newsXpress members enjoying Despicable Me 2 sales

dm2newsXpress members who jumped on the Despicable Me 2 official merchandise product have had a terrific sales run.

Offered through one of our preferred suppliers, the Despicable Me 2 range has been terrific at generating traffic and driving more efficient sales for engaged stores.

This is another international brand promoted by newsXpress and made available through a valuable preferred supplier relationship – showing the value for newsXpress members from these relationships and from the expert advice available through newsXpress for its members.

The photo shows one store thin on stock just two days after putting out way more stock. A great success!

newsXpress reaches 80,000 Facebook members with ink campaign

nxinkfacebooknewsXpress reached more than 80,000 Facebook members with an innovative three-day campaign promoting newsXpress stores for brand-name ink on Facebook. This latest campaign is another successful engagement in Facebook marketing by newsXpress on behalf of its members. The campaign was timed to coincide with the latest HOT ink! campaign – connecting with the catalogue sent out to hundreds of thousands of homes – creating a multi-layered campaign for newsXpress and its members.

Newsagency group newsXpress supports newsagent-owned stationery wholesaler

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress supports the newsagent-owned stationery wholesale business Group Newsagency Supplies (GNS). This has been the newsXpress policy and position for years. It’s an important position, one that is good for the newsagency channel.

Rather than supporting one of the American owned stationery wholesalers, newsXpress and its members are supporting the newsagency channel and the GNS shareholders – newsagents themselves. This is a decision we can make to support an Australian owned business, a newsagent owned business. It’s a decision we can make that is like the decision we want our local shoppers to make.

Our view is that the more newsagents support GNS the more the newsagency channel will benefit.

Newsagency marketing group offers newsagents $400 to attend national conference

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is offering its members up to $400 to help cover costs of attending the second national conference for 2013 on the Gold Coast in September.

The cash is being offered to members to cover travel costs. Attendance at the conference at the swish Royal Pines Resort is free as are all newsXpress conferences.

With an agenda focused on business growth and some excellent practical small group break out sessions, the conference looks to be an excellent opportunity for newsXpress members to recharge in advance of the Christmas season.

The conference day will be supplemented by several optional social opportunities for newsXpress members and suppliers to mix and enjoy themselves.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress supports local communities

NXPLocalCommunityA1Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has been helping its members promote their local community connection for years with a range of local area marketing initiatives including this poster which pitched support for community groups.

It’s through collateral such as this poster and the recently published InStore publication supporting local community engagement that newsXpress shows itself as being about more than supplier deals.

Showing newsXpress members as being locally engaged provides local shoppers another reason to support their local newsXpress business.

newsXpress members have free access to this and other collateral from the group thanks to a comprehensive library in a private area of our website.

Newsagency marketing group promotes AFL card range to 50,000+ on Facebook

nxaflNewsagency marketing group newsXpress has run another successful Facebook campaign, this time promoting the range of Hallmark AFL cards. Reaching 50,000 Facebook users, this campaign promoted newsXpress stores as the go to retailers for the official AFL team themed greeting cards.

newsXpress is funding more national advertising for the brand and member stores on Facebook to drive traffic and raise consumer awareness. Through this work, newsXpress is showing innovation and leadership.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress announces two more opt-in exclusive deals

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress last week announced two more lucrative exclusive opt-in deals for members, presenting more opportunities around high-margin product that will certainly appeal to the average newsagency shopper.

Each opt-in offer is 100% optional for newsXpress members. This provides excellent flexibility and allows local businesses to make decisions that are appropriate to their circumstances.

Both product offers from last week have members talking as they are present excellent opportunities not well covered in newsagencies and gift shops. That they are exclusive is a terrific bonus for newsXpress members.

This is what newsagency marketing groups do – deliver exclusive high margin opportunities to members without a mandatory supply requirement.

Newsagency marketing group launches retailer innovation awards

Newsagency marketing group last week announced details of its 2013 retailer innovation awards.  To be announced at the second national conference for the group in 2013, the awards will recognise success and excellence in retail.

In addition to a series of category based awards, the major award, newsXpress 2013 Retail Store of the year, will win a trip to attend the National Retail Federation Conference in New York in january 2014.  This is the must-attend conference for retailers in the US, attracting 25,000+ attendees each year and featuring a roster of excellent speakers.

The awards are another differentiation for newsXpress as it continues to guide and encourage members to build stronger and more valuable businesses under the newsXpress banner.

newsXpress reaches 40,000 with Better Homes and Gardens campaign

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress reached more than 40,000 Facebook members with ann innovative marketing campaign using the Facebook campaign toolset.

This Facebook campaign is part of a broader strategy by the group using social media to extend the reach of the newsXpress brand across various platforms.

newsXpress is corporately funding the campaigns to drive traffic for newsXpress members and to enhance awareness of the newsXpress retail channel brand. It is selecting products available in all newsXpress stores as the traffic drivers.

newsXpress is the leading newsagency marketing group in terms of social media engagement.

newsXpress Helensvale kicks goals with HOT ink! promotion

inkhelensvalenewsXpress Helensvale on the Gold Coast is boldly promoting the latest HOT ink! campaign with this terrific window display, engaging with the newsXpress provided collateral … and thereby connecting the shopfront of the business with the flyers distributed to homes surrounding the business. newsXpress included the professional posters in our marketing collateral pack earlier this year.

Reports from newsXpress members are of good sales from the latest HOT ink! promotion. Marketing through flyers and in-store promotion are proving to be the key.

newsXpress sets dates for more newsagency member and cluster meetings

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has set dates for more member meetings, cluster meetings and single topic workshops as it provides even more networking and business planning opportunities for members.

