Father’s Day at newsXpress Bairnsdale

bairnsdale-fathersday.jpgFather’s Day features in a terrific window display at newsXpress Bairnsdale.

From books to gifts to the Hallmark sound cards, the Father’s Day story is strong and appealing – bound to attract shoppers to browse the range.  Congratulations to everyone at newsXpress Bairnsdale for this display.

In selecting products for Father’s Day 2010, the newsXpress merchandise team took care to cater to a broad cross-section of dads in terms of age, interests and economic conditions.  Early indications from newsXpress stores are of strong sales for the season of gifts as well as cards.

Annette Sym supports newsXpress

annette-sym-signing.JPGAnnette Sym is touring the country supporting the launch of Symply Too Good To be True 6 and is dropping in on newsXpress stores in her travels.  At our Knox City store in Victoria recently, Annette visited and signed some books along with marketing collateral which we had at the counter.  This personal note to our customers is indicative of what makes Annette loved by newsagents and her fans.  newsXpress has been able to help members ensure that they have on-going supply of this popular title.

Father’s Day at newsXpress Harbour Town

habrourtown-fathers.JPGnewsXpress Harbour Town, in the Harbour Town shopping centre at Biggera Waters, is promoting Father’s Day right across the front of the store.  The brilliant display surrounds shoppers as they enter the store – as it should for which is the most important week in the Father’s Day retail season.

Featuring the Hallmark Father’s Day sound cards at the front of the store through to an excellent range of Father’s Day gifts, newsXpress Harbour Town does the newsXpress brand proud with an excellent retail pitch for what is shaping up to be a good season.

Father’s Day at newsXpress Wetherill Park

wetherillpark-fathers.jpgFather’s Day features on the dance floor at newsXpress Wetherill Park, located in Stockland Mall Wetherill Park in Sydney.

From the gift table featuring good margin gifts, including the Top Gear range, from newsXpress preferred suppliers through to the Hallmark Father’s Day card range, newsXpress Wetherill Park is a one stop shop for Father’s Day.

The newsXpress merchandise team sourced an excellent range of Father’s Day products to suit a broad range of economic situations.  newsXpress members get to choose products from the range, there is no mandatory supply.

newsXpress Cooma promotes Father’s Day

cooma-fathers.jpgCooma residents are in for a treat when they visit newsXpress Cooma and see the range of Hallmark Father’s Day cards.  The Hallmark sound cards feature original artists giving voice to a wonderful Father’s Day message.  At 38 Vale Street Cooma, newsXpress Cooma is a great place to shop for Father’s Day 2010.

Blending the newsXpress and Hallmark collateral gives the store a stronger pitch for the Father’s Day season.

Symply To Good To be True 6 at newsXpress Leongatha

leongatha-sym.jpgnewsXpress Leongatha is promoting Symply Too Good To Be True 6 on the dance floor of the store with this excellent display. Team member Dianne decorated the display to bring it to life and generate more shopper attention. Great sales are bound to follow.

It was Dianne’s birthday when we visited and the staff had bought her flowers, a small gift and said happy birthday to her over the intercom.

newsXpress Leongatha is a happy and rpoductive place to work.

Symply To Good To be True 6 at newsXpress Yarram

yarram_sym.jpgnewsXpress Yarram is driving good business with this excellent and bold display for Annette Sym’s Symply Too Good To Be True 6 book.  Positioned on a power end and faacing customers as they enter the store, they are making the most of the newsagent exclusive opportunity.

Like all good newsXpressers, they are also promoting Annette’s five other bestselling books with Symply Too Good To Be True 6 at newsXpress Yarram.

If you live in Yarram, visit newsXpress Yarram.

Annette Sym at newsXpress Westpoint

westpoint-annettesym.JPGAnnette Sym visited newsXpress Westpoint to promote her new book, Symply Too Good To Be True 6.  Pictured in the photo you can seek Terry Augustine, Nicole Ryder, Margaret Augustine, Annette and Mark Augustine.  They are smiling because Annette’s book is selling very well at newsXpress Westpoint … and right around the country.

newsXpress appreciates the tremendous support from Annette in making sure that our stores get the stock we need along with the marketing collateral with which to professionally promote the book.

