FIFA World Cup promotion at newsXpress Melton

melton-world-cup.jpgnewsXpress Melton is enjoying good success in promoting World Cup magazines out the front of their business.

Using the newsXpress World Cup marketing collateral as a visual draw, the display offers an excellent range of World Cup titles.  It makes newsXpress Melton the go-to store for World Cup magazines in the area.

newsXpress is leading the newsagency channel with World Cup acitivity.  We have our marketing collateral, tipping competitions and an exclusive offer where a lucky shopper in each newsXpress store will be able to win a World Cup soccer ball.  newsXpress members are receiving more details on this next week.

BTW Winner at newsXpress Southport Park

southport-park.jpgThe marvellous newsXpress Back to Work promotion is still reaping benfits for stores with newsXpress Southport Park recently presenting a winning prizze to a lucky customer.

Daniel Robertson (right in the photo) was exceited as he received a 26″ Women’s MkII Comfort Bike from Southern Cross cycles simply with the purchase of a ream of paper! Natasha Sanchez from newsXpress Southport Park (left in the photo) was almost as thrilled as Daniel at the presentation ceremony.

First Division Lotto Prize at newsXpress Lutwyche

The team at newsXpress Lutwyche are still celebrating the sale of a winning First Division prize in Saturday Gold Lotto earlier this month for one lucky customer. While obviously not reaping the financial benefits, newsagents gain enormous pride and excitement about positively impacting the lives of their local customers in this manner.

The enthusiasm can become infectious attracting new customers to purchase lottery products from a 'lucky' store.  Featured below are LEFT: Louise (daughter of owners Judy & Brian) & RIGHT: Judy and Sarah (Team member) enjoying the spoils of this tremendous goodwill event. lutwyche_1.jpg  lutwyche_2.JPG

Supplier Deals at Brisbane Members Meetings

downloaded-200510-040.jpgA key feature of our regular member meetings other than group discussions about new marketing initiatives, the sharing of business ideas and networking is the presentation of supplier offers and deals, some exclusive to newsXpress.

A range of products for Father’s Day, Christmas and general sale from preferred suppliers such as Cheeki Trading, Ikon Collectibles, Hallmark and Arlec was presented and keenly sought by members as they recognised the value of group trading terms and ‘new money’ categories.

The photo to the left shows several Queensland members milling around a table of sample products, the important part of this interaction is the ability to see and feel the product rather than purchase blind from a catalogue or on a sales reps advice.

Margaret River 2010 Cow Parade

mr-cow-parade.jpgMargaret River are currently hosting the famed 2010 Cow Parade and newsXpress Margeret River have created a simple colouring in competition for kids to take advantage of the interest , tourists and theatre in town.

Colouring In competitions are an easy way to engage wiht customers as kids will often dictate their parents buying behavoiur – a good experience for the children will almost certainly ensure repeat custom frm the parents.

Well done to Andrew and Tanya and the team for identifying and benefiting from a local opportunity.

Amazing Stationery Transformation at newsXpress Riverlink

newsXpress Riverlink recently undertook the massive job of relaying their stationery department to present a more cohesive and professional retail offer. Through consultation with newsXpress National Merchandise Manager, Rob Henderson, the purchase and installation of new multi-purpose fixturing and the implementation of several preferred supplier plannograms, the results are stunning.





The clean lines of the slatwall, branding on the red bulkhead, newsXpress POS and generally well ordered line up of (from left to right): HOT ink!, Pens, UHU, Crayola, Canson, and associated product is a credit ot Belinda and her team. It requires time and effort to produce these type of results, but the outcome surely proves the great worth of undertaking relays in your store. Contact the newsXpress Support Team or your BDM if you would like to make a change in your business today.

State of Origin in full flight at newsXpress Redcliffe

001.jpgThe team at newsXpress Redcliffe are expectantly awaiting the start of State of Origin battle tonight, and have made a clear distinction of where their loyalties lie. Amy the Cane Toad and Hannah the Cockroach (left) lead the supportfor their respective teams in what is certain to be a typically bruising affair.

Sporting events are a perfect way for small businesses to engage their local community, dressing up the staff, decorating the store, or selling merchandise it is a strategy squarely aimed at the Australian obsession with sport, and none is more fervent than the northerners and their love of Rubgy’s biggest stage!

State of Origin ‘Fever’ at newsXpress Sarina

sarina-1.jpgThe major event on the NRL Calendar kicks off this Wednesday in 3D for those with the technology. This series is far and away the most hotly anticipated clash of the season and some extra impetus this year has been added by a desperate NSW Cockroach team hell-bent on preventing the QLD Maroons from claiming a record equalling fifth consecutive series win.

A number of newsXpress stores in the Northern states create great theatre in-store to capitalise on rabid interest from patriotic fans. newsXpress Sarina have built a multi-location display in their newsagency, highlighted by the QLD Shrine featured in the photo to the left. Merchandise and supporter gear have been coupled with the newsXpress posters to create a magnificent homage to the game.

