Valentine’s Day at newsXpress Watergardens

newsXpress Watergardens in Victoria is promoting a broad range of Valentine’s Day products from this display which is facing into the mall.

Dressed with the newsXpress Valentine’s Day 2012 marketing collateral, the display appeals to shoppers of all ages and situations.

Elsewhere in the store is an excellent range of Hallmark Valentines cards on offer, further enhancing coverage of the season.

Valentine’s Day at newsXpress Eli Waters

newsXpress Eli Waters is promoting Valentine’s day with this display in-store, facing customers as they enter. This is just part of their focus on the Valentine’s day opportunity.

With and excellent mix of Valentine’s Day products on offer from newsXpress preferred suppliers, there are sure to be many happy people in and around Eli Waters come Valentine’s Day 2012.

newsXpress has arranged for newsXpress members to have two JAG watches to give away in-store to one lucky local Valentine’s Day Hallmark card shopper – to help drive even more sales of Valentine’s Day products.

Farewell and welcome…

newsXpress was disappointed to announce to our members and suppliers the resignation of Ben Kay as General Manager of the business yesterday.  Ben had served the company with energy and professionalism for several years, first as Merchandise Manager and then as General Manager.  Ben leaves the business in better shape than when he joined and now moves on to running his own newsagency, newsXpress Parkmore, and engaging in other business opportunities. The friendships he has with newsXpress members will endure for years to come.

Change in business is rarely easy, especially unplanned change.  We are fortunate to have Rob Henderson stepping from his National Merchandise Manager role with newsXpress into a new role as Chief Operating Officer.  This is a new senior role created by the Board to facilitate newsXpress moving to the next phase of its development as a newsagency marketing group.

Over the next weeks and months further appointments will be announced as the group structures for growth not only of our member newsagency businesses but of newsXpress itself.  New assets will be engaged and skills employed to provide newsXpress members and newsXpress with a valuable competitive edge on several fronts.

At our national conference in Melbourne in early March newsXpress members and suppliers will see first-hand some of the enhancements to the newsXpress offer being deployed.  We are thrilled to note that this conference is set to have more newsagents attending than any newsagent conference in the last few years.

A key part of the conference will be a closed member only session outlining the newsXpress business plan for 2012 and into 2013 and reflecting how this benefits current and future members of the group.

newsXpress has already advertised for additional administrative resources for the head office. This is first additional role we are seeking to fill.

We are in the middle of a series of supplier meetings discussing exclusive opportunities and unlocking ways of delivering valuable commercial benefits for newsXpress members. These meetings and our business plans focus on helping newsXpress members generate new traffic, build deeper shopping baskets and drive the operating efficiency of their businesses.

newsXpress members and suppliers with questions, comments and feedback are welcome to speak with newsXpress Directors: Mark Fletcher 0418 321 338 or Graham Randall on 0419 711 153 or newsXpress Chief Operating Officer Rob Henderson on 0401 336 622.

newsXpress Bondi Eastgate promotes Maped products

Maped product displays are drawing traffic and driving sales in newsXpress stores across Australia including this display at newsXpress Bondi Eastgate in NSW.

As the only authorised stockists in the newsagency channel, newsXpress stores are benefiting from excellent advertising, exclusive trading terms and two exclusive products. We are backing this promotion with TV on GO! a nine network channel.

Whether it is a value-based display as being run at newsXpress Bondi Eastgate or a feature brand based display which we see in some other newsXpress locations, mapped products are selling. Customers love the quality. Kids love the design.

Why buy your kids cheap China product when you can buy the quality of Maped at competitive pricing.

Promoting Girlfriend magazine and FREE Virgin Mobile SIM cards

newsXpress stores across Australia are promoting Girlfriend magazine from strategic newsXpress partner Pacific Magazines and the FREE $2 Virgin Mobile SIM Pack which comes with the magazine.

The photo shows smart placement at newsXpress watergardens where they have the Girlfriend magazine beautifully displayed in a high traffic location plus the Virgin Mobile Broadband display unit to the side. This even better connects the Virgin Mobile brand with the Girlfriend display. This reinforces the $2 SIM pack gift which comes with this issue of the magazine.

