newsXpress locations offer Maggie Beer gift pack

1010459_580583412019215_969423042_nnewsXpress retail locations across Australia are promoting a delicious luxury gift pack of maggie Beer products as part of our valentine’s day promotion being run in association with Hallmark Cards.

The photo shows the display of the gift pack at newsXpress Highlands Marketplace. This placement is certainly driving sales, showing customers what they could win if they purchase a hallmark Valentine’s Day card in-store.

newsXpress is thrilled to be offering such a valuable gift as a prize in each newsXpress hallmark store at no cost to newsXpress members.

newsXpress HOT ink! campaign beats Big W, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Australia Post, JB Hi Fi and newsagents

The latest HOT ink! campaign launched by newsXpress this week beats ink prices at Big W, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Australia Post, JB Hi Fi and newsagents. newsXpress members are being competitive while maintaining good margins. they are generating net new traffic using a range of marketing tactics and in-store engagements.

This HOT ink! has been timed to connect with the end of back to school and the thrust of back to uni and back to work.

HOT ink! off with a bang

hotink2014newsXpress members are actively engaging in driving traffic with the latest HOT ink! campaign that has hit the stores and homes around newsXpress stores. Featuring brand name ink and toner and offering two very special and exclusive opportunities.

HOT ink! in 2014 is all about driving traffic and basket depth. There are several mechanics to this offer that work to the exclusive benefit of newsXpress stores. The mechanics are supported with excellent marketing collateral.

Early feedback from newsXpress members is exciting.

newsXpress back to school campaign reaches 177,000+

nxp-btsThe newsXpress exclusive facebook campaign promoting back to School reaches 177,472 people in a week, pitching newsXpress locations as palces to shop for Back to School requirements in the last few days before the school year starts. newsXpress was the only newsagency marketing group visible on social media promoting BTS and newsagency businesses.

Valentine’s Day at newsXpress Eli Waters

valeliwnewsXpress Eli Waters in Queensland has a terrific window promoting Valentine’s Day products, using the newsXpress Valentine’s Day collateral to sign-post the important retail season.

Offering a range of plush, gifts and wonderful valentine’s Day cards, this display and the in-store promotion is a terrific traffic generator for the business and for the season.

Note the featuring of the EXCLUSIVE TO NEWSXPRESS Beanie Boos in the window!

Well done newsXpress Eli Waters.

newsXpress newsagency marketing group members selling donuts!

nxdonutDonuts anyone?!  Don’t eat them. No! These delicious looking donuts are actually soap – gift packaged and ideal for a gift for a neighbour or an old family friend or loved one.

Imagine how nana, grandma or granny will react when she opens a birthday gift and thinks you’ve bought her a donut.  She will love that the donut is soap – she will be the talk of her friends.

This delicious looking donut is just one item from a innovating range of items available to newsXpress members from preferred suppliers to pour newsagency marketing group.

Innovative products are competitive prices backed by retail shop-floor and marketing strategies are what make newsXpress loved by its members.


Selling kids tents in the Australian newsagency

nxtentnewsXpress innovation is paying off with members having success at selling kids tents. better still, these Australian designed tents are attracting new shoppers – kids with parents in tow who in-turn, purchase other items. Strategy beyond the tents themselves is the key here.

The tents are fun, exciting and eye-catching … delivering commercial benefits well beyond the sale of the tents themselves.

This is wonderful product innovation for newsXpress members from the newsagency marketing group. members love the opportunity and that we are supporting a small Australian supplier.

One newsXpress store has some more than forty of these tents in several months – delivering an excellent return on floorspace and an excellent return on investment.

newsXpress meets with suppliers to share insights and opportunities

Members of the newsXpress management and merchandise teams met with newsXpress preferred suppliers in Sydney yesterday to explore opportunities. This was our second supplier forum in just over a month. Combined, we have now met with close to 100 suppliers, formally and informally to work on an exciting 2014.

The agenda for yesterday’s newsXpress newsagency marketing group suplier forum was:

  1. What and who we are
  2. What we stand for
  3. The 3 things that matter the most
  4. Success stories
  5. Contact point opportunities in 2014
  6. Open forum

newsXpress is thrilled with the support from suppliers, their engagement in these forums and the plans already committed for 2014.

Between exclusive deals, early to market opportunities, excellent rebates and other benefits, newsXpress members can be assured of excellent opportunities for 2014.

More business development training opportunities for newsXpress members this week

newsXpress is this week running another business-building training opportunity for members of the proactive newsagency marketing group. This latest session was booked out in a day of being announced, causing newsXpress to make plans for a repeat of the session.

Providing small business newsagents with business management training is over of the many services provided by newsXpress above and beyond access to excellent products teams and exclusive products. The training provides insights into strategies and tactics that can be used to turn product opportunities into real cash that hits the bottom line.