While newsXpress members lover the product deals available for newsXpress members, it is these networking opportunities that deliver excellent value for members as they network with each other and experts to help build even stronger businesses.

In the latest round of meetings newsXpress is also offering easy access web based conference meetings to connect members from different states on separate topics.  This is an excellent point of difference offered by newsXpress for its member newsagents.

newsXpress members appreciate structured approach to magazine supply issues

Members of newsagency marketing group newsXpress are enjoying the structured approach offered by the group to driving a more efficient supply and handling of magazines in-store.

Delivered as part of a comprehensive magazine strategy, newsXpress has documented to members first steps in getting magazine distributors to reset supply based on key store specific information. newsXpress has provided members with a structured approach for addressing this.

The newsXpress structured approach is exclusive to us. It’s been developed for newsXpress members to help them to tap into a competitive advantage for their businesses and the group as a whole.

newsXpress believes in magazines and supports this by focussing on growth opportunities presented by good titles.

newsXpress shares insights from first half of 2013 with members

XLETNewsagency marketing group newsXpress last week shared with members information about achievements, developments and news covering the first half of this year.

This information, shared in a letter from Directors to members, demonstrates a transparency on topics often not covered in newsagency marketing group communications.

newsXpress has followed up the letter with answers for any members with questions.

Many of the highlights of the year so far are a valuable point of difference delivered by newsXpress to its members as they go to gross profit earned in business.

newsXpress is following up this latest yeat to date newsletter with another round of cluster meetings in Q2, 2013.

newsXpress announces new newsagency marketing group membership structure

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress last week announced a new membership structure for current and future members.

Delivering opportunities to save on newsagency marketing group fees, the new structure is being implemented in a way that allows current members keep current fees or embrace the new fee opportunities.

In delivering a full service newsagency marketing group suite of services for the most competitive price in the marketplace, newsXpress is showing a point of difference to newsagent members and their suppliers. It’s a point of difference newsXpress members are thrilled with – based on feedback provided by members since the announcement early last week.

newsXpress has distanced itself from other marketing groups with the price / services offer … delivering excellent in-store services, access to excellent deals and all for very competitive pricing.

By the way: newsXpress is continuing with its policy of NOT requiring members to take stock – all product offers are on an OPT-IN basis.

Facebook campaigns engage 200,000+ Facebook users for newsagency marketing group

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has engaged with 200,000 Australians in its latest ink promotion.

Linked with our June HOT ink! sale, the Facebook campaign is another part of a comprehensive social media brand awareness campaign being funded by the newsXpress newsagency marketing group on behalf of newsXpress members.

National marketing requires a layered approach. With HOT ink! we have flyers, in-store posters, across the counter promotion and a terrific social media campaign. It’s a wonderful success story for newsXpress and its members.

Focussing on branded product is important as this is what ink shoppers tell us they want.


newsXpress newsagency marketing group focuses on Thank You in June

nxnljuneContinuing the theme of deeper and more personal engagement with shoppers, newsXpress newsagency marketing group early last week provided members with our June in-store newsletter – a newsletter focusing on promoting saying Thank You.

By providing context for this most important of human expressions, newsXpress is subtly providing context for the purchase of thank you cards from newsXpress members.

In a thoughtful campaign, newsXpress provides members with another way to share positive messages with shoppers while also remembering sales are retail lifeblood.

This newsletter is an excellent point of difference for newsXpress members.

The newsagency marketing group newsagents love

newsXpress is attracting a good mix of new members thanks to excellent word of mouth from existing members who love the group and the benefits it delivers.

Our most recent growth has come directly from the key newsXpress points of difference: broad product range, excellent suppliers and supplier deals, value for money and personal in-store visits to challenge members about their businesses.

newsXpress is providing a fresh approach to newsagency marketing, an approach that is delivering results at the cash register and this is what newsXpress members are loving – they are baking the results and often tell their newsagent colleagues.

newsXpress does not lock newsagents in on product buying

While some newsagency marketing groups lock members into buying for campaigns and seasons, newsXpress does not. For Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day and other seasons, our members choose the products they want from the suppliers they want.

We were told recently that a sales person from another marketing group was putting it about that we don’t give members choice. So, here it is for all to see – newsXpress does not force product on members. Members choose their own Christmas, and other seasonal products.

We believe that every newsagency is different – we serve local communities after all. This is why our job is to provide a quite of options and leave product selection up to newsXpress members to choose what is right for their situation.

newsXpress newsagents promoting Better Homes and Gardens magazine

nxbhgBetter Homes and Gardens is the top selling magazine in many newsagencies so it’s appropriate that newsXpress members are giving the latest issue, with an Italian theme, prime positioning through a series of newsXpress initiatives.


Since its launch last Wednesday, this issue has also been promoted by newsXpress through a commercial campaign on Facebook – driving newsXpress shopper traffic for the magazine.

From co-location to beacon branding to prime positioning, BHG is benefiting from attention being driven by newsXpress to members – to help them make the most of the opportunity of gaining early sales in the first week of this new issue.

newsXpress helps members with insights into titles that move quickly and our insights shared on BHG are certainly helping members make good money from this terrific magazine.

Save money on ink – shop at your local newsXpress newsagency

nxhot1The latest ink sale from newsXpress is causing a stir in newsXpress newsagencies. Delivering competitive pricing to local newsXpress businesses and backed by a national catalogue, this HOT ink! campaign is delivering good results already thanks to some very smart in-store engagement.

The newsXpress members generating the best early results have gone all out to promote this HOT ink! Sale with posters, flyers, counter mats and other collateral to drive shopper awareness and through this ink sales.

The success newsXpress members are reporting proves the maxim – you make your own success!