QCS packs at newsXpress Nambour

nambour-qcs.JPGnewsXpress Nambour has its newsXpress exclusive QCS packs right at the front of the store, in a high traffic location near the busy lottery counter.  This is a perfect location for the high impulse QCS pack opportunity given that parents will usually buy them.

newsXpress has been offering the unique to Queensland QCS packs for years to newsXpress members.  We are proud to have helped members dominate this retail opportunity.  We are thrilled to see the team at newsXpress Nambour leverage the opportunity by good placement.

Father’s Day at Deception Bay

deceptionbay-fathersday.JPGnewsXpress Deception Bay has a great Father’s Day display on a power end, facing customers as they enter the store.  Promoting a good range of Father’s Day gifts as well as Hallmark cards, the display makes shopping easy and presents many options.

The Deception Bay display is bright and easy to shop.

The range of Father’s Day gifts this year stretches from the fun to the serious … serving diversity in the Dad’s Day market.

Father’s Day gifts at the counter

knox-fday-counter.JPGThe team at newsXpress Knox has Father’s Day gifts behind the counter in a feature display in addition to a display on the gift tables.  The behind the counter offer is designed to remind shoppers of the Father’s Day offer when they are at the counter making another purchase. The simple and clean display is proving to be very effective.

This behind the counter space at newsXpress Knox is regularly changed to present a fresh offer for major seasons as well as in between.

newsXpress Kawana promotes Symply Too Good 6

kawana_symply.jpgThe team at newsXpress Kawana has put together an excellent display promoting Annette Sym’s Symply Too Good Too be True 6 book at the front of the store.

This bold display in a good traffic location is certain to continue the great sales they have already achieved for the title.

Note the stock of Symply Too Good 1 through 5 at the bottom of the display.  newsXpress has been reminding members that with the Symply range it is easy to get sales of multiple books in the one sale.

Leongatha celebrates $1 million lottery win

leongatha_tatts.jpgnewsXpress Leongatha is celebrating selling a $1 million winning lottery ticket with this bold sign on the front window.  This is a great story which is leveraged well with the window marketing.

We especially like the LUCKY PETE’S note in the sign.

Well done newsXpress Leongtha for selling the ticket and making the most of the luck!

newsXpress announces newsagent conference

newsXpress is proud to announce the conference which comes to newsagents.  Next month in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.  Delivering high quality valuable content from six speakers over six power packed hours, this is the practical conference newsagents will want to be at. Click here for a brochure.


This one day conference will also include access to several key suppliers who will offer excellent value deals for participants.  Participation in the conference is open to all newsagents.

newsXpress Beers Port Lincoln promotes Symply Too Good To Be True 6

portlincoln-symply.jpgWhat a terrific display for Symply Too Good To Be True 6 at newsXpress Beers Port Lincoln in South Australia.  There is no missing this display which directly faces customers in store and like any good display, customers can buy the title right there.  Well done to Joy, David and the team for a stunning display which is sure to drive excellent impulse business.

Annette Sym at newsXpress Knox

knoxcity.jpgAnnette Sym visited our newsXpress Knox store in Victoria last Friday and autographed copies of Symply Too Good To Be True 6 for some of our customers.

Annette is pictured in the photo at the front of the story along with Kym and Belinda.  It was a thrill to have Annette in the store and for us to now have personally signed copies of the book for sale.

Symply Too Good To Be True 6 is selling very well for us at newsXpress Knox and so many newsXpress stores across the country.  Congratulations to Annette for another terrific success story.

Magic products working well at Maryborough

maryborough-magic.jpgnewsXpress Maryborough in Victoria is also having good success with the range of magic products sourced through a newsXpress preferred supplier relationship.

By placing the magic products in a high traffic impulse purchase location, newsXpress members are able to easily extend the shopping basket and add to the margin banked with sales.  The magic products are being bought by kids, parents and grandparents. This demographic efficiency is what makes them appealing to newsXpress members to keep building overall sales efficiency.

Too often we hear stories that newsagents want deals.  Deals are no good without tactics which leverage a deal to its maximum potential.  newsXpress provides access to excellent deals and backs this access with valuable information on making the most from the opportunity.

Magic products drive good impulse business

darra-magix.JPGThe magic product range recently launched by newsXpress is driving good sales at newsXpress Darra (QLD).  The display started generating sales almost immediately – from the display on the dance floor as well as the small counter display.

In addition to sourcing the magic range at competitive prices, newsXpress is backing this with in-store tactics which are driving good sales results – further demonstrating the value of the full service offer by newsXpress.