Amazing Stationery Transformation at newsXpress Riverlink

newsXpress Riverlink recently undertook the massive job of relaying their stationery department to present a more cohesive and professional retail offer. Through consultation with newsXpress National Merchandise Manager, Rob Henderson, the purchase and installation of new multi-purpose fixturing and the implementation of several preferred supplier plannograms, the results are stunning.





The clean lines of the slatwall, branding on the red bulkhead, newsXpress POS and generally well ordered line up of (from left to right): HOT ink!, Pens, UHU, Crayola, Canson, and associated product is a credit ot Belinda and her team. It requires time and effort to produce these type of results, but the outcome surely proves the great worth of undertaking relays in your store. Contact the newsXpress Support Team or your BDM if you would like to make a change in your business today.

New Golden Casket corporate image launched

golden-casket-corp-image-robina.JPGThe new Golden Casket corporate image was launched at newsXpress Robina with the opening of their new store.

Looking very professional with smooth and clean lines, the new image is the result of considerable work within Golden Casket and working with proactive retailers such as Chris, Tony and the team at newsXpress Robina in Queensland.

A strong corporate image is important in retail.  newsXpress is grateful to Golden Casket for their innovation.

New ‘SORTED’ range at Redcliffe

030310-095.jpgSince opening their doors in Mid November, newsXpress Redcliffe in Brisbane’s Northern suburbs have embraced new suppliers and newsXpress plannograms.

The ‘Sorted’ range by allows newsXpress members to compete with other retailers in the home office/fashion stationery category, appealing to a large market with lever arch folders, notebooks, magazine files, storage boxes and much more.

As well as this impressive feature display in the front of the store, newsXpress Redcliffe have ranged the product into their permanent fixture utilising the plannogram developed jointly by and the newsXpress Merchandise team.

Henderson Greetings planogram drives party sales

henderson_greetings_planogram.jpgThe birthday and party related planograms developed by Henderson Greetings and embraced by newsXpress are driving good results for our members.  They enhance the party related offer and present a strong visual message and this is what is helping to drive good business.

newsXpress is pleased to have the Henderson Greetings planograms in our planogram suite.  Planograms represent best practice retail.  They make it easier for comparison between businesses, easier to manage the space and more useful for driving supplier engagement.

newsXpress is leading the newsagency channel in planogram development and implementation.  Our members are reaping the financial rewards of this effort.

Sometimes we see people get caught up in chasing a deal and ignoring a good margin opportunity in front of them.  The key to success is sales.  Planograms, like the new offers from Henderson Greetings, drive sales.  The newsXpress commercial terms deliver a margin to make retailers happy.

Brother P-Touch planogram launched

newsXpress and Brother last week launched a new planogram for the popular range of Brother P-Touch items.  The new planogram provides guidance and insight for newsXpress members keen to develop good sales of this innovative labelling range.

2009 has seen newsXpress and key suppliers introduce a range of planograms.  The result has been sales growth in many areas and learnings in others leading to refinement of the planograms.

This is where newsXpress excels – in adding value to brand name products to help our members present products in the best possible light and to differentiate our businesses from newsagencies.

Selling premium pens at the sales counter

nx_knox_p_pens.JPGNot all planograms are designed for hang-sell in retail as the photo shows.  Working with one of our preferred suppliers, newsXpress has developed a high impact counter display strategy for high margin premium pens.  Given that it is behind the counter the product is secure and showing customers the various products is not labour intensive.  By following proven visual merchandising principles, we have created a visually attractive and shopper friendly display.  In our first trial location pen sales have been exceptional from this display.

Promoting the Parker brand as we are reinforces our brand commitment.  We know that selling brand name product, especially as a gift, is easier than selling generic cheaper product.

Our pen display at the counter is not permanent.  It will be rolled in and out several times in the year, to suit key pen purchase seasons.

Key to the success of the display is the fixturing and lighting.  These make the Parker pens shine and drive sales.

Maped planogram drives sales

nx_knox_maped.JPGThe planogram of quality Maped products is driving sales at our new newsXpress store at Knox City Shopping Centre.  Maped is a brand consumers trust.  Being a brand-focused business, as newsXpress is, it was natural that we support such a strong brand in our corportae store.  What makes the Maped range especially pop is the new fixturing from Interfit which enables more effiicient loading of product than on traditional slatwall.  We are able to easily expand or contract planograms as we may find we need based on sales.

UHU and 3M planograms

nx_planograms.JPGThe photo shows a UHU and 3M (Scotch, Post-It and Command) planograms working side by side in our newest (yet to open) newsXpress location.  Products were selected for each planogram based on demographic knowledge and supplier data.  The layout was developed by supplier and newsXpress product experts working together.  We will measure the performance of the planograms over the next three months and then make adjustments as considered necessary based on sales data.

We don’t see planograms as a destination.  Rather, they are an evolving story, reflecting on changes in the business.  This is where the supplier relationship is important to – enabling us to be flexible as we see the needs of the business change.

Our two newest businesses contain more planograms than any other newsXpress location.  We are using these two stores to hone our planogram best practice for the benefit of newsXpress members, newsXpress suppliers and newsXpress itself.

Product sourcing is not always about dollar margin.  Sometimes, suppliers deliver margin in non traditional forms which can be tremendously valuable to a business.  The newsXpress planograms are a good example of this.

O’BON planogram at newsXpress Leongatha

nx_leongatha_obon.JPGnewsXpress Leongatha has launched the environmentally friendly O’BON range. Following the newsXpress recommended planogram, they have an excellent range of sugar cane pulp journals and folders as well as pencils made from recycled newspapers. Through the O’BON planogram, newsXpress Leongatha is promoting a good environmental story, educating consumers, demonstrating a point of difference and driving good business as a result.

newsXpress launches new planogram: sorted by hiPP

fhn_sorted1.JPGIn another first, newsXpress is pleased to be participating in the national launch of sorted, a range of home office organisation products from hiPP.  Many months in the making, newsXpress has played a key role in bringing this product to market.  Planogrammed to tell a bold brand-based story in newsXpress and selected other retailers, sorted places newsXpress into a new niche which straddles stationery, office products and gifts.  As one customer said recently, this is Smiggle for adults.

Bringing sorted to market is another example of innovation from newsXpress and our proactive group of partner suppliers.  The good margin range will drive new traffic and extend the basket of shoppers.  It provides an excellent point of difference for newsXpress locations and newsXpress as a group.

Crayola planograms rolling out

crayola_planogram.jpgThe new planograms from Crayola are rolling out to newsXpress locations.  newsXpress Riverlink installed theirs and are very happy with the result.  It looks good and is attracting customer interest.

The newsXpress planogram strategy is all about the professional representation of strong national brands in our stores across Australia and through them achieving better return on investment than the traditional local store look for this type of product.

Planograms like this offer from Crayola places newsXpress in a competitive and more visually appealing position than many other retailers.  newsXpress members can bank the results.

Flexible planograms from 3M

fhn_3m_oct09.JPGClose to 100 newsXpress locations now have 3M planograms.

Ranging in size from 1 metre to three metres, these planograms deliver a professionally displayed range of Post-IT, Command and Scotch products to our stores.

newsXpress developed these and other planograms to bring store level evidence of our brand commitment, to reinforce the newsXpress unique selling proposition and to drive sales. This is happening much to the delight of newsXpress members.

The 3M planograms are a great example of the newsXpress difference in action.