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What is Gudetama you ask?

Gudetama is one of Sanrio’s newest and most popular characters … Gudetama, the lazy egg! Gudetama made its debut in Japan with short videos that quickly went viral. The character’s distinctive apathetic attitude now resonates with millennial fans worldwide.

We know Gudetama collectors who are ten years old and we know of collectors who are well into their fifties. This cute Lazy Egg is popular with all ages.

People bring Gudetama to work, school, in the car and on the besides table. Gudetama is fun and calming, a perfect companion through the day and night. People love the cute and fun look. And, they don’t stop at one Gudetama item in their collection, they add and add to create a wonderful range of Gudetama items.

From plush to blind boxes to clothing and more, Gudetama items can help you through the every day.

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Gudetama is a cartoon egg yolk that feels existence is almost unbearable. But it is more than this. On the one hand it can look sad and lazy. The reality is that it is cute, colourful, warm and fuzzy … this is a collectible for all ages. It6 makes people happy and brings them joy wherever they are.

This is a cute collectible for the kids, mum, dad and even grandparents. Try Gudetama out and see for yourself how much people love this little cutie.

The best shop for Molang in Australia

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Molang is the adorable Korean chubby ‘pig rabbit’, whose round and chubby shape comes from Korean sticky rice! This cute little chubby sticky rice bunny steals your heart, and now you can bring him with you wherever you go! The rabbit is named after the Korean word ”molla”, which means ”I don’t know” in Korean! It is an adorable sounding word that everyone loves!

The Molang range is already big and it is growing as more and more characters come in and join this happy, chubby and cuddly family.

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Wikipedia has some helpful background about the development of Molang:

Molang as a design was created by the Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon, first as a sticker character on the platform KakaoTalk.

Within 3 years only, 3 TV seasons and 9 TV specials, Molang’s TV exposure extends today to more than 190 countries worldwide, with notable high ratings and first class award. It has also become a cross-media franchise: TV series, merchandising, GIFs, digital series, music videos, stickers, etc

What we at Cuteness Overload love about Molang is that it makes people happy. People of all ages, genders and races. This cutie is gorgeous and collected by many different people. We are grateful for the opportunity to help more people get into collecting and loving Molang.

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Beanie Boos Australia is the largest website selling Beanie Boos in Australia. By large, we mean  R E A L L Y   L A R G E.

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The best Funko Pop! Vinyls website in Australia for Pop collectors

If you love collecting Pop Vinyls from Funko in the US then you will love the Pop Vinyls website Pop Vinyls In Australia: www.popvinylsinaustralia.com. What is so special about this Pop Vinyl website is that it brings together Pop Vinyl opportunities for Pop collectors right around Australia.

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