Supporting newsXpress members throughout the holidays

newsXpress has been busy helping members with queries, stock and services this week. While others close between Christmas and New Year, the newsXpress head Office has been open for business and helping members.

With some members affected by wild weather we have been able to offer some assistance and with others enjoying excellent post Christmas sales, we have been able to source additional product on excellent terms.

We are a full service newsagency marketing group and being accessible to our members even at this time of the year demonstrates the newsXpress difference in action.

Eco Kids range in time for Back to School

c-creek.JPGA small group of newsXpress stores have been selected to trial this Eco Kids range from a newsXpress preferred supplier.

The bright back packs and healthy drink and food containers stand out in-store – as you can see in the photo from our corporate store at Knox City in Victoria.

This is another example of newsXpress playing outside the traditional for a newsagency … and doing it well.

The trial will provide excellent data with which newsXpress can develop better outcomes for our supplier and members.  The trial participants were created on a first come first served basis.

Preparing newsagency management and operation training videos

newsXpress is preparing new training videos covering key aspects of operating a newsXpress store. These videos strengthen our position as a leading newsagency marketing group.

Access to the training videos will be through the member area of our website.

Currently, five new videos are under development.  These are expected to be completed and available on the website within the next few weeks.  We are grateful to newsXpress members who have suggested training video topics.

New opportunity in stickers

stickers.jpgnewsXpress members have access to a new preferred supplier offering a unique range of stickers with a healthy margin.  The range is already selling very well in our Queensland stores.  The stickers are a great way to show off the family by creating a unique image representing the family. What is terrific about this supplier is that they carefully control the number of stores with the product – to maximise the opportunity for retailers.

Leading right up to Christmas, the newsXpress merchandise team was busy negotiating excellent deals for newsXpress members.

New party goods preferred supplier

partygoods.jpgLast week, newsXpress announced details of trading terms for newsXpress members with a new party goods preferred supplier. This new relationship provides newsXpress members with access to one of the largest ranges of Balloons and party related products in the country – at excellent newsXpress terms.  newsXpress is the only national group in the newsagency channel with which this supplier is aligned – delivering to newsXpress members a terrific advantage.

Help with Boxing Day Sale preparations

The newsXpress merchandise and marketing teams helped newsXpress members who are trading today to prepare for the Boxing Day Sale opportunity.  Through our preferred suppliers we have had access to some excellent product opportunities, especially product which can be sold at regular price and good margin to Boxing Day Sale shopper traffic – like toys at Knox and Watergardens.

Our newsXpress branded dump bins and other collateral help stores configure themselves for days like today.

With the hype on TV, Radio and in the newspapers combined the product opportunities from our suppliers, today is shaping up as a bonanza retail day for participating newsXpress members.

Happy retailing newsXpressers.

Stories of Christmas success for newsXpress members

Members of our newsagency marketing group have been calling in with more news of Christmas success with newsXpress offers and promotions.

One new member rang to advise that this is their best Christmas in the five years of owning the newsagency. Almost all newsXpress promoted lines had sold out. newsXpress strategies have delivered excellent results in core categories such as greeting cards.

Another member called to say that they had just reached double digit growth over last Christmas, something they had not anticipated achieving considering all the doom and gloom around. The newsXpress Merry Giftmas catalogue has been key to their success, pulling new customer in. They went hard with gifts for the first time and have reported extraordinary sales by following newsXpress merchandise advice.

Banking the results of a good Christmas campaign are an excellent reminder of the value of a proactive committed marketing group. This Christmas in stores across the country you can see the newsXpress difference in action.

Embracing toys at newsXpress Knox

knox-toys-4.jpgWe have introduced a large range of toys at newsXpress Knox just in time for Christmas but really for the post Christmas rush. Sourced through one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers, the pallet load of toys makes a striking presence in the store.

As the display was being created yesterday shoppers were buying.

We have an excellent mix of brand name toys, brands people will recognise and trust.  This will help drive sales.  The competitive price (with a good margin) will also drive sales (and make us happy).

The professional display does the range of toys proud – it is stunning and is being noticed from across the mall.

Toy sale at Watergardens

toys-watergardens-1.JPGnewsXpress Watergardens yesterday launched a toy sale.  Christmas has been such a hit at Watergardens that we needed to bring forward our plans for a Boxing Day toy sale.

The display was professionally created in association with a newsXpress preferred supplier in the toy space.  The result is stunning – attracting shoppers from the mall who see the display and want to get in on the opportunity.  The toy products have been sourced at the newsXpress preferential pricing.

The newsXpress merchandise team has been busy helping members prepare to make the most of Boxing Day sale opportunities.  The toy sale strategy is one of many available through newsXpress preferred suppliers.

