newsXpress Radio connects newsXpress members across the country

newsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group in the country to offer alive in-store radio service.  This is a commercially valuable asset, a connection of all newsXpress stores playing the same music and running the same promotions across the group.

Our live in-store radio network is a newsXpress point of difference others envy. It provides a valuable marketing platform as wells as a community connection platform. The store shout-outs, product promotions and shopper reminders help connect us and drive shopper in-store engagement.

newsXpress Radio is provided free to newsXpress members.  This is more than $800 a year in value delivered at no cost to our members.

newsXpress magazine club card drives sales

magclubcardnewsXpress members who engage with the newsagency channel’s longest running group-based loyalty marketing program have reported excellent magazine sales results for the last quarter of 2012. Year on year sales for the quarter in newsXpress stores are better than the newsagency channel average.

This is an excellent result for newsXpress and participating members.

The magazine club card is an easy to operate loyalty program, a program shoppers understand and a program that alters shopper behavior.

Whereas other loyalty programs reward average behavior, the newsXpress program drives shoppers to act above average. This results in additional sales for newsXpress members.

newsXpress provides the collateral for the program for free.

Ready for calendar 2014 opportunities

The newsXpress merchandise team is working with our various preferred calendar suppliers to secure excellent buying opportunities for calendar products for the 2014 calendar season.

With calendars making a valuable contribution to sales in newsXpress stores, it’s appropriate that we are ready corporately and at the member store level for what looks like being another bumper year.

newsXpress is the leading newsagency marketing group in the calendar space.

We are thrilled to be able to help newsXpress members generate excellent gross profits from channel-leading margins and with the help of best practice in-store and external marketing initiatives.

newsXpress pitches its calendar offer to members through our email and merchandise team communications.  This is more efficient than hauling members to meetings, taking them out of their businesses for what should be a straightforward purchase opportunity.

Our information about the 2014 calendar range is providing us with valuable insights … insights we will share confidentially with newsXpress members.

newsXpress phonecard saves money for newsXpress shoppers

The newsXpress phonecard is a perfect card to help people cut interstate and international call costs. This exclusive newsXpress branded phonecard is an excellent value phonecard, offering access to low cost calls inside Australia as well as overseas.

This is a what you see is what you get phonecard. There are no hidden fees or charges.  It offers excellent value and wonderful customer service.

Every time the newsXpress phonecard is used, customers connect withy the newsXpress brand. The money they save, the calls they make, the service they receive … these all connect with the newsXpress brand.

Now is the perfect time for newsXpress members to be promoting the newsXpress phonecard and offering it to regular customers as well as to those travelling in our areas.

The newsXpress phonecard is a product of which we are most proud.

newsXpress celebrates Australia Day with Australian music festival in-store

newsXpress stores are celebrating Australia Day today through newsXpress Radio and their all day celebration of Australian music. This unique in-store experience reinforces our Australian connection and our support of the Australian music industry.

No other marketing group is doing this!

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress embraces shop local campaign

nxfeb2013Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has launched a shop local campaign among newsXpress members right around Australia.

Launched through our newsXpress INSTORE communications platform, the local shopping message is being pitched through a flyer headed: Ten reasons to support local newsXpress business and other local independently owned businesses.

Personalised for each newsXpress store, this newsletter makes a compelling shop local pitch and it does this under the newsXpress banner.

In addition to excellent supplier deals, sales driving marketing collateral, excellent in-store prizes and practical business management help, newsXpress engages in a campaign of social responsibility for and with its members, to pitch to local businesses and shoppers that shopping local is good for the community. That’s what this campaign is about.

newsXpress is proud to be leading the newsagency channel with this pitch.

Diversity in newsagency marketing group membership helps all newsXpress members

nxmembershipbaseThe survey of newsXpress newsagency marketing group members late in 2012 provided an excellent insight into the types of businesses operated under the newsXpress shingle. The results show a diverse group of members covering a good geographic spread and a nice range of retail situations.

