Newsagency marketing group newsXpress helps members ride the wave of success with retail trends

loombandsNewsagency marketing group newsXpress introduced members to the opportunity of Loom Bands ahead of the wave of success, presenting leading advantages with supply, pricing and promotion. We supported active sales with newsXpress exclusive collateral – helping newsXpress members position themselves well competitively. We continued ahead of the trend with information on the progression of the trend and appropriate warnings as the trend started to slow.

In addition to negotiating excellent supplier deals, newsXpress provides members with timely trusted advice.

newsXpress Google+ strategy helps members reach new shoppers

gplusThe Google Plus marketing and community engagement strategy launched two months ago is spreading through newsXpress members as they are engaging with this online / social media opportunity through creating engaged pages that better connect the business with locals. The training and support provided by newsXpress is proving to be invaluable to members as they embrace the free platform for connecting with shoppers and making their voice heard in this fresh and 2014 way.

newsXpress is committed to magazines

NXPPosters_Page_07Magazines are vitally important to the traffic and financial health of any newsagency with a future. newsXpress understand this and supports it with fresh and exclusive marketing collateral for members to use in promo tine their businesses.

This poster was provided to members some months ago for in-store use in connecting with shoppers the message that newsXpress is your magazine specialist. This helps to encourage shoppers to think of newsXpress first when considering magazines.

Behind the poster is advice and support on living and acting like a specialist and genuinely serving the needs of shoppers interested in magazines.

Making it even easier for people to say thank you

NXPPosters_Page_06This to this fresh and exclusive marketing collateral newsXpress members are able to offer a deal / discount / promotion to go with a Thank You card.

While not wanting to encourage discounting as the default business position, a promotion such as that offered in this collateral can really add value as it shows shoppers opportunities in-store: to say thank you with a card and to save money on an accompanying gift.

This is a well through-through and layered promotion that newsXpress members can offer at times that best suite their local business needs.

newsXpress wants a world with more hugs

NXPPosters_Page_03Newsagency marketing group newsXpress is encouraging people visiting its network of stores to share hugs. With many of the products we offer being hug friendly we’re in the business of sharing and encouraging hugs.

It makes us feel good.

This poster is part of a broader campaign aimed at helping people to understand the opportunities in the emotional connection in plenty of what we sell in newsXpress stores.

This collateral is exclusive to newsXpress for member use.

newsXpress is encouraging gift buying for kids

NXPPosters_Page_02newsXpress has released new collateral for members to use between seasons. This collateral includes posters that can be used by newsXpress members at times appropriate to local needs of the businesses.

This KIDS LOVE OUR GIFTS is an ideal example of how newsXpress helps members play outside the major seasons – with opportunities to show and encourage people in relation to who they are buying for.

Without being noisy or aggressive, our marketing shows shoppers the way.

This is exclusive to newsXpress.

newsXpress Robina Town Centre!

robinanextra Robina Town Centre is gone, replaced with newsXpress Robina Town Centre … and customers love it. They love the new excitement, new products, engaged customer service and the wonderful vibe to the business. newsXpress Town Centre is a tribute to all things newsXpress. Karen and the team are creating a wonderful business and an excellent promotion of the newsXpress brand!

Exclusive Itty Bitty opportunity for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members

ittybittynewsXpress members are loving the opportunity of exclusive Itty Bitty lines for newsXpress locations. These adorable collectibles are being snapped up by shoppers already – ahead of the release of our exclusive lines.

With Itty Bitty units rolling out across the country right now, newsXpress members are making the most opt the opportunity with the excellent floor display unit places in prime location driving shopper traffic and extending the basket with excellent impulse purchases.

Hallmark and newsXpress will benefit from more innovation following a recent study trip to the Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City.

Newsagency marketing group helps to turn products into cash

merchhelpIn addition to sourcing excellent product deals for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members, newsXpress also provides advice, guidance and assistance on merchandising the products to maximise sales revenue. The faster we can turn an item into cash the more valuable for the newsXpress member. This is a core focus of the group – opportunities for members to turn good deals into cash.

Fantastic State of Origin range at newsXpress Sarina

sarinasornewsXpress sarina owns State of Origin in Sarina in Queensland. They do an excellent job every year with State of Origin merchandise. This photo shows part of the range being set up recently – ahead of State of Origin fans buying up big.

The team at Sarina leads in this State of Origin space. Kudos to them for this and the help they have been to many other newsXpress members.

Just wonderful!!

Excellent State of Origin at newsXpress Eli Waters

elisorCheck out the window promoting State of Origin products at newsXpress Eli Waters in Queensland. This stunning display of State of Origin products supported by newsXpress exclusive collateral is an excellent pitch to the State of Origin fan.

newsXpress helps newsagents source products and promote them with collateral, ideas and other practical retail business support assistance.

newsXpress is proud of the pitch being made here by newsXpress Eli Waters – bold, professional and successful!

Well done.

newsXpress helps newsagency marketing group members pre-sell hot titles

Thanks to insights prior to publication, newsXpress is offering members more customer pre-sell collateral to help our newsagency marketing group members to get revenue for a sought after title before the title is released. This is another way newsXpress members lock in customers and reduce leakage.

This is a terrific initiative newsXpress has used for many years to the benefit of its members. we have helped members reap excellent revenue results by pre selling calendars, one-shot magazines and other items – locking in revenue in some cases months prior to the products being released.

newsXpress helps newsagents deal with the decline of print

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has a well through out strategy for maintaining and growing shopper traffic as traffic falls for print product. The group is sharing some of its newsagency business-building insights in a series of newsagent workshops around Australia over the next couple of weeks, outlining opportunities and helping newsagents feel confident about their future despite changes in some core product lines.

With one eye on traditional products and the other on the future, newsXpress is helping its members to navigate change in a positive and enjoyable way.

newsXpress members launching Hallmark Itty Bitty

ittybittyCustomers are loving the Itty Bitty product launched last week by newsagency marketing group newsXpress and Hallmark. Available in many newsXpress stores, the Itty Bitty is a fun soft toy that makes an ideal gift between friends as well as a give to a child or a grandchild.

Displayed in a clever display unit as well as elsewhere in-store, the Itty Bitty is a welcome addition to the newsXpress range.

newsXpress has developed exclusive elements to the Itty Bitty offer, separating newsXpress members from other retailers with these items.

New ink offer for newsagency marketing group members

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.41.42 amnewsXpress has finalized a new HOT ink! Offer for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members with the new catalogue being printed this week ready for wide letterbox distribution. This latest ink offer provides customers with the opportunity of winning a beautiful canon PIXIMA printer that will be given away in each of the participating HOT ink! Stores. This is an excellent opportunity for newsXpress members to drive ink traffic as well as engage with more business customers.

Jeweller offer for newsagency marketing group members

newsXpress last week launched an exclusive high-margin jewellery offer for members of its newsagency marketing group. Sourced directly from the manufacturer, this jewellery offer is exclusive for newsXpress members and is sure to drive traffic and deliver excellent basket-building results.

This new range of jewellery is unlike any offered currently by a newsXpress supplier – hence the move by the group to import directly and create new business development opportunities for newsXpress members.

newsXpress newsagents embrace AFL opportunities

aflnewsXpress newsagents are embracing licenced AFL product opportunities across Australia thanks to engaged suppliers. The photo shops the excellent display at newsXpress Kadina promoting AFL product in-store. Talk about owning the AFL fan opportunity in kaduna South Australia. Kudos to the team who sourced and put together this excellent display of AFL licenced products!