Making newsXpress businesses more successful and therefore more valuable is a core goal of the newsXpress head office team. This latest training serves that goal. The take up indicates wonderful support from newsXpress members.

newsXpress offers a valuable newsagency marketing group difference

valbeanieThe newsXpress newsagency marketing group delivers value to members in a number of ways and areas. One of the loved points of difference is with exclusive product.

This Valentine’s Day, newsXpress members are the only retailers in Australia to have the Ty Valentine’s Day Beanie Boos. This exclusive product has been selling well for several weeks now, generating exclusive traffic for newsXpress stores and driving excellent margin. It will deliver excellent commercial results for newsXpress members, just as we saw for the exclusive Christmas Ty Beanie Boos.

While other newsagency marketing groups claim that they are better, newsXpress has been busy locking in opportunities such as this exclusive range for its members – showing that actions speak louder than words. This is what smart newsagents want, they want products and services that help their members to derive greater value from their businesses.

This is the newsXpress difference.

newsXpress set to launch an amazing shopper giveaway to drive ink sales

amicronewsXpress has just released marketing collateral for another newsXpress EXCLUSIVE: A free Amicro Touch Pad tablet computer to be given away in each of the participating stores. This is a campaign being offered at no cost to newsXpress members, demonstrating the value newsXpress drives for its members thanks to generous supplier relationships.

Each newsXpress store participating is being given eight A2 posters, the tablet computer, entry forms and terms and conditions – in a kit ready to drive in-store engagement with this exciting ink promotion.

Outside the store, hundreds of thousands of flyers are being sent to homes and businesses. Plus newsXpress is running creative and engaging social media marketing to drive traffic and success of HOT ink! for 2014.

We are thrilled to be starting 2014 with such an exciting, compelling and engaging campaign for newsXpress members and their customers.

This campaign has all the elements of success: excellent pricing for brand name ink, engaging out of store marketing, visually powerful shelf talkers, online marketing, an in-store bonus for volume shopping and a gift as a prize for one lucky shopper in each participating store.

Providing all the material and the prize and the supporting collateral is a pleasure for newsXpress as it helps members reach out beyond their shops for more success in 2014.

Success for online Better Homes and Gardens campaign

A newsXpress funded Facebook campaigned in the week following the release of the latest Better Homes & Gardens reached 24,408 women aged 25 to 40. This highly targeted campaign ran for a very short time just after the new issue went on sale. This is another example of newsXpress investing in leveraging key brands associated with our member businesses.

Promoting New Idea, Better Homes and Gardens and Marie Claire

1525030_571471959597027_1413799133_nnewsXpress Highlands Marketplace are promoting New Idea, Better Homes and Gardens and Marie Claire with an excellent well-placed front of store display.

Supporting newsXpress strategic partner Pacific Magazines in this way is certain to result in an excellent sales lift of the titles for the business.

The New Idea promotion is particularly timely as it supports the new brand campaign getting coverage on TV and online.

newsXpress encourages all members to undertake similar promotions.

newsXpress online campaign promotes Beanie Boos

newsXpress has run a highly targeted Facebook campaign promoting the latest Beanie Boos products that are now available in-store. This campaign is part of a broader social media investment being made by the group to connect the newsXpress brand with key consumer brands.

Beanie Boos is an extraordinarily successful brand for our group.

Love is in the air!

ValentiesDayemailbannernewsXpress members are sharing the love with a Valentine’s Day themed email footer on on business emails. This acts as a subtle reminder of the day and the retail opportunities leading up to the day. This email footer is part of our overall collateral for seasons: posters, shelf talkers and email footers to name just so of the marketing kit newsXpress provides.

Promoting New Idea brand campaign

magsbhgwatnewsXpress stores across Australia are promoting the new brand campaign supporting New Idea magazine. With floor display units and other collateral, newsXpress members have been encouraged to promote the title at the front of store over the next four weeks to connect with the TV and other media campaign.

Insights shared with newsXpress place our group well in terms of sales when we engage in this activity.

Members are sharing photos on our private Facebook page.

Sony PSP winners are happy shoppers

sonywinnerPlenty of newsXpress stores have been handing our FREE Sony PSP devices over the last week to winners of the Hallmark Christmas in-store promotion the participating stores signed up for.

We love getting photos of winners showing off their prize. There will be plenty more this year with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day all offering terrific customer prize opportunities – at newsXpress.

This program is run exclusive in partnership with our friends at Hallmark. newsXpress members supporting Hallmark pay nothing extra to participate in nominated seasonal campaigns – newsXpress funds this – delivering another reward for newsXpress membership.

newsXpress members participating in online newsagency development and marketing workshop today

newsXpress has a full house participating in an exclusive and confidential newsagency business development and training workshop today. This session, which will connect members from across Australia, will take participants deep into marketing and management strategies that are working within our newsagency marketing group.

Using the latest in online live webinar technology, this session is another valuable point of difference for newsXpress and its community of members and suppliers.