Great Halloween window promotion

haleli2We love this Halloween window display that has been in place at newsXpress Eli Waters in the lead up to Halloween on October 31. It’s appropriately scary and fun. Great job newsXpress Eli Waters!!!

Thanks to support from newsXpress preferred suppliers many newsXpress members have been having a scary good time with Halloween this year – excellent displays generate excellent results.

From small impulse items to big feature items that serve as centrepieces of displays, Halloween works for newsXpress members on a broad range of levels.


Christmas shopping bag opportunity from newsXpress

newsXpress earlier this month announced details of our 2013 Christmas shopping bag opportunity. Continuing a tradition within our group members are able to access Christmas shopping bags that are newsXpress branded and that connect with the Christmas season.

newsXpress Christmas shopping bags are another way of promoting the newsXpress brand in local communities.

newsXpress negotiates additional discount for newsXpress members

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress last week announced details of an additional discount negotiated for newsXpress members. This additional discount applies to a broad range of products in a commercially valuable category for smart newsagents like newsXpress members.

By regularly reviewing commercial relationships and pursuing the best possible deals in the newsagency channel newsXpress is delivering continually improving value for newsXpress members.

The latest announcement delivers an unexpected and welcome financial bonus for newsXpress members, reinforcing the value of being part of newsXpress.

newsXpress could have easily kept the additional margin for itself. Instead, the benefit is on the table for newsXpress members, driving better gross profit from what they sell.

Halloween at newsXpress stores across Australia

haleli1449newsXpress newsagency shops across Australia are having fun with Halloween – like newsXpress Eli Waters in Queensland.

Using the newsXpress provided marketing collateral and products from newsXpress preferred suppliers – offering excellent pricing – newsXpress Eli Waters has been promoting Halloween with this excellent product display that embraces retail theatre.

Halloween is an excellent season to promote after Father’s Day and before the major Christmas promotion. It’s a fun and engaging retail season – one newsXpress has owned in the newsagency channel for seven years!

New Facebook campaigns promote newsXpress

newsXpress outlets have been promoted in two Facebook promotions over the last week as the best magazine retailers in Australia for top-selling magazine titles.

The latest promoted Facebook campaigns were for InStyle and Diabetic Living, both titles from Pacific Magazines.

By using Facebook to promote the titles and the newsXpress retail channel, newsXpress is raising awareness in Australia for our group and our point of difference as magazine professionals.

Business marketing involved multiple layers. This social media engagement by newsXpress is just part of a broader brand awareness campaign.

Tents selling well at newsXpress

tentssellingsnewsXpress members taking on the new range of Australian designed high-margin tents we have on offer are reporting excellent sales in just a couple of weeks of having the exciting and engaging products on the shop floor.

Sourced at a recent gift fair, the range of tents is selling well in what is proving to be a strong pre-Christmas market for newsXpress stores. We especially like this range of tents as they are locally designed and speak to the Australian marketplace.

More newsXpress members attracting shoppers through email and TXT message campaigns

More and more newsXpress members are attracting new shoppers thanks to free email campaigns that newsXpress helps members to create and send.

Sent as personal emails from each local business to local customers, newsXpress and its members are able to reach out to local known shoppers to attract them to the business for an offer, promotion or new product.

This free local area marketing is another way newsXpress is helping members attract more feet through the door without having to spend any money on advertising.

The newsXpress help includes training in access to the platform and content to send.

One member achieved additional sales worth in excess of $300 within 24 hours of sending one email we suggested to them. This is money in the back as the $300 in sales came with a GP of more than 65%.

What a great deal!

20+ suppliers of Christmas product for newsXpress newsagency marketing group members

newsXpress has Christmas special offers from more than twenty preferred suppliers and the details of the participating suppliers were shared with members early this month as a reminder of the special buying opportunities.

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to make additional gross profit through better buying – hence the importance of tapping into supplier opportunities that are uncovered through newsXpress preferred supplier deals.

In reminding newsXpress members about Christmas offers we are respecting that some offers may have been missed through the year. Bottom line: we want newsXpress members to have the best Christmas ever!

newsXpress welcomes new members

While we don’t make a habit of announcing new newsXpress members here for competitiev reasons, we are thrilled today to welcome the following new members to the group: newsXpress Pambula NSW, newsXpress Mt Morgan QLD ,newsxpress Monier QLD, newsXpress Newstead  TAS and newsXpress Jindabyne in NSW.

