newsXpress newsagency marketing group members love our training videos

etbnewsXpress has published another training video in the series on how to create new high-margin products for sale in-store. The video offers training on Christmas products but is useful for all major seasons. The video was published in advance of another live training session on creating the products and answering questions.

newsXpress candy lane success stories

More and more newsXpress members are reporting sales success when following our candy lane advice on product mix, layout and shopper engagement. But we’re not publishing operational details and photos here since we want to keep the details of how we’re doing this to our own community.

One newsXpress member yesterday reported a $36.95 in additional revenue from a customer who came to the counter with a $5.99 card to purchase. The $5.99 plus$38.95 resulted in a sale worth $42.94. This is solely as a result of newsXpress buying, layout and marketing advice as presented at our first conference in Melbourne early this year and reinforced at our Gold Coast conference a few weeks ago.

newsXpress members are loving the practical money-making advice form newsXpress.

Promoting The Sticker Family on the Counter

sticker-counter.JPGnewsXpress stores are continuing to enjoy tremendous success with The Sticker Family range of My Family stickers.  Thanks to a range of collateral including this counter mat as seen at newsXpress Knox, promoting the range at a selection of touch points in-store is key to driving excellent sales.

The newsXpress Knox team has stories of people buying a card or magazine making an impulse decision to get some My Family stickers on impulse when they see the counter mat.  These stickers are an excellent basket builder.

The structured newsXpress approach, leveraging multiple touch points, to The Sticker Family is one of the reasons we have been enjoying such success nationally.

Gift cards a hit at newsXpress Beechworth

beechworth-giftcards.jpgnewsXpress Beechworth is reporting tremendous success with the Blackhawk gift card range.  At Father’s Day and other seasons the gift cards are a popular add-on to a greeting card purchase.  Gift card customers are also adding greeting cards to their purchase.  This is a nice win win for newsXpress Beechworth and other stores carrying the popular line.

Tracey from newsXpress Beechworth explained said they are very happy to have these gift cards as they know the post office next door have been selling helps of them.

newsXpress is focussed on a range of basket building strategies for newsXpress members to drive shopper efficiency.  This is working at newsXpress Beechworth.