New collateral for promoting the Gibson gift range

newsXpress is releasing marketing collateral for newsXpress members promoting the wonderful range of gifts from our friends at Gibson.

This collateral will be used by newsXpress members to signpost the gift department and promote Gibson specific product displays and window presentations.

The collateral respects both the Gibson and newsXpress brands without getting in the raw of drawing shopper attention to a fine range of gifts in-store. It also fist well with traditional newsXpress store colours.

newsXpress has a track record for providing members with fresh and enticing marketing collateral for in-store use.

Promoting Better Homes and Gardens with newspapers

newsXpress Watergardens is promoting the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine with newspapers in a smart tactical move which is certain to drive incremental business for the title and the store.

Better Homes and Gardens is the second highest selling magazine in Australia and we know from our own sales data that weekends are when the title sells best … making this placement with newspapers smart.

newsXpress members promoting The Block magazine

newsXpress Glendale in NSW is promoting The Block one-shot with this terrific display at the counter – facing all shoppers who enter the business.

This best position for the promotion is connecting the newsagency with the hit TV series and helping them make the most of the cross promotional opportunities from the last week of the show & launch of the title.

newsXpress has actively encourages members to promote The Block in this way, to capture early sales.

Promoting great Better Homes and Gardens offer

newsXpress members are promoting the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens in multiple locations this weekend to make the most of the opportunity of the free Mills and Boon book which comes with this issue.

The photo shows the terrific display created by the team at corporate store – newsXpress Knox City. This is on a pillar facing shoppers as they enter the business.

BHG is also being placed next to newspapers this weekend – it sells a treat from this location as it’s purchased on impulse by newspaper shoppers.

Exclusive diary offer for newsXpress members

newsXpress members have been sent details of an exclusive diary offer delivering premium margin and excellent trading terms … giving newsXpress members an opportunity to make even more money from 2013 diaries. This offer has come to newsXpress from one of our preferred suppliers and reflects the premium nature of the members of newsXpress.  Orders close soon.

Promoting The Block magazine in newsXpress stores

newsXpress members are promoting the launch of The Block magazine from ACP this week with excellent displays including this display at our own corporate store at Watergardens Town Centre.

The feature display in the photo is facing the shopping mall and is drawing shoppers to the business and the one-shot magazine. The display brings to life the nature of the title and takes the opportunity away from the traditional me-too type magazine display. It’s getting noticed and shoppers are buying The Block magazine … great suff!

Click on the image for a larger version.

Helping newsXpress members deal with Fairfax, News Limited and other structural change

At the next round of newsXpress member meetings in just two weeks time, we will share the latest insights with newsXpress members that will help guide business planning.

We will outline steps to help newsXpress members navigate the changes of today and to prepare their businesses for the retail landscape of tomorrow.

The newsXpress exclusive insights will be followed by a member driven Q&A to provide newsXpress members with an opportunity to explore the impact of the changes on their businesses and to hone in on business opportunities.

Promoting Unique Cars magazine

Check out the display promoting Unique Cars magazine created at newsXpress Watergardens.

Facing shoppers as they enter the newsagency, this display not only promotes the title in a billboard type way but it also enables shoppers purchasing the title off the display itself.

As the top selling car magazine in Australia, Unique Cars is the perfect magazine to promote in this way.


Looking at retail in New York

A group of newsXpress members and management have been in New York this week looking at a range of retail businesses from big box to national brands to neighbourhood shops. The trip is providing insights into customer experiences and retail owner innovation in a very tough retail environment.

The insights gained will help inform newsXpress strategy and options the group presents to members.

My Family stickers feature in Toyota Kluger ad

The new ad for the popular Toyota Kluger running in high rotation on national TV features My Family stickers.

newsXpress stores are the best outlets in Australia for My Family stickers. We continue to enjoy excellent sales and these are set to grow thanks to the new Kluger ad.

newsXpress members are promoting the My Family stickers with the pull up banner located at the front of the newsagents, the counter mat at each sales point, a menu from which to select purchases with a white board market and flyers for shopping bags. All these things combine to drive excellent sales of the My Family stickers for newsXpress members.

newsXpress and the stickers suppliers promote the range in several ways including on newsXpress Radio, in our monthly marketing newsletter and through other channels. This activity is unique to newsXpress. It’s something others have tried to copy, after we set the pace.

Our engagement with the My Family stickers range is a benchmark for comparing newsXpress against other newsagency marketing groups. We have done well and continue to do well … thanks to a team effort.

Exclusive Hallmark Gold Crown experience for newsXpress

A team of newsXpress members and management has been immersed in all things Hallmark and Las vegas over the last week as the guests of Hallmark at the Hallmark Gold Crown summit, a premium conference and networking event for Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the US.

From the accommodation at the Bellagio to the value-packed business sessions to the networking events to our own retail study experiences away from the conference, the takeaways from the week here will be long felt as we make the most of the opportunity to learn from others and reflect on the business model back in Australia.