There is strength in diversity with members being able to learn from each other and with the group being able to attract an excellent range of suppliers.  The breadth of coverage demonstrates to prospective newsXpress members that size does not matter, what is important is the people joining and that they are committed to growing their business and representing the newsXpress brand professionally in their area.

While there are many common offers, threads and products weaving the newsXpress network together, there is also diversity from which many opportunities in the future will flow.

the up-to-date understanding of the types of businesses in the newsXpress community was a small part of the data harvested through the survey.

Promoting Australia Day in newsXpress stores

adaynewsxpressCheck out one of the posters created by newsagency marketing group newsXpress for our members for promoting Australia Day.

This exclusive collateral coupled with access to products from several preferred suppliers has enabled newsXpress members to tap into the spirit and commercial opportunity of the day.

newsXpress provides a range of collateral for what we’d call minor seasons, collateral to suit the various needs of newsXpress members in shopping centres, on the high street and in rural locations.

Newsagents embrace newsXpress cluster meetings

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has filled all available places for the regional cluster meetings to be held in the next couple of weeks. This is an excellent response from newsXpress members seeking to network with other newsXpress members and to engage in business development discussion.

The cluster meetings are being held  on the Sunshine Coast (Nambour), Townsville and Newcastle over the last week of January and the first week of February.

These are not buying meetings, they are about business development … a unique and competitive positioning from newsXpress as it helps members grow more valuable businesses in 2013.

The sessions are not a traditional member meeting, they will be more free-flowing, less formal.

Participation for newsXpress members is free.

Why newsXpress is working with Coke and the value this brings to newsXpress members

cokenewsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group to have a formal relationship with Coca Cola, the largest and most successful beverage company in Australia and the world.

newsXpress has developed the relationship over the last year and a half and in 2013 is driving even more value for newsXpress shoppers, newsXpress members, Coke and some of our partners.

We have recently had an opportunity to learn more about Coke, its positioning, its values and how this connects with us at a landmark international conference. This reinforced the important of the decision to focus on the relationship with Coke.

When you are working with the best consumer brand anything else is not what it could be.

Here are some key points about the value of the Coke brand and its connection with today’s consumer:

  • Coke is a brand that inspires optimism and happiness and hope.
  • Coke’s mission is about refreshing the world. It does this using a message of happiness and optimism.
  • Millenial consumers very concerned about the environemnt. Coke connects with them. On … water stewardship … recycling … climate protection.
  • Coke engages consumers with stories with strong and emotional content. The stories share value and create connections. This creates brand love and shared value.
  • Stories are the new currency for Coke in bulding their brand.
  • Coke invites all businesses to join in this journey on happiness and shared values.
  • The biggest shift in retail being driven by techology / mobility.

newsXpress is delivering strategic and valuable partnerships to newsXpress members, partnerships which bring their own shopper traffic and help drive greater engagement from existing shoppers.

Water Canon sells through summer

The hot summer is helping drive sales of the Water Canon brought into Australia exclusively for newsXpress. Members are reporting strong sales this past week with some ordering more stock.

In our own corporate stores we are experiencing excellent results long after the Christmas rush passed for which we originally sourced this product.

In addition to negotiating excellent supply deals, newsXpress helps members unlock opportunities with training, support and guidance to help turn products on the shop floor to money in the bank sooner.

Local communities love shopping local at newsXpress

newsXpress businesses are locally owned and operated, bringing professional newsagency-like and other products and services to local communities across Australia.

Shoppers visiting our stores can expect good local knowledge and support, direct community engagement and assistance. Important hallmarks of local businesses.

newsXpress businesses also bring new products, exciting products, to local communities … often saving the need to travel long distances to find these same cool products in a larger shopping situation.

In leveraging our group size and delivering access to the benefits at local and regional shopping situations, newsXpress is helping local communities in many ways as well as helping local business owners.

