Educational Colours Paint Sells up A Storm!

ed-cols-riverlink.jpgThis stand of paints of all colours and a variety of types is proving to be a hit new product for newsXpress members like newsXpress Riverlink in Queensland.

Compact, attractive and easily noticed, the stand of paints is driving excellent business results for only a small retail footprint in-store.  return on investment as tracked by stock turn is an important factor for any retail business.

Sourced from newsXpress preferred supplier Educational Colours on competitive terms, this paint stand is an excellent addition to newsXpress businesses.

By merchandising in a cohesive and professional way, newsXpress members can expect to see pain sales lift thanks to this stand.

newsXpress currently has 130 preferred suppliers serving members.

Dad & Me Hallmark Recordable Storybook Ideal for Father’s Day

fathers-r2.JPGThe new Dad & Me recordable storybook from Hallmark is a welcome addition to the Father’s Day range for 2011. Supported by Hallmark with a terrific TV commercial, the Dad & Me storybook makes for a perfect Father’s Day gift and family keepsake. The pleasure and fun of this gift lasts well beyond that of many other gifts.

Hallmark is a newsXpress Strategic Partner, giving newsXpress members access not only to excellent products but also to valuable retail insights.

Using the Smurfs to Draw Shoppers at newsXpress Wetherill Park

smurfs-wetherill.JPGnewsXpress Wetherill Park has been using this terrific Smurfs promotion to draw traffic into their business.

With the Smurfs movie opening so close, September 15 around Australia, media and shopper interest is growing … as are sales of the Smurfs items sourced through newsXpress preferred suppliers.

newsXpress is the branded product innovator in the newsagency channel – successfully connecting the group with new movie releases and other national brand initiatives off of which newsXpress stores can drive traffic and basket building business.

newsXpress Wetherill Park is making the most of the Smurf opportunity.

Promoting the newsXpress Phone Card with Foreign Newspapers

phone-water2.JPGPromoting the newsXpress phone card with foreign newspapers is proving to be a smart move for newsXpress stores.  This placement promotes the phonecard to a marketplace which regularly uses phonecards.

We have had reports of customers saying that they have cut their phone bill by more than $500 in a year by switching.  The newsXpress phonecard is a good value phone card since it has no extra fees and charges which you see on many other cards.  This builds consumer trust and this is important as it is the newsXpress brand on the card.

We encourage newsXpress members to promote the newsXpress phonecard with foreign newspapers and at other high impact locations in-store.

Book Outpost at newsXpress Woden

books-woden.JPGnewsXpress Woden has been running a terrific outpost in their Westfield Woden centre, leveraging excellent book sales by promoting stock from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers. This excellent display leverages the newsXpress preferred supplier relationship to the max. The outpost also features Father’s Day gift ideas, making the most of the high-exposure opportunity.

newsXpress supports outposts as an excellent way to extend the revenue and customer reach of the newsagency.

Lovatts Promotion at newsXpress Cooma

lovatts-cooma.JPGnewsXpress Cooma has created space for promoting Lovatts crossword and puzzle titles in with the weekly magazines in addition to the usual crossword space in the newsagency.  This is the recommended approach for newsXpress stores – we know it drives incremental business.

This tactical placement of Lovatts titles by newsXpress Cooma is all about chasing incremental business for the crossword titles – based on the best selling brand in Australia … Lovatts.

Father’s Day at newsXpress Runaway Bay

fathers-runawaybay.JPGAcross the entrance to the newsagency, newsXpress Runaway Bay is offering an excellent range of Father’s Day cards from Hallmark and gifts from newsXpress preferred suppliers.

This offering on each side of the entrance to the newsagency means that shoppers cannot miss the offer – this is key to driving good business for the important season.

We are loving Father’s Day 2011 right across newsXpress.

Customers Love the My Grandpa and Me Recordable Storybook

fathers-r1.JPGnewsXpress customers are loving the new recordable storybook from Hallmark. The My Grandpa and Me storybook is a wonderful gift and keepsake, a welcome addition to the successful Hallmark recordable storybook range. The My Grandpa and Me storybook has arrived just in time for Father’s Day. newsXpress members are benefiting from the TV campaign which has been running in recent weeks promoting the Hallmark recordable storybook range.

Father’s Day Promotion for newsXpress Stores

nx-instore-sep11.jpgLast week newsXpress provided its Father’s Day promotional newsletter / flyer to newsXpress members for their use in the run up to Father’s Day 2011.

This newsletter is personalised by newsXpress members and used by them in shopper bags, on a stand at the front of the newsagency, for mailing with accounts and sent by email to their customer databases.

This excellent marketing platform is being used with terrific success by newsXpress members in growing sales and professionally and personally promoting their business locally.

Promoting Hallmark cards, magazines and other Father’s Day related items, this newsletter is an important part of the promotional push by newsXpress members.

Optus Mobile Phone and SIM card Offers at newsXpress Sunbury Square

optus-sunbury.JPGnewsXpress Sunbury Square is promoting its Optus mobile phone and SIM card offers at the sales counter.

They have kicked the traditional dump bin approach ip a notch with the sign detailing offers available.  This is an excellent move as it pitches the offer at eye level … thereby increasing the opportunity for shopper awareness.

newsXpress knows from member feedback that mobile phones and SIM cards can be purchased on impulse at the counter – hence our placement recommendation.

