Newsagency marketing group members love more jewellery options

nxjewellNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is receiving kudos from members for the broader range of jewellery product options being pitched.

Covering a broad rand of gift giving opportunities, these jewellery items are bringing a product point of different to members – helping expand the appeal and engagement of their business with locals.

Driving traffic and delivering excellent margin, the latest jewellery offerings are helping newsXpress members create a more valuable future.

Newsagency marketing group promotes teacher gifts

nxteacherNewsagency marketing group newsXpress is promoting a terrific range of teacher gifts including these boxed gifts that acknowledge teachers for the work they do in educating our kids.

These are great gifts from parents, kids and even others in the community for teachers – thanking them for their service.

newsXpress helps members find product opportunities like these for seasons and all year round thanks to a dedicated merchandise team in place to serve the needs of our members – from head office as well as through in-store engagement.

Newsagency marketing helps newsagents sell more homewares

nxhwaresnewsXpress Newsagency marketing group members loving the expanded range of homewares and the insights from suppliers that are helping to turn the products into high-margin cash sooner as they exploit information and product opportunities to grow their businesses. This is newsXpress helping its members grow and through this enjoy their businesses more.

EXCLUSIVE giant Mickey Itty Bitty to drive sales for newsXpress members

image001newsXpress members are set to enjoy additional traffic thanks to this EXCLUSIVE  giant Mickey Itty Bitty from hallmark.

As the only retailers in Australia with this item, newsXpress members will separate themselves from other retailers selling Itty Bittys. It will be a beacon on Itty Bitty displays and used actively in social media campaigns to drive traffic in-store for the sought after collectibles.

At newsXpress, exclusivity matters!

This is another benefit of newsXpress members working together.

EXCLUSIVE Hallmark Halloween Minnie Itty Bitty

MinnieHalloweenHere is another exclusive for newsXpress members: the Halloween Minnie Itty Bitty from Hallmark. As the only retailers to have this item, newsXpress members are setup to benefit from traffic from Itty Bitty collectors and fans as they will absolutely want this item.

newsXpress exclusives such as this Minnie Itty Bitty help newsXpress members drive new traffic and incremental sales. They demonstrate the value of exclusivity thanks to working together under a common banner.

This is another newsXpress success!

EXCLUSIVE Halloween Mickey Itty Bitty

MickeyHalloweennewsXpress has secured this Halloween themed Mickey Itty Bitty from Hallmark exclusively for its retail network.

With the Hallmark Itty Bittys proving to be very popular across Australia, have exclusive of this little cutie will help newsXpress members strive traffic and sales.

This Halloween Mickey fits well with the newsXpress Halloween season.

Exclusive lines have been very popular in newsXpress this year.

newsXpress members jump at Frozen opportunities

frznnewsXpress members have opportunities to access Frozen licenced products from four different newsXpress preferred suppliers. Thanks to the support of some, we have been able to lock in exclusive products in this mix as well.

Frozen is proving to be another extraordinary brand success for newsXpress and retailers more generally. It is a reminder of the value of having a strong brand story through which to engage with customers.

newsXpress continues to lead newsagents in the brand stakes.

newsXpress award winners!

newsXpress yesterday announced a range of award winners recognising extraordinary sales success across a range of categories.

The major winner was newsXpress Eli Waters – newsXpress Retailer of the Year 2014.

Category winners announced:

  • newsXpress Card Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Ocean Grove
  • newsXpress Toy Retailer of the Year: newsXpress West Lakes
  • newsXpress Gift Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Sunbury Square and newsXpress Eli Waters
  • newsXpress Plush Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Highlands Marketplace
  • newsXpress Magazine Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Gympie
  • newsXpress Ink Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Inverloch
  • newsXpress Charlie Bears Retailer of the Year: newsXpress Melton

Recognising talent and success is a thrill for newsXpress members, our suppliers and the group itself.

Showtime for newsagency marketing group members

The second newsXpress national conference for 2015 kicks off today at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast this morning. Suppliers have bumped in for a terrific trade show and speakers are ready with some excellent presentations.

Yesterday was a retail tour of highlights at several retail location on the Gold Coast, looking at best practice and taking in learnings from newsXpress members and other retailers.

Last night was a terrific dinner. This morning the trade display opens at 8am and the conference at 8:30. We’re in for a big day.

Newsagency marketing group members love new jewellery range

jewell1NewsXpress newsagency marketing group members love the new range of jewellery launched by the group through a new and exclusive preferred supplier relationship that was announced last week.

Expanding the jewellery offer into a new area, newsXpress is helping its members to offer deeper value for greeting card and related product shoppers.

More details on the new range will be on show at our Gold Coast conference tomorrow.