Optus handsets at newsXpress Orange

optus-orange-handset.jpgnewsXpress Orange has created a terrific display of Optus handsets in-store, leveraging the opportunity to sell mobile phones to shoppers thanks to the newsXpress / Jenlist / Optus relationship.

The professional display places newsXpress Orange into a strong position in the handset space. This makes them more competitive. It also sets them up to enjoy more recharge business.

If the first week is anything to go off, this display will generate excellent incremental revenue for newsXpress Orange.

By working together as a group with Jenlist and Optus, newsXpress members are able to leverage the value of our national retail network and through this drive not only the sales of Optus handsets but also sales of and margin from recharge business.

Working together in this way helps further demonstrate the newsXpress difference.

Smurf branded products at Knox City

smurf-knox1.jpgnewsXpress Knox at Knox City Shopping Centre in Victoria has an excellent range of Smurf branded product ready for what some say will be the biggest movie launch of the year, the new Smurfs movie.

The range in the photo is just part of the Smurf branded range available at newsXpress Knox.

The Smurf range is selling already.

By leveraging the growing publicity for the new Smurf film, newsXpress members are able to attract new traffic and gain sales from existing shoppers who are already Smurf fans.

newsXpress provided members with access to a broad range of Smurf branded products covering the original branding as well as the branding from the soon to be released movie.  Access to much of the product was an exclusive opportunity in the newsagency channel for newsXpress members.

In embracing the Smurf opportunity, newsXpress and newsXpress members have leveraged the tremendous PR and advertising spend around the new Smurf movie.  This strategy has worked well for us before and we anticipate that it will work well for us this time.  Already we are seeing good sales of Smurf merchandise in participating newsXpress stores.

The other benefit of engaging in the Smurf opportunity is relevance.  Carrying this range demonstrates a relevance to today;s opportunities.  With so many newsagencies looking tired and like a blast from the past, we know that we need to continue to innovate of range.  Doing this on the back of a multi million dollar movie spend is a smart move, a newsXpress move.

Award for newsXpress Knox display

harryp1.JPGCongratulations to the team at newsXpress Knox for winning a visual merchandising award from the herald and Weekly Times for their Harry Potter display behind the counter.  This display at first featuring Lord Voldemort and then Harry Potter drove new traffic and over the counter sales for the business.  It became an excellent anchor for the business for several weeks.

The Knox team uses this space behind the counter for powerful and basket building displays, always focusing on a single product or theme and usually doing this around a strong brand.

newsXpress Supplier Forum in Melbourne a Hit

suppforunmelb.JPGThe second newsXpress supplier forum, this time in Melbourne, was a real hit yesterday. Another room full of suppliers gathered to learn about the newsXpress model and discuss engagement with the newsXpress retail channel.

Some terrific opportunities have emerged out of the two supplier forums held this week. Opportunities for newsXpress, newsXpress members and newsXpress suppliers … especially for suppliers to work together.

Many suppliers commented that the forum presented genuinely unique and exciting opportunities.  We think that they presented the newsXpress difference.

By sharing details of the business model we are able to unlock mutually beneficial commercial opportunities and through these deliver even more value for newsXpress membership.

With 125 preferred suppliers now supporting the newsXpress community, our members have excellent choice backed by commercially competitive deals.

Nooks at newsXpress Harbourtown

nooks-harbourtown.JPGnewsXpress Harbourtown is having terrific success with Nooks from one of our newsXpress preferred suppliers.  This wonderful and fun range of collectibles is popular with shoppers, generating good sales as well as good traffic from its highly visible location.

The wonderful Nooks range is just part of the broad range of products available to newsXpress members on competitive terms from our mix of preferred suppliers.

HOT ink! deals att newsXpress Bairnsdale

ink-bairnsdale.JPGnewsXpress Bairnsdale is the go to place for ink and toner in Bairnsdale.  They carry the full range of newsXpress ink and toner deals and then some.  Their excellent ink and toner range for Bairnsdale shoppers is backed with great customer service.

With ink being such a habit based product, providing access to a consistent offering backed by excellent service is valuable for any business, especially a newsagency in a competitive marketplace.

The HOT ink! offer newsXpress provides members, such as newsXpress Bairnsdale, enables professional marketing of brand name products at highly competitive prices.  This is terrific for generating new traffic.  

newsXpress phonecard: the perfect gift for any occasion

phonecard-newsxpress.jpgThe newsXpress phone card, backed by newsXpress preferred supplier Australian Telecom, is growing in popularity as more newsXpress members understand the value of this as a perfect gift for all occasions in all situations.

Through our card department we are in the business of selling emotional connection.

What better way to reinforce the emotional connection than dropping in a $10 or $20 good value phone card in with the greeting card.

Whether the recipient calls within Australia or overseas, they save money with this phone card.

Every time they make a call, they connect with newsXpress. Every time they speak with a friend or a loved one, they do so through the newsXpress brand.

What a wonderful connection! Perfect for reinforcing the position of the newsXpress brand in helping people make emotional connections.

newsXpress members are encouraged to ensure that all employees understand the value of the newsXpress phone card as a perfect gift … with every greeting card purchase.

Kites selling well at Knox City

knox-kites.JPGnewsXpress Knox located at the Knox City Shopping Centre has been ejoying good sales of Kites as part of its recent hoilday toy sale.  The range of branded and unbranded kites sold very well for the business, providing for many happy Knox City shoppers.

Sourced through one of our preferred suppliers at an exceptional buy price, the kites have been delivering an excellent margin to the business, considerably above what is usual in the toy category.  This is another newsXpress buying difference playing out and delivering a good benefit.