2010 World Cup at newsXpress Forest Hill

world-cup-2010.JPGnewsXpress Forest Hill has repurposed two used visual display units to bring a range of 2010 World Cup magazines and other promotional items to the front of the business.  Along with newsXpress supplied marketing collateral, the store has been able to drive excellent sales results from this creative display.  Of particular interest are the Australian flags, kangaroos and other items with which shoppers can leverage Aussie pride in support of the Socceroos.

Supporting the Beechworth Harvest Celebration

beechworth-harvest.JPGnewsXpress Beechworth (VIC) created a wonderful main-street window display in support of the local Harvest Celebration.  Bringing together a range of harvest themed products and the creative expression of the team, the window is a tribute to everyone involved.  It does newsXpress Beechworth proud and will be an inspiration to others who pass by the shop and this blog.

World Cup at newsXpress Maryborough

maryborough_world-cup.JPGThe team at newsXpress Maryborough (VIC) has created a terrific display promoting the 2010 World Cup using the newsXpress supplied marketing collateral along with some material they created themselves.

Cheering on the Socceroos, the window is sure to encourage pride in the local community.

newsXpress is 100% behind the World Cup and is leading the way for newsagents in supporting this international sporting event.

2010 World Cup Tipping Competition

worldcup_tipping.jpgnewsXpress members have beeen provided free marketing collateral for download and use in promoting a local 2010 World Cup Tipping Competition.  There is an entry form as well as a poster which can be used to track the World Cup results.

This is another example of newsXpress delivering to members marketing collateral and customer connection opportunities which are unique to newsXpress.  It’s the newsXpress difference in action.

Dinnertable display for Master Chef at newsXpress Sandgate

masterchef-promo-2010-129.jpgnewsXpress members are a creative bunch. Take this display tor the launch issue of Master Chef magazine created by the team at newsXpress Sandgate. The display worked well. They sold out. Thanks to newsXpress contacts extra stock was arranged – meaning the display can continue to drive good sales of the magazine for the business.

newsXpress members enjoy supporting magazines and have been strong supporters of the launch of the Master Chef magazine.

Free newsXpress Radio for all newsXpress stores

newsXpress is proud to announce that it is delivering its newsXpress Radio initiative free to all newsXpress locations.

This is another first for newsXpress and the newsagency channel. newsXpress is the only national brand offering in-store radio across the whole network. What makes the newsXpress offer more compelling is that our radio is live: live news, live shout outs to stores and a good selection of live ads.

newsXpress radio features products we sell in our stores. It also offers reminders to customers on days weekly and major monthly magazines are launched.

With newsXpress radio now going live to all newsXpress stores, a more compelling advertising platform is now available for newsXpress suppliers.

National brand product offer for newsXpress

newsXpress members are being offered access to several ranges of products in exclusive product showrooms from a national supplier.

Participating newsXpress stores have the opportunity to leverage an excellent point of difference thanks to the deals put together by newsXpress working with the supplier.

The offers are being promoted at the current round of members meetings – further demonstrating the newsXpress difference in action.

Zoo babe Natasha Collins visits newsXpress Point Cook

zoopointcook.jpgZoo magazine babe Natasha Collins visited the newsXpress Point Cook store a week ago to promote the issue featuring her photos.  newsXpress was able to enlist the help of ACP Magazines to provide bonus marketing collateral so that the maximum benefit of the in store visit could be achieved.  Natasha was a good sport posing for plenty of photos with shoppers and signing copies of the magazine. Well done to the team at newsXpress Point Cook for putting on such a good day!

Busy Victorian newsXpress members meeting

newsxpress_newsagents.JPGMany Victorian based newsXpress members met in Melbourne last Thursday to look at new product (some exclusive to us), discuss new marketing initiatives, share business ideas and network.  It was a busy meeting with excellent content and business ideas members were able to take away and implement.

Regular networking opportunities is an important point of difference offered by newsXpress.  Next stop in our member meeting tour is Brisbane tomorrow.

Nobblers & Lushingtons at newsXpress beechworth

beechworth-local-author.jpgnewsXpress Beechworth is supporting a local author by promoting Nobblers & Lushingtons in-store. The book, by a local author, is a history of the hotels of Beechworth and the Ovens district.The book is prominently displayed on the corner of the main book table located in a high traffic area of the store.

Connecting with local opportunities like this is important to individual newsXpress members as well as to newsXpress nationally.  While we all trade under a national banner, our local community connection is vital to individual business health.

Margaret River resident wins surfboard

shop-photos-017-2.jpgSurfing World magazine ran a promotion in association with newsXpress Margaret River. Pictured in newsXpress Margaret River’s Andrew Wagner and Tim Coleman, a local customer who won the surfboard. The competition created considerable interest with the board hung above the surfing magazines.  Like any promotion, there is a reatil goal – in this case, more surf magazines were sold.

newsXpress appreciates publisher support for local promotions such as this one in Margaret River.