newsXpress runs complimentary Dr Seuss promotion

Running alongside the News Corp. national Dr Seuss promotion, newsXpress stores have been provided access to produce and competition opportunities for leveraging interest in the Cat In the Hat series.

The material provided by newsXpress helps newsXpress members benefit even more from the News Corp marketing.

newsXpress helps promote adult colouring art therapy products

Here is newsXpress specific artwork provided to members by the group for promoting the wonderful range of adult colouring art therapy products. This is another newsXpress difference in action – practical store level support helping newsXpress members more professionally and fully engage with customer interests and leading retail trends.


Adult colouring art therapy at newsXpress stores

IMG_8944 (1)newsXpress stores around Australia have the best range of adult colouring art therapy products.

We have been providing adult colouring art therapy products all through 2015 and are thrilled to announce further expansion of books, pencils and other products for those engaged in this peaceful and enjoyably pursuit.

From posters to books, we have the very best range of adult colouring art therapy products available.

newsXpress also provides its members with buying advice and support, in-store marketing social media promotion and other assistances related to the adult colouring art therapy product space – to help newsXpress be the best-practice retailer.

Ed Vantage art & crafts on show in SA

IMG_0199newsXpress West Lakes hosted a school holiday art and craft experience in their centre in partnership with newsXpress preferred supplier Ed Vantage.

This three day event attracted new shoppers for the business and introduces families to the wonderful range from Ed Vantage all at the same time.

The kids had plenty of fun as did parents watching.

We are grateful to Ed Vantage for their initiative here in driving traffic for West Lakes and showing off this different and innovative newsXpress business.

Brilliant display at newsXpress Bairnsdale promoting Hallmark recordable art

Check out the amazing display at newsXpress Bairnsdale promoting the wonderful Hallmark recordable art product.

Talk about a bold eye catching display – placed perfectly to be seen by all who enter the business.

This is brilliant.

The display shows an engagement with the product and this will provide shoppers with confidence around product knowledge as well as wholeheartedly endorsing the product.

Well done newsXpress Bairnsdale.

Triqo products selling well

The team at newsXpress Bairnsdale has put together a terrific display from newsXpress preferred supplier Educational Colours and their product Triqo.

Triqo is a wonderful creation that any child aged 3- 83 enjoy exploring with. If your imagination is unlimited then Triqo is unlimited.

Take a look at the Triqo website for examples of how inventive others have been and see what you and your newsXpress staff can come up with. We would love for you to send in some pictures of what you have done.

Click on the image o see a larger version of the photo.

Marketing collateral for promoting the school holiday connection

newsXpress stores are wonderful places for school holiday shopping.  We have an excellent range of products … craft items, magazines, toys, games.  To help promote newsXpress as places of school holiday fun, newsXpress has created marketing collateral.  Two different sets of artwork have been provided to newsXpress members, each in A3, A4 and A5 sizes.





















This is another example of newsXpress adding value for members.  We have published marketing collateral for more than thirty-five marketing campaigns in addition to the major seasonal campaigns.

Art Sale a hit at newsXpress Ocean Grove

montmarte-oceangrove.JPGnewsXpress Ocean Grove has been enjoying success with a terrific Art sale which has been supported by newsXpress preferred supplier Monte Marte.

Thanks to great buying and ranging, the team at Ocean grove has been able to bring to Ocean Grove shoppers excellent art deals on all sorts of items for all sorts of art lovers.

Monte Marte helps newsXpress members turn an opportunity into profit.

Art Sale in Bairnsdale

art-bairnsdale.JPGnewsXpress Bairnsdale has been running an art sale with the support of newsXpress preferred supplier Monte Marte. The excellent range is supported with professional price tickets and table skirting, creating a strong message for shoppers and riving good sales as a result. Running regular art sales strengthens the position of newsXpress Bairnsdale in the art space in the Bairnsdale region and this is sure to result in new traffic being attracted to the business.