Thanks to our partnership with Optus and Jenlist, we have delivered a 100% boost in Optus mobile phone recharge commission earned by newsXpress members.

Father’s Day at Streaky Bay

fathers-streakybay.jpgGifts for dad are a feature of this display for Father’s Day on display at newsXpress Streaky Bay. Using newsXpress exclusive collateral, the display appeals to a broad range of Father’s Day giving situations.

Shoppers in Streaky Bay are getting to know that newsXpress Streaky Bay is an excellent place to shop for gifts. Well done to those involved in creating this display.

Father’s Day at newsXpress Top Ryde City

fathers-topryde.jpgnewsXpress Top Ryde City is promoting Father’s Day 2011 with this display right at the front of the newsagency, facing out into the shopping mall.

Inviting shoppers toward the business, the display features an excellent range of Hallmark cards along with a good range of Father’s Day gifts … all situated in the best location in the business.

This display also serves to promote greeting cards and gifts available from the business more generally to shoppers at the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre.

The Ben Kay Difference

newsXpress General Manager Ben Kay lived and breathes newsagencies and has done since leaving school. In his role as part of the leadership of newsXpress Ben delivers a passion and commitment which reflects the newsXpress commitment to the channel.

From the shop floor to the back room Ben is able to talk the talk and walk the walk. It is nothing for ben to roll up his sleeves and help a newsXpress member undertake one of our famous and valuable magazine relays. He is equally able to work through business reports and uncover business growth and development opportunities.

newsXpress is lucky to have Ben on the team and is grateful for the tireless personal and valuable help he delivers to our members every day.

Optus Mobile Phone Offer at newsXpress Rosebud

optus-rosebud.JPGShoppers in Rosebud have access to Optus mobile phone handset and SIM card deals thanks to the newsXpress Optus offer.

The other benefit for newsXpress members is the 100% increase in Optus recharge commission over the usual Optus recharge commission.  Delivering a 100% lift in Optus mobile phone recharge commission is a financially compelling benefit delivered by newsXpress, thanks to Optus and Jenlist, to newsXpress members.

The other benefit is basket depth thanks to the impulse nature of such mobile phone and SIM card purchases.

By placing this display unit at the main sales counter, newsXpress Rosebud is ensuring that they engage almost all shoppers in the opportunity.

newsXpress Runaway Bay Embraces Smurf Opportunity

smurfs-runawaybay.JPGnewsXpress Runaway Bay in is another newsXpress store successfully engaging with the Smurfs opportunity with this excellent display.

The excellent display is fresh and exciting – creating a strong impact around the Smurfs characters and brand – well done to those responsible for this display.

The Smurfs products are proving to be another hit newsXpress merchandise product.

Father’s Day at newsXpress Terrigal

fathers-terrigal.JPGnewsXpress Terrigal has been successfully promoting Hallmark Father’s Day cards at the entrance to the business. Shoppers can’t miss it as they step inside.

The Hallmark card range flows into a range of socks sourced through one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers in time for Father’s Day. The two categories of products work well together as do the Hallmark cards and other Father’s Day gifts from the newsXpress preferred supplier ranges.

Great Cadbury Toolkit for Father’s Day From newsXpress

fathers-cadbury2.jpgThis Cadbury toolkit is a key gift on offer from newsXpress stores this Father’s Day. newsXpress stores right across Australia are proudly offering the metal toolkit and the delicious and tempting Cadbury goodies inside as part of the 2011 Father’s Day campaign.

The newsXpress / Cadbury connection for Father’s Day is an example of our valuable connection with and support for national brands. newsXpress members are benefiting from extra traffic and easy selling thanks to Cadbury being the best known chocolate brand in Australia.

Father’s Day Wall at Wetherill Park

fathers-wetherillback.JPGnewsXpress Wetherill Park is promoting father’s Day 2012 in a number of locations in-store including this behind the counter wall display. This faces shoppers as they complete sales.

This placement is designed to help guide impulse purchases of Father’s Day gift items and to reinforce the Sony gift which one lucky shopper will win in each newsXpress Hallmark store.

newsXpress Riverlink Loving the Smurfs Traffic and Sales

smurfs-harbourtown.pngAt the front of the newsagency facing shoppers as they enter newsXpress Riverlink is this display promoting Smurfs characters and Smurf movie product.

Sourced through our newsXpress preferred suppliers and promoted by newsXpress, the Smurfs range at newsXpress Riverlink connects the business with the nostalgia as well as new versions of the characters as shown in the soon to release movie.

newsXpress is thrilled to be the only newsagency marketing group connected with the Smurf juggernaut … we’re loving it!  We are thrilled that great newsXpress members like newsXpress Riverlink are engaged and loving the Smurfs too.

Excellent Visual Merchandising Display at newsXpress Watergardens for New Idea Daffodil Day Promo

daffodil-watergardens.JPGThe visual merchandising team at newsXpress Watergardens has created a truly wonderful, engaging and compelling display promoting the current issue of New Idea magazine which supports the Daffodil Day campaign for the Cancer Council.  Located at the front of the newsagency and seen by shoppers in the mall, this display wonderfully connects the magazine,the fund raising campaign and the wonderful work of the Cancer Council.

Click on the image to see a bigger version of the display – see the excellent detail which makes this such a good and successful display.

newsXpress has encouraged all newsXpress members to get behind the Daffodil Day campaign being run by our strategic partner Pacific Magazines through their New Idea magazine this year.