The investment by newsXpress in learning about and from retail experiences overseas will help reinforce our point of difference corporately and at the store level.

New In Store Offers newsletter to promote newsXpress newsagency outlets

newsXpress provided its July In Store Offers newsletter to newsXpress members earlier this week, in time for end of month mailing.

Bringing together content from a range of suppliers, this newsletter has some excellent opportunities for newsXpress shoppers. It also reinforces the connection each newsXpress store has with its customers.

The big feature of the newsletter are two newsXpress exclusives: the One Direction 2013 calendar which will be in our stores ahead of others and the release of a funky, fun and practical gift for any iPhone or iPad user.

newsXpress provided the In Store Offers newsletter free to members every month in plenty of time for local marketing. It is provided in the form of a fillable PDF, a document that can be changed in-store to include store details – making this a personal newsletter for promoting the local newsXpress business.

newsXpress members engage with the newsletter in a range of ways including:

  • Placement on a stand at the entrance to the business.
  • On display at the counter.
  • In shopper bags with purchases.
  • Mailed with monthly accounts.
  • Delivered with product deliveries.

The content of the newsletter is coordinated with newsXpress radio to drive value from using multiple newsXpress exclusive touch points.

Promoting Hallmark recordable artwork

newsXpress newsagencies are promoting the latest interactive offer from Hallmark, the recordable artwork products.

The photo shows a display at newsXpress Knox, showing off the Hallmark recordable artwork product next to other Hallmark interactive items, Hallmark recordable storybooks and Hallmark story buddies and near the wonderful wall of Hallmark cards.

The interactive range from Hallmark has been a tremendous success for newsXpress stores right across Australia, delivering excellent sales and driving new traffic to our businesses.

Promoting AFL Beanie Kids at the counter

newsXpress Woden is promoting the AFL beanie Kids range at the sales counter with this excellent tactical placement.  The result is terrific sales in a marketplace which sees considerable competition for AFL products from NRL products.

The smart tactical placement by the team at newsXpress Woden is clearly working well for the business and for the AFL Beanie Kids range.

In addition to AFL Beanie Kids attracting shoppers, newsXpress Woden is attracting shoppers with a wonderful range of gifts on display in a window facing into the mall. Indeed, the gift offer managed by this business is one of the best in the newsXpress group.

Extraordinary Beanie Kids success challenges retailer assumptions

The up-take of Beanie Kids in newsXpress stores since our March national conference in Melbourne has seen a tripling of newsXpress members engaged with the range.

Sales are excellent. Once newsXpress location is selling, on average, $1,000 in Beanie Kids product a week, solely as a result of attending the conference and taking on board the insights from Skansen on the Beanie Kid opportunity.

It is one thing to negotiate deals for members and another to share insights and knowledge which can be leveraged into extraordinary sales.

One newsXpress member who resisted the Beanie Kid opportunity is shocked (in a good way) at the results. The sales success has been a reminder that he is not his customer.

From the successful AFL Beanie Kid range through to the full premium package, newsXpress members are driving excellent sales results for their businesses and for our commercial partner Skansen.

Exclusive greeting card management advice published

newsXpress has published to newsXpress members carefully considered advice on the management of the greeting card department for efficiency, sales and profit.

Developed solely by newsXpress and for the confidential and exclusive of newsXpress members, the greeting card management advice bring together into one place best practice advice on greeting cards. By following the advice, newsXpress members are set to benefit from a sales lift as well as valued gains in commercial efficiency.

With greeting cards playing a vital role in driving traffic and delivering sales for newsagencies, publishing this latest professional advice by newsXpress is timely. Already newsXpress members have responded with appreciation to the newsXpress initiative.

newsXpress members loving Father’s Day

The feedback from newsXpress members on the plans for Father’s Day 2012 has been fantastic. Members are excited for the EXCLUSIVE high-margin product we are bringing in with many stores ordering considerably more than the minimum supply quantity planned by the merchandise team.

Having a product no other retailer, let alone newsagency group, has is a plus. That this product will have wide appeal, is funky, is fun and is likely to be purchased in multiples is a real bonus.

The newsXpress back office team is thrilled with the positive support from newsXpress members and their embrace of the leadership opportunity being presented with Father’s Day 2012.

Promoting Men’s Health magazine

newsXpress Knox City in Victoria is promoting the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine from our friends at Pacific magazines with this column- based display facing shoppers as they enter the business. The free Azor razor that comes with the magazine is a wonderful gift and presents an excellent reason to newsXpress members to promote the title in such a high-traffic location.

Men’s Health is the premier title in the men’s health, sports and fitness magazine segment. It is the title which should always be in the best location in this section. It is a terrific title to act as a beacon – showing off where the section is in-store.

newsXpress urges newsXpress members, and others reading this blog, to promote Men’s Health in the usual location as well as a high traffic location – with newspapers, at the counter or in a feature display at the front of the shop – like at newsXpress Knox City. Men’s Health always responds with excellent sales.