This is another EXCLUSIVE offer for newsXpress members, adding value in terms of magazine sales as well as driving Virgin Mobile sales and recharge business.

newsXpress Knox promoted Maped range

newsXpress Knox City in Victoria is enjoying terrific success with the Maped display allocated at the front of the newsagency, facing into the mall.

Customers are loving the packaging and the price point.

newsXpress has been able to leverage its group buy to land the product in-store at a competitive price, enabling newsXpress members to compete on price and achieve a good margin. While some newsagencies prefer to offer cheap China product, newsXpress continues to pursue brands which deliver a good value proposition which is appreciated and supported by shoppers.

The external marketing for the Maped range is helping build brand awareness and this further supports the national commitment by newsXpress members.

Promoting Back to School in the newspaper

newsXpress Wetherill Park has been promoting Back to School in the local newspaper with this advertisement promoting a range of products including exclusive to newsXpress Maped product.

This is an excellent advertisement connecting with brand and value – two key points of difference promoted by newsXpress through its preferred supplier relationships.

Local advertising like this is vital to the success of any business. We are thrilled to see newsXpress Wetherill Park engaging in this way.

Maped promotion for Back to School at newsXpress Watergardens

Like newsXpress across Australia, the Maped range of products has been a key feature of the Back to School offer, presenting a product range with a point of difference for newsXpress and supported by national advertising.

newsXpress Watergardens has been promoting the Maped range at the front of the newsagency along with the healthy and safe Cheeki water bottles next to the display – driving two opportunities from the one high traffic location. The excellent Maped display promotes the range in an easy to shop display.

newsXpress is the only newsagency group being promoted by the Maped brand in all advertising around the Back to School opportunity.

National advertising for newsXpress stores thanks to Maped

A national TV and print (Total Girl and K-Zone) advertising campaign promoting the Maped range and newsXpress stores as the only newsagencies carrying the range is showing off a valuable commercial point of difference for newsXpress.

Only a group which operates as a group and has good critical mass covering a reasonable percentage of the population could negotiate a deal like this – national advertising exposure, excellent pricing and wonderful in-store support.

The current Maped deal is the newsXpress difference in action. It is proof of us being true to our word and delivering wonderful benefits for our members. It is evidence of the value of supporting brand names rather than cheap China product with no brand name and no backing of advertising.

Our expectation is that the Maped range will continue to sell beyond the traditional Back to School sales period. This is socially connected stationery. Friendly. Funky. Fun.

newsXpress is thrilled to have Maped in store and appreciative of the support of the brand for promoting us so widely in their national advertising campaigns.

Valentines Day at newsXpress Glendale

newsXpress Glendale has been promoting Valentine’s Day with this table of plush on offer from newsXpress preferred suppliers.

Located in prime position on the dance floor, the table is brimming with Valentine’s Day plush in a way which is attracting shoppers and resulting in good sales.

The table reflects good retailing by offering products covering a range of price points to suite varied budgets.

Virgin Prepaid Mobile Broadband promotion at newsXpress Melton

newsXpress Melton is promoting the newsXpress exclusive Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer and shopper competition with this excellent placement of the promotional display unit. This high traffic location is sure to attract shopper interest in the Prepaid broadband promotion.

The $29 price point is attractive and the visual merchandising created exclusively for newsXpress has excellent cut through in0-store.

In addition to the excellent price point is the opportunity to win one of two Galetta Retro Scooters valued at $2,395. This is an exclusive prize giveaway for newsXpress stores … giving shoppers more reasons to choose to shop at newsXpress. We are thrilled to be able to give our members value propositions such as this where shoppers get a good deal and an opportunity to win a prize!

newsXpress terrigal embraces Back to School

newsXpress Terrigal has been running an excellent Back to School promotion in-store, promoting the valuable season from the front of the business down through the shop toward the rear.

Placing Back to School promotions in the centre of the shop in this way helps drive a more efficient sales basket as shoppers for other items surely browse the excellent deal this Back to School time.

The clear sign posting of the newsXpress collateral ensures there is no doubt about the seasonal offer.

