School supplies strategy session

newsXpress members are embracing the opportunity to participate in a school supplies strategy session in a couple of weeks. This session, organised in partnership with a supplier, will provide newsXpress members an opportunity to learn about a business building opportunity, how to engage, how to manage and how to make money.

This is another way newsXpress is providing members with opportunities for driving better business outcomes outside their businesses, another way newsXpress is helping members to grow outside their for walls.

newsXpress helps its members to grow their own way.

newsXpress immersed in product engagement

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.45.19 pmThe newsXpress head office team immersed itself in products Friday last week and filmed the fun for members as part of a practical engagement designed to build and support product knowledge. Sharing insights into products from people across several demographics helps newsXpress members see products from a different light. This helps drive sales.

newsXpress adda another unique supplier

newsXpress has announced the addition of another supplier to its group, bringing more diversity and more opportunity to the newsXpress supplier relationships.

This latest supplier brings to our group opportunities outside of what newsagents have been pitched. It helps us off broader appeal and greater opportunity to newsXpress members beyond what has been traditional.

Tis new supplier also enhances our pitch beyond other newsagency marketing groups.

New Ink Sale from newsXpress

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 7.58.51 amnewsXpress is launching a new national INK SALE with prices so good that we are not advertising – so as to not show our competitors what’s hot. This strategy has been embraced by newsXpress members national with hundreds of thousands of flyers hitting the streets promoting newsXpress stores as the destination businesses for brand name ink and toner.

This latest INK SALE is an evolution of the successful HOT ink! campaign newsXpress has run for years, driving new traffic for newsXpress members.

newsXpress difference on show at cluster meetings

The newsXpress difference has been on show at cluster meetings over recent weeks as we meet with and listen to members. These meetings are open, consultative and focused on business growth for newsXpress members.

Rather than using the meetings to push and push supplier deals, these meetings are about growing even stronger and more valuable newsXpress businesses.

Newsagents switching to our group love the meetings, they love the networking and they love that meetings are not a stream of suppliers peddling their wares.

The cluster meetings are a genuine and loved newsXpress difference.

newsXpress launches more presell opportunities

newsXpress last week launched another two pre-sell opportunities for members – enabling them to lock in revenue for what will be two highly sought after ranges when stock becomes available.

In addition to negotiating access to traffic generating product, newsXpress is able to provide members with access to marketing and sales tools that help the businesses to maximise the opportunities.

This is feet through the door and money in the bank – a newsXpress difference!

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress says no to discount wholesalers

As part of its commitment to premium brands, newsXpress has recently said no to approaches from two discount wholesalers who offer lo price point average margin product.

Our belief is that you cannot grow long-term customer relationships selling cheap products like those in discount variety stores.

Successful newsXpress members today make far more money from premium brands that attract premium margins.

Our strategy is a key factor in our margin transition campaign.

Supporting Win a Car campaign at newsXpress Bairnsdale (VIC)

FullSizeRendernewsXpress Bairnsdale in Victoria is supporting the Pacific Magazines Win a Car promotion with this display and another excellent display in the business – ensuring that Bairnsdale locals can tap into the competition prize opportunity.

Engagement like this is a win for shoppers, a win for Pacific Magazines and a win for the newsXpress business. Great stuff!

We love to see this type of active support of good promotional campaigns that drive traffic and give shoppers an opportunity to enjoy a valuable prize.

Well done newsXpress Bairnsdale!

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress helps newsagents manage magazine supply

newsXpress offers its members a best practice approach to managing magazine supply. This approach includes newsXpress developed tools and facilities through which they can better manage floor space and engage in smarter ways of pitching magazines outside what is usual for an everyday newsagency.

The newsXpress approach respects the importance of magazines and magazine related traffic at the core of the business yet it appreciates the cost base of space and labour in many newsagencies. Our work in this area is thoughtful, comprehensive and business beneficial.

newsXpress first with new Beanie Boos

11114257_1426551404321186_674679073187939842_n-2newsXpress members were thrilled to have first access to the four new Beanie Boo designs recently released in Australia.

Enabling our stores to be first with social media and in-store engagement, the results are excellent with several stores ordering extra stock already to keep up with the demand for these engaging and fun collectible plush items.

newsXpress supports the Beanie Boo engagement with in-store collateral as well as out of store marketing connecting the respected Ty brand with the newsXpress brand and our store level opportunities.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress launches new tag line

xxAlong with the launch of our new website this week, newsXpress has launched a new tag line through which we define our focus.

Developed out of conversations with newsXpress members, the tag line is good for our next steps.

newsXpress … newsagency of the future.

Everything we do as a group and everything we offer to our members is about their future as businesses different to what Australians think of as average newsagencies.

newsXpress exclusive: preorder part one of Build Your Own 3D Printer part series

Developed in partnership with Gordon and Gotch, newsXpress members have been promoting this wonderful special pre-order offer:


newsXpress has a comprehensive strategy for engaging with magazines and magazine related traffic, a strategy on which its members can rely.