newsXpress Beechworth promotes Hallmark AFL opportunity

HALLMARK PROMOTION 2Check out the window display newsXpress Beechworth has been running to promote the excellent range of hallmark AFL licenced cards in-store as well as the range of AFL Beanie Kids available.

This window display is just part of their promotion of AFL products with the Hallmark range as the centrepiece. Well done to everyone involved – great to see so many AFL teams represented.

This display gets newsXpress Beechworth in the running to win two AFL Grand Final tickets courtesy of Hallmark.

Hallmark newsXpress exclusive AFL promotion at Watergardens Town Centre

aflwatergnewsXpress Watergardens is promoting the Hallmark AFL exclusive opportunity with this display facing into the shopping mall.

While we are surprised to see the choice of promoting Hawthorn, we’re pretty happy that the terrific Hallmark AFL range is in a good position in the business and in the centre – promoting an excellent brand of product and using this to attract shoppers.

Well done Jayden at newsXpress Watergardens.

newsXpress stores have been running this promotion in July to get in the running for AFL Grand Final tickets.

newsXpress Eli waters joins in newsXpress Hallmark AFL promotion

afleliwpHere’s the promotion of Hallmark AFL cards and other products at newsXpress Eli waters in Queensland as part of the newsXpress Hallmark exclusive AFL Grand Final promotion.

This promotion connects the terrific Hallmark AFL card range with Beanie Kids to drive sales of both items. Located at the front of the shop facing into the mall the promotion connects two good brands with a third national sporting brand. Eli waters is in the running to win two tickets to the AFL Grand Final.

The only criticism we would have of the display is the placement of the Collingwood guernsey. This is against newsXpress policy.

Check out the new plush wall at newsXpress Eli Waters

plushwallelinewsXpress Eli Waters has created a new plush wall as part of a shop fit. Well done Stella, Al and team – a great job.

A good plush wall is about depth of range – plus for all occasions – and having the plush set so it appears to be bursting off the shelves. Plus having product from several suppliers.

We have newsXpress stores doing $50,000 a year and more in plush and growing – taking sales from majors as well as specialty gift shops.

For help talk to our team – we can help you grow.

newsXpress Inverloch joins in Hallmark newsXpress AFL promotion

nxinvnewsXpress Inverloch got in on the exclusive to newsXpress Hallmark AFL promotion with this in-store display featuring the terrific Hallmark AFL cards and AFL Beanie Kids.

In the photo you can see Harley showing off his Collingwood jumper and getting in the spirit of the promotion., Harley helped create the display.

This is a terrific in-store promotion at the perfect time of the year for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members.

The winner of the promotion gets to go to the 2013 AFL Grand Final!

Award winner newsXpress Maryborough joins exclusive newsXpress Hallmark promotion

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREnewsXpress Maryborough in Victoria, the National Hallmark Alliance Retailer of the Year, has joining in with the Hallmark AFL promotion that is exclusive to newsXpress members.

With this terrific display, newsXpress maryborough is in the running for a wonderful AFL grand final ticket prize pack. Their cards are the centrepiece supporting plenty of AFL merchandise.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress and Hallmark have teamed together to drive sales of the AFL cards and help customers embrace AFL fun in-store.

Exclusive Hallmark AFL promotion ignites newsXpress stores!!

nxkxnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members are loving the exclusive Hallmark AFL card promotion. This latest display is from newsXpress Hallmark where one in-store Collingwood fan has set their beloved team up to be ahead of arch rival Carlton on the scoreboard. This positioning of Collingwood against Carlton is contrary to newsXpress corporate policy and not supported by the group. newsXpress will be dealing with the recalcitrant employee promoting the dasatardly Collingwood.

We’re having fun with this exclusive AFL greeting card promotion from our friends at Hallmark.

newsXpress Bairnsdale promotes EXCLUSIVE Hallmark AFL opportunity

nxbairnsnewsXpress Bairnsdale is one of the newsXpress newsagency marketing group stores promoting an exclusive AFL grand final ticket opportunity from hallmark for newsXpress members.  This terrific in-store display is designed to engage shoppers with the Hallmark AFL card range as well as the AFL Beanie Kids and other AFL products in-store.

This is a terrific opportunity to bring together opportunities from several suppliers around the AFL brand with the hallmark AFL cards as the centrepiece product range.

Talk about a win for newsXpress Bairnsdale. What a great display!

Newsagency marketing group Facebook campaign reaches 200,000+

hmkaflThe newsXpress newsagency marketing group funded Facebook advertising campaign last week reached 208,000 Australian Facebook users. The campaign was run as part of an exclusive newsXpress / Hallmark promotion of the Hallmark licenced AFL card products.  the Facebook campaign is part of a broader newsXpress social media brand awareness campaign being run by the group for its members.

Plenty of funky gift and toy items on offer from newsXpress preferred suppliers

spacenewsXpress last week introduced another new preferred supplier to members as well as additional products from existing preferred suppliers.  Each announcement delivered excellent new opportunities to newsXpress members, opening up new traffic-generating opportunities for newsXpress businesses as they evolve to a new future … further away from the traditional newsagency.

Newsagency business growth comes from attracting new shoppers and new shoppers are attracted by new products not usually seen in a newsagency and often new to the Australian marketplace. This is where the newsXpress merchandise team is shining by unlocking funky and trendsetting product opportunities to help newsXpress members evolve their businesses.

The product in the image is just one of the new products promoted to newsXpress members last week.

Melbourne Gift Fair group buying opportunity

newsXpress is helping members to more successfully engage with the Melbourne Gift Fair next month with networking opportunities, buying tours and other engagements whereby newsXpress members can leverage their participating in the group both in terms of prices paid and advice on new products.