Hallmark recordable storybooks selling well in newsXpress outlets

runaway-storybooks.jpgThe Hallmark recordable Christmas storybooks are continuing to sell well right up to Christmas.  The Hallmark national TV campaign and the excellent in-store collateral provided to newsXpress members along with out special pricing opportunity are driving excellent sales. 

newsXpress Runaway Bay has been open just a couple of days and their recordable storybook display is working a treat.  The have more than The Night Before Christmas recordable storybook.They have the full range of innovative and enticing recordable products from Hallmark.  We are seeing this strategy deliver excellent results across the newsXpress group with customers purchasing two and three books at a time.

newsXpress had early access to this range from Hallmark thanks to our strategic partnership with the best known greeting card company in the world.

Welcome newsXpress Runaway Bay

runawaybay.jpgnewsXpress is proud to welcome newsXpress Runaway Bay to the group.

This new newsXpress store opened for trading on Sunday after a couple of weeks of intense activity bringing the business to life.

In the photo, left to right, we have Greg (Team member) Sam (Owner) Tom (Sam’s brother) Melissa (Team member) and Justin (Team member).  Welcome everyone, newsXpress Runaway Bay is open for business.

newsXpress Riverlink wins display award

photo.JPGCongratulations to newsXpress Riverlink for being voted the best decorated store in Ipswich for Christmas – both indoor and window.

Well done to everyone involved in earning this award. newsXpress is thrilled to have been involved in creating a stunning look for newsXpress Riverlink for this Christmas.

While awards are wonderful kudos, the real benefit is reflected in sales.  newsXpress Riverlink is having a terrific Christmas thanks in part to the excellent visual merchandising in their window and in-store.

Hallmark gifts selling well for Christmas

hmkxmas.JPGnewsXpress stores are reporting excellent sales for the exclusive range of Hallmark gifts.  The money boxes, frames, plaques and other items are wonderful quality items at very competitive prices.

newsXpress stores had access to these ranges at a product showing at our September member meeting series around the country.  The ranges landed in time for Christmas gift purchasing.

newsXpress members have access to exclusive and special offer deals from Hallmark throughout the year.  This latest deal demonstrates the value of participating in member meetings – where such opportunities are often presented.

2011 diaries in Beechworth

beechworth-diaries.JPGnewsXpress Beechworth is right in the thick of diary season with an excellent range of 2011 diaries on show in the body of the store.

Catering for all needs from personal through to business, the range of diaries at newsXpress Beechworth has been selling well.

newsXpress presented members with a range of diary options  from several suppliers for the 2011 season.  Good negotiating by our merchandise team delivered some excellent opportunities including some exclusive to newsXpress opportunities.

Haly Street refresh drives sales

halyst-books.JPGnewsXpress Haly Street embraced change this past week with gifts, books and other departments being moved around with on the ground assistance from our newsXpress Business Development Manager.

The result of the product relay and refresh is better grouping of products – designed to drive a better shopping experience and a deeper shopping basket.

newsXpress Business Development Managers provide in-store practical advice and assistance to members from tactical product placement through to major relays.  This advice and assistance is included in the standard newsXpress membership package.  Our network is full of stories of success driven by newsXpress Business Development Manager engagement.

Macca visits newsXpress Toronto

macca.jpgIan ‘Macca” McNamarra from ABC Radio’s Australia All Over visited newsXpress Toronto on Thursday promoting his latest book – Say G’Day.  The Lakes Mail newspaper had the story and a couple of photos.

Macca’s visit was a coup for newsXpress Toronto and generated plenty of trafffic for the store and kudos for the newsXpress brand.  Well done to Andrew and the team for organising this.

Gift refresh at newsXpress Gladstone Park

gladstone-gifts.jpgnewsXpress Gladstone Park (VIC) last week benefited from a refresh of the gift department to make the most of sales in this last week before Christmas.

A newsXpress visual merchandising expert worked on-site with the store to create a fresh look for the range of gifts in store – including many from newsXpress preferred suppliers.

The refresh included careful planning which focused on the goals of attracting more shoppers to the gift displays and achieving a deeper and more efficient shopping basket.

The photo shows just a small part of the work done during the newsXpress VM visit to Gladstone Park last week.

Christmas at newsXpress Australia Fair

australiafair-christmas.JPGnewsXpress Australia Fair (QLD) has Christmas on show from the front of the store , facing into the mall.  A key feature of the display is the Hallmark recordable storybook – The Night Before Christmas – which has been a feature of the national TV campaign being run by Hallmark.

The Hallmark recordable storybook range has been a hit for newsXpress Australia fair and right across the newsXpress network. newsXpress members have had access to excellent marketing collateral, special pricing and value-add opportunities which have combined to deliver to our stores a unique selling proposition … making it a logical choice for hero product this Christmas.