The kites also worked well at attracting shoppers.  Many of the shoppers entering newsXpress Knox to look at the kites hanging above the product purchased other items.

History and Heraldry Sales Success at Sunbury

history-sunbury.JPGnewsXpress Sunbury Square is another newsXpress store enjoying terrific success with the range of products from newsXpress preferred supplier History and Heraldry.

Being on slim spinners, these products can be easily moved to combat shopper blindness.  This is key to driving sales.  The team at newsXpress Sunbury Square measure the performance and adjust locations accordingly … driving excellent results from another valuable newsXpress preferred supplier.

One of the benefits of the History and Heraldry range is the diverse mix of shoppers who purchase the products.  This makes it an efficient range to carry in-store.

Innovative newsXpress supplier forum

newsXpress hosted the first of two newsXpress supplier forums yesterday in Sydney.

Existing and prospective newsXpress suppliers were treated to presentations on the newsXpress point of difference from the shop floor through to the back room of newsXpress Head Office.  This insight and terrific two-way engagement with suppliers is set to lift supplier engagement to new and exclusive heights for newsXpress members of the newsagency channel.

On show in Sydney yesterday was the newsXpress difference, vision, commitment, services and transparency which will be seen to be key to success for newsagents over the coming years.

newsXpress appreciates the support from its supplier community, especially those who gave of their time and insights to participate yesterday in Sydney. We also appreciate the expertise and insights of newsXpress members invited to participate in the important meeting.

Promoting Optus prepaid products at newsXpress

jenlist-ballarat.JPGnewsXpress Ballarat is successfully promoting Optus products at the counter.

Seen by all shoppers, this location is ideal for driving impulse engagement with the prepaid sim cards and Optus mobile broadband product.

Through these and product products from newsXpress preferred supplier jenlist, newsXpress stores are generating good income from online business.  these products better connect us with consumers purchasing and consuming products and content online.

Castle Towers Makes Good Use of Plasma Displays

lcd-castle.JPGnewsXpress Castle Towers at the Castle Towers Shopping Centre in Sydney is making excellent use of Plasma displays for promoting a range of products in-store.  from newspapers to magazines to cards, the various plasma screens located around the newsagency are used to excellent effect and have been for years. The key, as the folks at Castle Towers know, is fresh content – they are excellent at keeping up with this.

newsXpress understands the value of promoting to shoppers in-store.  We are the only newsagency marketing group with a cohesive plan for leveraging customers in-store for add on purchases.

The Best Loyalty Program in the Newsagency Channel

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card is undoubtedly the best and most successful loyalty program in the newsagency channel.  For years, the newsXpress have been the only group wide loyalty marketing offer in the newsagency channel.

Since its release in 2005, this consumer  loyalty program has given newsXpress and newsXpress member locations a tremendously valuable point of difference.

Guiding customers to perform above average, the Magazine Club Card promotion delivers valuable incremental business in return for a valuable shopper reward.

From business performance data, we can see the value of the newsXpress Magazine Club Card program not only in magazine sales but also in other sales reported by newsXpress members.

Congratulations to newsXpress members for leading the newsagency channel in delivering genuine shopper loyalty rewards.

newsXpress Maryborough Promotes Local Connection

newidea-maryborough.JPGKudos to newsXpress Maryborough in Victoria for promoting the local connection in a story in New Idea last week.  This in-loction display showed their shoppers the local connection and helped drive sales as a result.

It is this type of local and practical engagement which helps reinforce the relevance of one outlet over another when it comes to magazines.

So, congratulations to the team at newsXpress Maryborough for acting on this opportunity.

Baked and Delicious at newsXpress Riverlink

baked-riverlink.JPGnewsXpress Riverlink has had a terrific display for the new Baked and Delicious partwork bordering their main newspaper stand.

This display cannot be missed by anyone entering the shop.  This is a crucial element of any impulse purchase display.

The newsXpress Riverlink team understand the importance of well advertised titles like Baked and Delicious in driving traffic and driving more efficient (and valuable) shopping baskets.

Well done to everyone involved!

Retro Selling Well at newsXpress Bairnsdale

retro-bairnsdale.JPGnewsXpress Bairnsdale is another newsXpress location enjoying success with a range of retro product available from newsXpress preferred suppliers and supported with newsXpress exclusive marketing collateral.

newsXpress tapped into the retro opportunity early and helped members make good money from gift opportunities.  Retro is working well for shoppers across a range of age groups and in a variety of economic circumstances.  These gifts are a perfect ass-on to a greeting card purchase.

The newsXpress merchandise team is a resource for helping newsXpress members who want to diversify their gift range, such as into retro.

newsXpress members keen to expand gifts are welcome to engage directly with the newsXpress merchandise team.

Launching Maxim at newsXpress Redcliffe

maxim-redcliffe.jpgnewsXpress Redcliffe in Queensland has been promoting the launch issue of Maxim magazine with this in-location display of the title.  Like many newsXpress stores they are making the most of the promotional activity around the launch of this new Australian title.

Maxim fills a gap for lads magazines on newsagency shelves.  This is another reason newsXpress stores, like newsXpress Redcliffe, are getting behind it and promoting this launch issue of Maxim.

Promoting Baked and Delicious in Melton

baked-melton.JPGnewsXpress Melton is promoting the new Baked and Delicious part series with a terrific display in an excellent location.  Sales have been excellent as a result of the high-profile display and the excellent TV campaign over the last few days including spots on MasterChef.

Like many newsXpress members, newsXpress Melton leverages magazine opportunities and advertising driven magazine traffic such as is the case with Baked and Delicious to drive sales of other products, making the most of the excellent magazine traffic.