By sharing insights early with members, newsXpress is helping them to plan for a successful engagement with the Melbourne Gift Fair this year. This is another way newsXpress is helping its members to make more money from gists and related products categories in-store.

newsXpress is also offering a service to do buying for members unable to get to the gift fair – a service for remote and time poor newsXpress members who don’t want to miss any special buying opportunity.

GNS and newsXpress working well together to drive stationery sales

newsXpress is appreciating the help from newsagent owned stationery wholesaler Group Newsagency Supplies, GNS, in driving stationery sales through better ranging and addressing supply challenges in some regional location. The help from GNS senior management recently on some opportunities has been terrific.

newsXpress prefers to support GNS as our stationery wholesaler as it is a national newsagent-owned business. This is a point of difference over the other stationery wholesalers in the marketplace.

newsXpress will be participating at all GNS Market Fairs this year, offering access to advice and support for all newsagents visiting the fairs and providing an opportunity for people to see the newsXpress difference live in action.

All newsXpress members in the running for cash prizes from Pacific Magazines nexus program

nexusAll newsXpress members regardless of size have free access to the terrific Nexus magazine marketing and promotion program from Pacific Magazines. his puts them in the running for the latest promotion of cash as a prize reward for growth in the sales of participating magazines from Pacific.

We know from past history working with Pacific that promotions like this work a treat for us, driving excellent magazine sales growth.

Smart newsXpress members will have the marketing material out and the participating titles in the best position in their businesses. They will be chasing a share of the cash prize on offer from this terrific promotion.

newsXpress preferred supplier sticks to newsXpress exclusive offer

A newsagent who had recently left newsXpress called our National Account Manager at Big Balloon to place a Beanie Boo order. Big Balloon advised the store that they could no longer honour the newsXpress exclusive discounted pricing offer now that they have left newsXpress. It was also mentioned to this store that they will need to open a new account and go on pro forma for 3 orders.

We are told the newsagent was disappointed, claiming they were lead to believe that the group they had joined could get the same offer.  This is not the case.

Big Balloon has no other national relationship with any other group outside of newsXpress.

Big Balloon made it clear to this store that the newsXpress relationship is paramount and that the offer integrity will remain for newsXpress members only . We share this to highlight to members that by acting as a group this is the type of support we can get, it also highlights that Big Balloon are towing the line and acknowledging the relationship forged with newsXpress.

newsXpress maryborough wins Hallmark Alliance Retailer of the Year

newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria has taken out the prestigious Hallmark Alliance Retailer of the Year Award.  This is a well-deserved win for an excellent retail business run to the highest standards in Maryborough.

Ross and Cheryle Forster run an excellent business at newsXpress Maryborough. They plan carefully, assess their business data and make strategic decisions to grow the business.  They robustly engage with newsXpress too, embracing new product opportunities.

In the last year they have implemented the Hallmark NCRE strategy with excellent success.

Congratulations to Ross, Cheryle and the team at newsXpress Maryborough.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress offers more regional member meetings

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress continues to reach out to members with local area cluster meetings, offering members opportunities to connect with each other and newsXpress team members.

These business building sessions are unique to newsXpress and loved by members. The focus of each meeting is about business growth.

Here are the details of the next round of cluster meetings for newsXpress members:

  1. Regional Victoria, Monday 22nd July, Bridges on Argyle, 84/90 Argyle St, Traralgon, Vic / 12.00pm-3.00pm / Light Lunch provided.
  2. Melbourne Metro , Tuesday 23rd July, Hinkler Books Showroom, 45/55 Fairchild St, Heatherton, Vic / 10.00am -2.00pm / Lunch and showroom viewing included.
  3. Sydney Metro, Wednesday 24th July, Boonie Doon Golf Club, Banks Ave, Pagewood / 10.00am-1.00pm / Morning Tea provided.
  4. Brisbane Metro, Monday 29th July, TBA / 10.00am – 1.00pm / Morning Tea provided.
  5. Newcastle, Wednesday 31st July, Travelodge Newcastle Crn king & Steel Streets / 9.00am – / Morning Tea provided.
  6. Perth, Monday 12th August, Country Comfort Inn, 249 – 263 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont / 11.00am – 2.00pm / Light Lunch provided.
  7. Victoria / South Australia Friday 16th August- TBA / 10.00am – 1.00pm /Light Lunch provided.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress expands supplier product offers

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has expanded the products on offer to members with the launching of new suppliers and product offers as a terrific kick off to the new financial year.

Helping members to reach into new product categories that connect well with existing shopper interests and habits is a good way of extending the shopping basket and delivering to group members valuable opportunities for them to consider.

None of the new products or suppliers are mandatory, newsXpress members can choose the products that best serve their local business situation.

newsXpress has shared details of the new products and suppliers via private and confidential communication with members.

newsXpress promotes Bike and Feast magazines with Tour De France

tdfnewsXpress has run another commercial advertising campaign on Facebook, reaching more than 50,000 Facebook users – promoting newsXpress outlets as the go to outlets for feast and Bike magazine and the features they contain connected with the Tour de France.

This latest promotion connects newsXpress stores with the Tour De France for people talking about this on Facebook. It’s a carefully considered and constructed campaign on a topic of considerable interest to Australian Facebook users.

newsXpress helps members setup for success with 2014 calendars

nxcaloppnewsXpress last provided more advice and insights to members to guide greater success with 2014 calendars. While leveraging excellent buying is important, it is marketplace insights and first-look at new designs that can combine to give newsXpress members a valuable and appreciated competitive advantage around the calendar opportunity.

With calendar sales showing no sign of slowing down – some newsXpress stores reported 33% growth in 2013 product over 2012 – being first to order limited edition and special interest calendars now can lock in a valuable advantage for october through February sales.

When it comes to calendars, newsXpress is a leader.