newsXpress hosting in-store marketing events

newsXpress is continuing to host traffic generating marketing events for newsXpress members to help uncover new traffic opportunities in and around their businesses.

Here are a couple of photos from a recent event in regional NSW where we helped a newsXpress attract new shoppers from the region to check out new products and engage with the business for the first time.

IMG_1699 (1) IMG_1717

newsXpress Strategies Drive Success For The Sticker Family Product

sticker-people.JPGShoppers are drawn to the pull up banner promoting the My Family Stickers from The Sticker Family like bees to a honey pot.  This is the best analogy ever … the pull up banner really is a honey pot.

One newsXpress member watched interaction over a one hour period last Sunday and in that time eight groups of people approached the display and three of these purchased stickers immediately.  Two others asked questions and said they would be back after talking to other family members.  All eight groups were walking through the shopping mall through the hour long observation and approached the newsXpress outlet because of the tactically placed pull up banner.  The engagement tactics used by the newsXpress member were what helped drive immediate and future sales.

We know that purchasing these stickers is often a shared, family, experience. This is why helping family members make the choice is an important and valuable part of the process.  newsXpress has recommended to members a suite of tools and tactics with which to drive family involvement and ensure excellent sales as a result.

The exceptional sales being driven in newsXpress stores with the My Family Stickers range is proof of the newsXpress difference in action and working to the commercial benefit not only of newsXpress members but also for our partner supplier – The Sticker Family.   We appreciate their help and support and the assistance they have given to enable newsXpress stores to lead the channel in sales of this product.

What a tremendous success story!

The newsXpress approach to and success with The Sticker Family is an excellent case study for newsagents who are comparing newsagency marketing groups.  The newsXpress success shows off a commercially astute and valuable point of difference.  It shows that newsXpress actions speak louder than the words of others.  Yes, we are very proud of what we have achieved and continued to achieve with this excellent product.

Getting in early for Father’s Day

fathers-day-newsxpress.jpgThe newsXpress exclusive IN-STORE OFFERS newsletter for August has a timely Father’s Day theme.  This popular and effective marketing tool is helping newsXpress members drive good business – both impulse business and new traffic business.

Developed exclusively for newsXpress members by talented our in-house marketing team, the newsletters are working very well for us and for our suppliers on commercial and customer communication levels.

We use this newsletter platform along with catalogues and other local flyers to promote the great deals which newsXpress negotiates with its suppliers.

This newsletter is a terrific example of the newsXpress difference in action.   We provide our members with professional quality outcome focused marketing initiatives which represent the national brand and the local store.  Each newsletter is personalised for the local business.

Access to the newsletter is part of the newsXpress membership package.  There is no extra fee for this service.

Back to Work deals at newsXpress Forest Hill

back_to_work.JPGnewsXpress Forest Hill (VIC) has a big Back to Work display at the front of the dance floor, on show to shoppers in the mall.  The Back to Work display is working to attract shoppers in and enticing them with brand name good margin deals.

Back to Work is an excellent opportunity to reach shoppers who would usually not consider purchasing stationery from you.  This is what they are finding at Forest Hill thanks to some of the new items in the catalogue.  They are also finding regulars happy with the ink deals in the HOT Ink! pages of the Back to Work offer.