We have plenty more new members close to joining the group as newsXpress grows its membership base across the country. Our Grow Your Own Way campaign is striking a nerve with newsagents keen to grow their businesses yet to have flexibility to operate independently as needed.

newsXpress newsagency exclusive product selling out

cobestknoxProduct imported especially for newsXpress stores and released just over a week ago has been selling our based on sales reports from participating members. Taking on the product was optional for newsXpress members. Those who did take on the product are enjoying excellent success.

The range includes book ends and money boxes. Beautifully made and delivering excellent margin. newsXpress members are very happy with the results.

Access to the products was negotiated exclusively for newsXpress members at a recent gift fair in Hong Kong and the result was a range of terrific product for newsXpress members.

In making the product optional for newsXpress members, newsXpress allowed local businesses to go with the exclusive product only if they felt that it was right for their business. This is newsXpress serving the needs of members is a respectful way.

newsXpress members embrace Movember 2013

movembernewsXpress members have been ordering up to be ready for the Movember promotion that is certain to drive traffic and sales in-store.

The catalogue sent out to members presents an excellent range of gifts and promotional items for the Movember promotion – giving newsXpress members excellent opportunities for a fun and valuable season.

Thanks to the support of more than 130 preferred suppliers, newsXpress is able to help members grow their businesses in a broad range of areas including seasonal promotions like Movemnber.

newsXpress Facebook campaign reaches 100,000

newsXpress continues to attract new shopper engagement through Facebook advertising campaigns. The latest campaign promoted a new range of Hallmark product available through newsXpress member locations. In addition to drawing attention to product opportunities, these Facebook campaigns are growing newsXpress Facebook page likes and through this extending the reach of our Facebook friends community.

Facebook marketing is just part of the newsXpress social media promotional activity.

Early access to marketing collateral helps newsXpress members embrace Halloween and other seasons

halloween2013While newsagents in one marketing group were still waiting for halloween marketing collateral late last week, newsXpress members were happy to have their collateral well in advance of October so they could make the most of the Halloween seasonal opportunity. Going out early with Halloween has proved to be valuable over the years given the proximity of school holidays to Halloween. We have had stores report in excess of $1,000 in sales of Halloween product in the school holiday period – thanks in part to the early support of halloween collateral by newsXpress.

Hallmark Christmas Keepsakes at newsXpress

hmkkeepsakes2013Some newsXpress members are reporting excellent early sales from the 2013 Hallmark Christmas Keepsakes. Positioned on the shop floor in an attractive display unit and featuring unique to 2013 designs, the Keepsake display unit is attracting shoppers and driving impulse purchases.

Thanks to clever visual merchandising insights from newsXpress our members have additional information on taking the display to a new level – beyond what Hallmark provided.

newsXpress NSW/ACT members welcome new RDM

Newsagency marketing group newsXpress members in NSW and ACT are welcoming our latest recruit, Amanda Burns, into their stores as our Retail Development Manager for the region.

Amanda is bringing fresh energy and insights to the role as she gets to meet all our members and share with them new opportunities for their businesses.

Amanda’s hands-on experience in newsagencies as well as with a major supplier provides her with fresh insights that will help newsXpress members grow even more successful businesses.

The appointment of Amanda to this role reinforces the newsXpress commitment to regular, structures in-store business development assistance and guidance from newsXpress as a core offering to its newsagency marketing group members.

newsXpress announces more member cluster meetings

newsXpress last week announced details of more cluster meetings where members can network and discuss business with other newsXpress members and key management from within the business. These new cluster meetings offer an excellent business-building opportunity for newsXpress members.

The details of the next meetings are:

  • Brisbane – Monday 28th October – MDI Head Office and Showroom.
  • Melbourne – Tuesday 29th October – Korimco / Skansen Brands Head Office.
  • Sydney – Wednesday 30th October- IS Head Office and Showroom.

Access to the cluster meetings is free.

Tents selling at newsXpress

tentswatergMore and more newsXpress members are selling the new range of tents sourced by the grow for members. In addition to driving welcome sales, the tents have been working a treat at attracting new traffic – especially through school holidays.

On the shop floor, the tents make a stunning visual impact.

Designed in Australia and made to high standards, these tents are a wonderful and innovative product. newsXpress offers members a point of difference through products like this, leading in sourcing new product opportunities with which to build more success.

newsXpress exclusive Beanie Boo coming

beanieboonewsXpress members are excited for the exclusive new Beanie Boo heading their way. newsXpress members were given the opportunity to opt-in for this opportunity and many did, locking in an exclusive product for newsXpress members.

Ty Beanie Boo collectors will seek out newsXpress stores to get their exclusive to newsXpress product.

This is just another way newsXpress is driving traffic for members.