preferred suppliers offer newsXpress members access to a broad range of products at excellent prices and on excellent terms … leading pricing and terms which position newsXpress member businesses competitively.

More important that the exclusive preferred supplier suite is the marketing, merchandising and strategy services offered by newsXpress to help members drive bankable margin from these products.  For it is one thing to have access to good deals and another thing entirely to be able to turn the deals into cash.  This is where the newsXpress difference comes into action.

More than a buying group, newsXpress offers products and support services to help newsXpress members extract maximum value from membership of the group.

Toy Sale at newsXpress Eli Waters

eli-toysale.JPGnewsXpress Eli Waters has been running a Toy Sale based on products from our newsXpress toy preferred suppliers and using marketing collateral which is part of the local marketing it released to newsXpress members earlier this year.

The display looks terrific and is drawing good attention … driving basket size as many shoppers would not have entered the newsagency looking to purchase toys.  Well dome Eli Waters team!

The exclusive and extensive marketing collateral toolkit from newsXpress is providing members with a wonderful range of in-store as well as external promotional opportunities.

How a Newsagency Marketing Group Helps First Time Newsagents

Buying a newsagency can be a challenge, especially for the first time buyer.  This is where the newsXpress newsagency marketing group can help.

With so much to evaluate and understand and plenty to investigate to ensure that you make competitive decisions, having access to advice and mentors can help make good decisions from the outset.

Running a newsagency is a challenge in any situation. The goal of our newsXpress newsagency marketing group is to provide access to supplier terms, product deals, management strategies and marketing initiatives which, when engaged, can help you achieve the full potential of your business.

Yes, newsagents…

  • Attract more customers.
  • Leverage customer traffic to increase average spend.
  • Improve the quality and timeliness of business decisions.
  • Bank more dollars from each sale.
  • Enjoy your business more through fun retail engagement.

newsXpress is a newsagency marketing group which helps newsagents and those buying a newsagency to achieve these valuable goals. The ultimate goal is to make your business more valuable on a day to day basis and through this to help you maximise your opportunities when you decide to sell.

Great gift display at Leongatha

tinco-leongatha.JPGnewsXpress Leongatha setup this terrific display focussed on promoting this gift range from newsXpress preferred supplier Tinco.  these teddy bear themed tins, mugs and tea cups are selling well in a variety of newsXpress locations.  A terrific visual merchandising display, like at newsXpress Leongatha, is key to making this opportunity work … their display in an excellent location tells the story.

Promoting newsXpress preferred suppliers

darra-preferred.JPGnewsXpress Darra is promoting preferred suppliers at the entrance to the business, driving traffic and building a more valuable basket.  Promoting The Sticker Family range as well as the safe and popular Cheeki water bottle range, newsXpress Darra is positioning itself differently to the usual newsagency.  What a terrific open and compelling range of offers at Darra!

Winners Among newsXpress Members

nswwinners.JPGnewsXpress Toronto and newsXpress Terrigal Won $500 each at our NSW one-day conference in Sydney yesterday … continuing the stream of winners among newsXpress members as a result of supporting suppliers which support newsXpress. In delivering these cash rewards, newsXpress is sharing fun and excitement at our member meeting series.  We appreciate the financial support of our preferred suppliers enabling us to offer these prizes.

Business Building Sessions Help Newsagents Grow

nsw-meet.JPGThe business sessions of our NSW one-day conference yesterday included some excellent business building sessions presented by suppliers and others … focused on the core principles of newsXpress of traffic, margin and basket. Members left with practical ideas and suggestions for further growing their businesses from today.

Trade Display Helps newsXpress Members Buy Competitively

nsw-trade.JPGThe newsXpress one-day conference / member meeting in Sydney yesterday presented an excellent range of supplier opportunities … special offers from newsXpress preferred suppliers helping newsXpress members buy better and drive excellent impulse and core business. We love the support from fourteen of newsXpress preferred suppliers for supporting the trade displays accompanying this round of meetings.