Promoting Maped range at newsXpress

newsXpress stores across Australia are being promoted in a national print and TV campaign being run in support of the Maped range of stationery.

This wonderful range is available from newsXpress stores just in time for Back to School. It is a range which competes well in the popular kids stationery space.

With ads running in current issues K-Zone and Total Girl magazines tagging newsXpress our group is positioned competitively – we are the only newsagency marketing group named.

The support from newsXpress and newsXpress members for brand name products pays off thanks to supplier support like this.

You won’t see cheap China product marketed in the same way that the Maped brand is being marketed. The investment behind the Maped brand is an investment in our businesses.

By working together and ensuring product availability across the newsXpress retail network, we have been able to land stock at a competitive price and leverage excellent attention from a strong advertising spend. This is what a newsagency marketing group is all about.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer at newsXpress Bondi Eastgate

newsXpress Bondi Eastgate is promoting the Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband offer running across all newsXpress stores at the moment. The placement of this display unit at the sales counter – or some other high traffic location – is vitally important for the success of the promotion.

In addition to an excellent Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband deal, newsXpress stores are offering two scooters as prizes in a shopper giveaway. This is exclusive to newsXpress, offering a wonderful reason for newsXpress members to get behind this promotion. There is also an incentive for newsXpress members beyond the bonus margin on recharge business.

We appreciate the support of Jenlist in helping making this offer possible for newsXpress.

Back to School at newsXpress Castle Towers

The team at newsXpress Castle Towers is showing off excellent retailing skills with their in-store Back to School offer.  Embracing a broad range of products and leveraging this with strong in-store merchandising, the business shows off as the go to shop in Castle Towers for Back to School supplies.

From the display at the front of the business shoppers in the mall are attracted and then drawn into the store by other displays featuring good value offers.

This is a strong and professional Back to School offer … the newsXpress Castle Towers team ought to be proud.

Promoting Back to School at newsXpress Top Ryde

newsXpress Top Ryde City is promoting Back to School with window displays promoting the season as well as product on show out the front of the store.

There is no doubt to shoppers approaching or walking past the store that they are committed to the Back to School season and have a range of excellent product available.

It can be a challenge cutting through the visual noise in a newsagency. This is one reason newsXpress is using simple messages and motifs on its in-store collateral … to enhance cut through that the store is a destination for a specific shopping season.

Valentines Day starting out at newsXpress Sunbury Square

newsXpress Sunbury Square has been promoting its range of greeting cards and some gifts for Valentine’s Day with this display facing shoppers who enter the business.

This year, newsXpress stores are giving away JAG his and her watches to one licks shopper in an excellent in-store promotion. newsXpress members have access to the promotion including the valuable prize for free as part of their newsXpress membership and relationship with Hallmark Cards.

Displays like this at newsXpress Sunbury Square are appearing in newsXpress stores across Australia.

newsXpress Melton promoting Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day cards are on show at newsXpress Melton in Victoria along with the opportunity to win his and her watches.

This range of Valentine’s Day cards from Hallmark is wonderful, designed to serve all Valentine’s Day requirements from the traditional to the not so traditional.

Being able to promote seasonal greeting card offers on a stand along unit like this enables newsXpress Melton to maintain full range of regular greeting cards in-store and leverage the seasonal opportunity.

Promoting My Family stickers and magnets

Since their launch last year, the My Family stickers range of sticker family magnets range has been popular in newsXpress stores. Promoted exclusively through our retail group, the My Family magnets are a wonderful and loved extension to the My family sticker range.

newsXpress members are promoting the magnets with the stickers as well as in other locations in-store.  The magnets can be used on a fridge, in a workshop, at work and other pl,aces around the home to connect the family unit un a fun and creative way.

newsXpress is lucky to have had exclusive to the My Family magnets through their launch period.

Back to School sale at Macarthur Square

newsXpress Macarthus Square is running a terrific Back to School outpost in the middle of the shopping mall.

Packed with an excellent range of back to School requirements, the business is once again leveraging the tradition which it has so successfully established over several years and two different owners.

This back to School offer demonstrates what proactive management can achieve in a highly competitive space.