Hong Kong gift fair supplier trip

With the Hong Kong Gift Fair drawing to a close, the newsXpress delegation is exhausted after many meetings with a broad range of Australian and other suppliers. This has been by far our best trip to the Hong Kong Gift Fair ever with plenty of opportunities explored and new relationships opened for exploration.

newsXpress appreciates the support of its suppliers in helping to make this visit brim with opportunity.

newsXpress launches marketing seminars

newsXpress is hosting marketing seminars for newsagents over the next few weeks in most capital cities. At these events newsagents and suppliers can learn more about newsXpress: the services we offer, the deals available and the opportunities of membership.

Leveraging already excellent membership growth achieved this year these new sessions will help more newsagents connect with the newsXpress story of opportunity and to feel personally the optimism at the heart of the newsXpress model.

newsXpress helps newsagents explore opportunities appropriate to their local needs.

newsXpress leadership in Kansas City

hmkusThe newsXpress leadership team spend a week in Kansas City at the headquarters of Hallmark, a strategic partner of newsXpress. In meetings, product presentations, store inspections and  business insights, the newsXpress team was able to tap deep into the Hallmark organisation to find product and other opportunities for newsXpress members. Of particular value was next season product insights.

We are grateful to Hallmark for their generosity of time and support leading up to and through this ground-breaking visit.

Newsagents selling edible bouquets for Mother’s Day

etbnewsXpress newsagency marketing group members are set for training in new and exclusive Eat The Bouquet products for our Mother’s Day 2014 offer. ETB is a retail concept launched by newsXpress last year and embraced by many members to drive traffic and margin dollars. It is proving to be an excellent way to drive seasonal sales. Mother’s Day training starts this week.

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress adds another supplier

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress last week announced details of another new supplier to members of the group. This supplier is providing access to an excellent range of unique products that play into a valuable point of difference for newsXpress members.

2014 is proving to be an excellent year for expanding the supplier suite range for newsXpress members.

We’re excited and our members are loving access to even more products.

Newsagents selling kinetic sand & kids love it!

ksandnewsXpress newsagents are selling out of the kinetic sand products newsXpress sourced through excellent supplier deals. Our supplier friends have been quick to respond with assistance on new stock, helping newsXpress businesses gain access to the high-margin and very fun sand products through the school holiday period.

newsXpress sourced the sand, provided advice and retail context to members and helped ensure a beneficial supply arrangement.

It is this practical newsX-ress exclusive help that helps newsXpress members do better with traffic generating products opportunities like this sand.

Smart newsagents promote My Kitchen Rules cookbook

10255899_685711908140992_3344737196650606993_onewsXpress Sunbury Square is promoting the My Kitchen Rules cookbook with this excellent display. This cookbook leverages these excellent MKR brand and pitches the product to all shoppers as they enter the store. All newsXpress members have been encouraged to embrace the MKR fun and opportunity because of the proves success to this terrific brand for us in the past.

Promoting toys at newsXpress Wynnum

toyscolatHere’s an example of newsXpress engaging proactively at the local store level helping a member to promote their business. Our back office team tailored newsXpress exclusive toy promotional collateral for newsXpress Wynnum to use to promote their massive range of toys.

newsXpress members have access to an extraordinary range of local area marketing collateral for all sorts of occasions and opportunities. They also have access to material that can be modified to serve specific needs.

These resources are part of tyhe newsXpress offer to newsagents to help them grow their businesses for a brighter future.

Brilliant new young family gift for newsXpress members

Last week newsXpress announced an exclusive new product opportunity for members, a gift that is ideal for young families. This unique gift life is already generating excellent interest from members. They are thrilled to have such an exclusive line and that it is an Australian developed product.

Having this product on the counter is sure to bring kudos to newsXpress members for the innovative product, that it is ideal for a young family and that it’s Australian innovation.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity.

Another approach to Facebook likes for newsXpress Mount Morgan

newsXpress Mount Morgan is another newsXpress member using a QR code on receipts to prqrmorgxpomote likes on Facebook. While this business already has a massive Facebook community, this new promotion is set to enhance their position and better connect them with shoppers and visitors.

Using receipts in this way with collateral facilitated by the newsXpress back office team we are able to help members pitch a professional face on and through every day customer contact points.

QR codes are an easy way for customers to connect with a business, a product or a brand. newsXpress has been using QR codes for a while to facilitate engagement.

Driving Facebook engagement

qrcodexpnewsXpress Bishops Goondiwindi has been growing Facebook interaction with this QR code on their Point of Sale software receipts – engaging in a newsXpress promoted strategy of social media engagement.

newsXpress has been promoting this engagement to members for years and it’s back office team facilitates processional engagement with QR code generation as well as art for receipts if necessary.

This campaign goes beyond Facebook and shows newsXpress members as being the most engaged and tech-savvy and therefore mobile customer connected newsagents in Australia.

newsXpress visits HMK store

hmkThe newsXpress leadership team spent considerable time at the Hallmark HMK store in Kansas City earlier this week as part of a full week of briefings, meetings, back room insights and retail research with Hallmark senior management. HMK is one of many innovations being developed by Hallmark and getting a behind the scenes look at the business was a treat for our team as they plan well into 2015.

newsXpress team visiting with Hallmark in the US

newsXpress Directors Graham Randall and Mark Fletcher and newsXpress National Sales Manager Peter Francis are in the US this week to participate in a major retail conference with Hallmark Gold Crown operators, to look at retail trends and to discuss opportunities for newsXpress members.

In addition to engaging in excellent networking opportunities with Hallmark team members and Hallmark retailers, this trip is also providing an opportunity to gain retail insights that are relevant to niches in which Australian newsagents operate today and could operate in the future.

Insights will be shared with newsXpress members at forthcoming member meetings.

newsXpress Bairnsdale promoting their Facebook page

NXPbairnsdaleFacebookPosternewsXpress Bairnsdale in Victoria is one of several newsXpress members to take up the opportunity to use a QR Code to promote Likes for their Facebook page. Professional collateral like this – created by newsXpress for members – helps pitch the professionalism of the newsXpress business. This graphic design marketing service is another from newsXpress for its members.

Catalogues to drive more traffic for newsXpress newsagents

newsXpress members have been given another supplier-supported traffic-generating catalogue opportunity. Forecast at our national conference, this latest catalogue drives traffic for a desirable high-margin product niche. Supplier funding makes the catalogue more accessible and this helps drive newsagent member engagement.

newsXpress leads the newsagency channel in offering catalogue opportunities across a diverse portfolio of products. Beyond ink, newsXpress offers members flexible promotional opportunities off of which members can leverage new traffic and thereby drive business relevance.

In not relaying o traditional newspaper, magazine and lottery traffic, newsXpress is offering more future-proofing opportunities to members.