Ink Sale a terrific success for newsXpress

The December Ink sale by newsXpress was a terrific traffic and revenue driver for participating newsXpress stores.

This exclusive marketing campaign delivered excellent results, driving good outcomes for newsXpress members on the back of letterbox, online and other creative marketing components to the campaign.

HIT ink! is a well-established sub brand of newsXpress, helping newsXpress stores make a value proposition for ink.


Driving ink sales in newsXpress businesses

inksalenewsXpress helps members strive ink sales through catalogues, inshore promotions, product knowledge and with customer display collateral as you can see in this photo.

This is a shot from in a newsXpress business from the customer side of the counter – see how ink is promoted to shoppers, encouraging them to consider the purchase from the business on impulse.

HOT ink! Flyer driving ink traffic in newsagency businesses

inksaleflyerHere is one side of the HOT ink! Flyer being distributed to hundreds of thousands of homes around participating newsXpress outlets.

Focussing only on brand name ink, this catalogue offer is a genuine sale which demonstrates to shoppers that newsXpress members can work together to deliver pricing that beats the majors. It pushes back on the idea that newsagencies are expensive – well not all thanks to newsXpress HOT ink!

HOT ink! is a an EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS campaign.

New newsXpress HOT ink! Campaign driving newsagency business traffic

inkposterShoppers around participating newsXpress stores are being treated to excellent hot ink prices thanks to good buying, cunning pricing and excellent marketing by the team at newsXpress on behalf of members.

Being promoted with a striking black and white campaign of posters, shelf talkers, floor decals and catalogues, the latest HOT ink! Is generating net new traffic as reported by newsXpress members.

newsXpress continues to innovate on behalf of its members – driving traffic, sales and margin.

Newsagency marketing group ink sale now on

inksaleNewsagency marketing groups newsXpress is running an INK SALE right now in-store with excellent prices on brand name ink. This latest INK SALE is the first in a new generation approach to promoting ink in newsagencies and more thoroughly competing with majors in this space.

The newsXpress approach is different and its driving traffic!

Great deals on ink at newsXpress stores

hotinkjune2014newsXpress newsagency marketing group members right across Australia are promoting great deals on brand name ink and toner with the latest HOT ink! campaign. Promoted out of store, online and in-store, this latest HOT ink! comes with professional marketing collateral for newsXpress members to use to drive business sales and shopper engagement.


Win a Canon Pixma printer only at newsXpress

nxfreeprinterOnly newsXpress stores are offering the opportunity to win a Canon Pixma printer. It’s all part of the latest HOT ink! promotion that is running in store. With exclusive collateral supporting the display of the free printers in-store, newsXpress members have all they need for stunning displays to drive ink sales.

Great HOT ink! prices at newsXpress show small business newsagents are the best!

hotinkjune2014Newsagency marketing group is showing real leadership with the latest HOT ink! campaign offering excellent prices on brand name ink, a discount voucher offering further $$$ off and a chance to win a terrific Canon printer – with one printer being given away in each participating store.

The latest HOT ink! is just two weeks old and already newsXpress members are reporting excellent shopper growth as people bring in the catalogue and embrace opportunities to save and to win.

This latest EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS marketing campaign is another way newsXpress is helping members to make more money from every day habit based product like ink and toner.

newsXpress shoppers are winners!

newsXpress ink prices beat Officeworks and others

hotinkcompnewsXpress have provided members with additional free marketing collateral to pitch our network as offering ink at more competitive prices that Officeworks, JB Hi Fi, Australia Post and Harvey Norman.

These professionally designed and printed EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress A2 posters are part of a concerted campaign designed to better educate shoppers that the newsXpress ink offer is competitive, that the savings we offer are real and can be trusted.

The latest HOT ink! campaign started June 1 and runs until July 11.

newsXpress members giving away $20,000 worth of Canon printers

canonwinnewsXpress members have launched the next HOT ink! campaign with more than $20,000 worth of Canon Pixima printers being given away. each participating newsXpress store has a printer on offer as a prize for a lucky customer.