While we can never be a one size fits all business and operate on a full national scale, we work hard at delivering products and services with broad appeal and through which our members and their local communities can prosper.

The enhanced newsXpress member help service is helping more newsXpress members get quality answers sooner. By emailing members are connected with a well-resourced panel which can either immediately answer queries or find answers.

newsXpress members are using the service for traditional newsXpress member queries through to questions of a more general newsagency management nature.

In establishing the centralised service, newsXpress is making use of the expanded head office services and freeing up on the road resources for in-store use.

And it’s into Back to School for newsXpress

BacktoSchoolWith the New Year just a few days old, many newsXpress members have been busy setting up for Back to School 2013, putting in place excellent displays and capping and skirting these with newsXpress exclusive collateral promoting the season.

newsXpress preferred suppliers have offered a range of cool products to augment the traditional Back to School offering. This helps newsXpress members position their businesses beyond the traditional and through this extend their relevance beyond what shoppers expect.

Of course, bundled in with back to School are the Back to Work and Back to Uni opportunities. In both segments, newsXpress preferred suppliers offer excellent products with which to reach new shoppers.

newsXpress Australia Day competition opportunity

nxadaynewsXpress members have been provided with an opportunity to run a local competition connecting with Australia Day.

Offered as part of our exclusive local area marketing suite, our Australia Day competition is a wonderful way for newsXpress members to connect with their local community on this important and treasured national day.

We know that newsXpress members love being local and they embrace local community connection opportunities.

Our Australia Day competition is simple – entrants are asked to draw or write about what Australia Day means to them. Judging is local. Prizes are local. This is a perfect local store, local area marketing opportunity.

this is another excellent example of the newsXpress difference in action … helping newsXpress members to engage with their customers and local area in an exclusive and creative way.

newsXpress members promoting marie claire magazine

nxmcThe latest issue of marie claire magazine is being promoted across the newsXpress network right now. It’s packed with excellent content plus bonuses.

FREE Aveeno Moisturiser, plus 20% off online fashion hub ASOS – wonderful bonuses.

newsXpress customers are sure to love the 24-page marie claire at work special with career tips, style hits and the secrets of successful women. They will also have the chance to WIN a $1,000 beauty-floor shopping spree by voting in the Prix de marie claire Readers’ Choice Awards.

The launch of this special issue has been promoted with emails to tens of thousands of shoppers located near newsXpress stores – with emails detailing local store locations.

newsXpress members loving our new help service

Late in 2012 newsXpress launched a new help service. This new service is in addition to our exclusive Retail Development Manager in-store service.

The new help service makes it even easier for newsXpress members to leverage the national resources of the group … providing easy access to a range of key people in the business.

The help service is freeing our RDM team from day to day queries and enabling them to take on new responsibilities focussed on helping newsXpress members to grow stronger and more valuable businesses.

We understand the new help service to be another newsXpress exclusive among marketing groups.

Connecting with Australia Day

adaynewsXpress members have been given a range of opportunities and ways with which to connect with Australia Day. From use our email footer through to several preferred supplier connections, newsXpress members are able to source product and promote their connection with the day. This is important as it demonstrates local relevance in a way often neglected by larger retailers.

newsXpress 2013 conference bookings filling

newsXpress members from across Australia are booking to attend and participate in our 2013 conference. With travel subsidised by newsXpress, we are making it easier for members to share in this important event.

The agenda is developing as practical and insightful with excellent business growth opportunities to flow. Equally important is the networking opportunities plus the exclusive buying opportunities at the conference and the newsXpress exclusive buying tour of the Toy Fair the day prior to the conference.

newsXpress 2013 National Conference. Tuesday March 5th, 2013. Melbourne Cricket Ground.  9.00am -5.00pm.

2013 Conference Cocktail Evening.  Rivers Edge.  7.30 pm – midnight.

Both events are fully funded by newsXpress.