newsXpress offers beautiful products for horse lovers

Thanks to engagement from a range of suppliers and wonderful local newsXpress member input, newsXpress has been promoting beautiful products for horse lovers. These everyday gift items are also a hit for major seasons in the business, wonderful opportunities for growing businesses and attracting even more shoppers.

This product is just one of more than fifty horse lovers can source through their local newsXpress:


Fantastic Sydney Gift Fair for newsXpress

newsXpress and newsXpress members had a fantastic Gift Fair in Sydney over the last five days thanks to the pre-planning done by the head office team. The handy fair maps, meet-ups, dinners and other connections made the fair more useful for newsXpress as did co-ordinated buying, guided buying and the other services provided by the group to enhance the member experience.

This is a massive newsXpress difference – the care and attention to detail around events like the Sydney Gift Fair – helping newsXpress members get the best possible value from attending the fair and being part of newsXpress.

A bonus from this fair was the prospective members we got to connect with. What a thrill.

Creating new marketing seasons for newsagents in newsXpress

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has launched new marketing seasons for newsXpress newsagent members with excellent fresh opportunities for finding new customers, attracting new traffic. the new seasons come with new products, fresh marketing and happy engagement by retailers, employees and, best of all, customers.

The new marketing seasons are excellent opportunities for newsXpress members to drive new traffic to their businesses, to achieve excellent commercial gains for the businesses.

2016 is going to be a good year!

Beanie Boo clips popular for newsXpress stores

newsXpress stores around Australia are going the traffic and sales surge coming from the latest collectible Beanie Boo clips. These items are fun and engaging for kids, parents and friends. Bringing people together in a shared experience makes them a genuine collector delight and newsXpress is there to help.

Earlier this week in a Facebook promotion, we reached thousands more Beanie Boo collectors, sharing more love and further driving traffic for our network.


newsXpress runs complimentary Dr Seuss promotion

Running alongside the News Corp. national Dr Seuss promotion, newsXpress stores have been provided access to produce and competition opportunities for leveraging interest in the Cat In the Hat series.

The material provided by newsXpress helps newsXpress members benefit even more from the News Corp marketing.