The printers have been provided free to newsXpress members along with marketing collateral for in-store promotion of this wonderful prize that connects brilliantly to the sale of ink which it at the core of the HOT ink! campaign.

Having a prize opportunity like this which is EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress helps us further differentiate our businesses from others nearby selling ink and toner.

newsXpress shoppers are winners!

1980669_10203109273163750_1658650332_nnewsXpress members are sharing photos of customers who won the tablet computer that was part of the latest HOT ink! promotion. The $20,000 promotion made some newsXpress shoppers very happy including this lucky winner at newsXpress easy T in Robina Queensland.

This EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS promotion drove ink sales and provided newsXpress members with an offer no one could match. It helped our members attract more traffic – this is a core goal of the HT ink! campaigns.

newsXpress is a marketing group that offers a layered well-considered plan for business growth.

Last day of HOT ink!

amicroToday is that last day of the latest HOT ink! campaign from newsXpress. newsXpress member feedback has been that this has been a ripper of a campaign – driving excellent sales and engaging shoppers with a terrific in-store giveaway.

The EXCLUSIVE ink opportunities embedded in the latest HOT ink! campaign have been leveraged by newsXpress members to attract new shoppers and to get existing shoppers engaging in the ink category.

newsXpress has actively promoted the campaign externally as well as by providing free collateral and a free gift valued at $150 to each participating store through which to drive shopper engagement.

This is a great newsagency marketing group in action – driving commercial success for its members.

newsXpress beats Officeworks, Big W, JB HiFi and Harvey Norman on ink prices

hotink2014Local newsXpress newsagencies across Australia are beating much bigger retailers when it comes to ink and toner right now.

We have brand name ink and toner at excellent prices – showing that locally owned and operates small businesses can beat the majors.

Beating Officeworks, Big W, JB HiFi and Harvey Norman on ink prices is proud for newsXpress and its members. We’re crowing because we are helping our customer save money – it’s what we do regularly!

newsXpress helps newsagents grow!

HOTink! driving customer traffic and ink sales for newsXpress newsagency businesses

IMG_1716newsXpress members are loving the latest HOTink! promotion. The photo shows part of the HOTink! promotion at newsXpress Eli Waters. They are using the collateral provided for the tablet computer give-away in-store, a terrific price that will be won by one lucky shopper at newsXpress Eli Waters.  We have shipped many tablet computers for similar in-store give-aways.

Driving additional traffic and achieving incremental sales and locking in new ink customers is a great way to start off 2014 for newsXpress members.

The latest HOTink! campaign shows off a real newsagency marketing group point of difference: good buying, excellent marketing, in-store engagement mechanics and extra special value for newsXpress shoppers and newsXpress members.

This is fun!

newsXpress Highlands Marketplace helps Mittagong shoppers save on ink

1013227_583281128416110_757918686_nnewsXpress Highlands Marketplace is promoting the latest HOTink! opportunity in-store as well as in the mall with this display promoting the tablet computer competition and listing all the ink cartridges that are being promoted in the latest HOTink! catalogue.

With many hundreds of thousands of homes having the catalogue, showing it off at the front of the shop is ideal as it reminds customers that this is the shop with the great deals on ink.

As the newsXpress collateral pitch says: SAVE MONEY ON BRAND NAME INK!

For the best price on ink get to a newsXpress newsagency

inkcounternewsXpress branded newsagency businesses have the best deals on ink and toner. PLUS newsXpress newsagency shops have the best competition – you could win a tablet computer. Spend of $65 and you get a discount voucher for your next purchase. Plus you have access to excellent customer service offering professional advice and support. If you need ink, think newsXpress.

Save money on ink & toner at a newsXpress newsagency

inkshelfnewsXpress newsagency businesses across Australia are offering excellent prices on brand name ink and toner. HP, Canon, Brother and Epson ink is available at exceptionally competitive pricing. newsXpress helps newsagents compete and beat the big end of town. Plus our customers can win a terrific tablet computer thanks to a newsXpress funded in-store competition. For the best price on ink backed by exceptional customer service, check out newsXpress.