Supporting SIDS and Red Nose Day

sids2011.JPGnewsXpress and all newsXpress members raising money for SIDS research and family support this year by supporting the sids kids Red Nose Day campaign.  Each newsXpress store has the Red Nose Day pack.  As a corporate sponsor of this important fund raising event, newsXpress and its members join other national retailers in raising awareness of SIDS on behalf of families affected.  We are grateful of the opportunity to play a role.

This is one of several charities supported by newsXpress through the course of the year.

Clearing Old Stock

riverlink-garagesale.JPGnewsXpress Riverlink picked up on an opportunity present at our recent member meetings and ran a garage sale in the mall outside the front of the newsagency.  They used the opportunity to clear old product and other product … boosting sales and generating excellent new traffic to the business.

The photo shows just some of the traffic generated by this initiative – you can see the newsXpress Riverlink shop in the background.

Well done Belinda and team.

Bears sell gifts at Knox

post-winter.JPGnewsXpress Knox is enjoying excellent sales as a result of this professionally merchandised display featuring product from a newsXpress preferred supplier.  Drawing shoppers to the store, the display presents a different look to what one would see in a more traditional newsagency display. On offer is a range of tins, a tea pot and a mug – beautifully packaged.

Bright and appealing, this display is working with shoppers of all ages from children through to retirees.  Who doesn’t like teddy bears after all?

The display is running as part of the post Mother’s Day strategy at Knox, using professional visual merchandising to drive traffic and sales.  The strategy is working a treat for the business.

newsXpress Embraces Toys

toynetworx.JPGToy Networx and All Brands Toys have been participating in the trade display which accompanies our current one-day conferences around Australia.  They have been offering excellent buying opportunities.

With so many newsXpress stores now enjoying success with toys, the latest offers are welcome as stores stock up for the mid year season, especially the next round of school holidays.

The toys, games, plush and other items are wonderful basket building products, enhancing the margin banked from each sale. They are perfect for leveraging the traffic generated by newsXpress marketing, delivering a solid margin result for newsXpress members.

The newsXpress difference is how we guide newsXpress members to leverage the toy opportunity in the context of the overall newsXpress business development campaign.

State of Origin at newsXpress Harbourtown

origin-harbourtownqld.JPGnewsXpress Harbourtown has been promoting State of Origin products across the front of the newsagency, facing into the mall.

As our Queensland and New South Wales members know, State of Origin is HUGE and making the most of it as they are doing at newsXpress Harbourtown delivers excellent sales dividends.

Now if only the Victorians would realise that their ballet game is not a patch on the brutal clash and spectacle of a State of Origin match.

Outpost Sale at Hit at Sunbury!

sunburymallsale.JPGnewsXpress Sunbury Square has been enjoying terrific success with this mall sale outpost.  Focused on art and books from newsXpress preferred suppliers, this weekend sales is driving traffic and sales … all at good margin.  The people of Sunbury are responding with kudos for Rita, Brendan and the team at newsXpress Sunbury for the great deals and the fun shopping opportunities they are providing.

Cheeki coffee mugs in Better Homes and Gardens

cheeki-capp.JPGThe range of Cheeki coffee mugs is featured on the planet page of the latest issue of better Homes and Gardens. With many newsXpress stores offering these environmentally friendly and safe mugs, this is a nice tie in for newsXpress.  In addition to the Cheeki coffee mug range, many newsXpress stores sell the Cheeki drink bottles.  Both items make for great gifts as well as for personal use.

newsXpress Bishops Goondiwindi 100 Years This Year

bishops-goondiwindi-100.jpgnewsXpress Bishops Goondiwindi celebrates 100 years of trading this year. What a tremendous achievement for the Bishop family … 100 years of ownership by the one family!  We are thrilled for the Bishop family that they are reaching such an extraordinary milestone.  We are also thrilled for the town of Goondiwindi and their role in this milestone.

newsXpress understands the importance of family in newsagencies as well as in the communities in which we serve.  Through community engagement, product selection, marketing and other activities, we seek to support families and communities.  It is this support which drives support for newsXpress businesses.

the success of newsXpress Goondiwindi is a testament to the energy and commitment of the Bishop family to Goondiwindi and support from the community to the business in return.