Promoting The Blob at Ballarat

Check out the promotion of The Blob at the counter at newsXpress Ballarat.

With so many newsXpress stores selling out and reordering, it’s clear that The Blob success has a long way to go: excellent margin, easy selling and wonderful terms.

No wonder newsXpress Ballarat is promoting it at the counter – it’s a perfect impulse item.

Some newsXpress members are on their third order – making excellent money from this terrific newsXpress EXCLUSIVE item. It’s the newsXpress difference ringing in the cash register.

Promoting FIJI holiday prizes

newsXpress Melton and other newsXpress members have been promoting the Pacific Magazines FIJI holiday prizes as part of our commitment to the nexus program. This placement of the floor display unit next to the counter ensures maximum eyeballs seeing the promotion. The result is sales growth for newsXpress members of the Pacific Magazines titles.

We promote magazines in newsXpress outlets as they continue to represent an important and commercially valuable traffic driver for our businesses.

newsXpress Emerald promotes Women’s Fitness launch

Check out the stunning display created by newsXpress Emerald in Queensland for promoting the launch issue of Women’s Fitness magazines.

Simply stunning.

The test of any display is the sales it generates. This one is working a treat with terrific sales from the moment the display went up.

newsXpress members across the country are supporting the launch of Women’s Fitness magazine with displays like this and tactical engagement in-store.

They love The Blob at newsXpress Grovedale

Check out the fun they’re having with the Blob at newsXpress Grovedale. T-shirts on, smiles on their faces and product in hand ready to show off.  No wonder they and other newsXpress members are reporting excellent sales of The Blob.

This is a runaway hit product for newsXpress members, a product selling well thanks to great in-store support, great promotional activity.  From now to Christmas, newsXpress members will be loving the sales get get from The Blob thanks to regular in-store promotion.

Brilliant promotion of Women’s Fitness at newsXpress Riverlink

newsXpress Riverlink has a terrific window display promoting the launch of Women’s Fitness from ACP.  they have brought plenty of elements into the window display to bring the focus on the magazine to life.

Click on the image to see the display in detail – there is even more behind the posters we could not capture in this photo.

Launching Women’s Fitness magazine

newsXpress locations across Australia are promoting the launch of Women’s Fitness magazine from ACP.

With a $2M launch marketing spend, supporting the launch makes a lot of sense – we can leverage the awareness the ACP spend is driving among consumers. The campaigns by ACP are excellent.

The photo shows how one of our newsXpress corporate stores is supporting the title. This double-sided display is at the front of the business, on the lease line – facing into the mall. See how the team have kicked up the ACP collateral with backing colour selections.

newsXpress members have been encouraged to support the title as ACP is a commercial partner of the group – helping to fund what we do.

newsXpress radio drives business for newsXpress preferred suppliers

newsXpress radio, playing in newsXpress stores, promotes partner suppliers, driving sales of their product above other product in-0store. It’s a terrific network platform off of which newsXpress and its partners can promote the business for a mutual win.

Through advertising, comments and other connections, newsXpress radio unlocks additional value from group membership.

newsXpress provides members with access to newsXpress radio at no additional cost, saving members more than $600 a year.

newsXpress Ascot Vale promotes Independent Studios gifts

newsXpress Ascot Vale is promoting an excellent mix of child related toys and activity gifts from our friends at Independent Studios.

This range of quality and well merchandised products is a wonderful addition to any newsXpress store. It presents well on shelves and is easily purchased on impulse by shoppers in the store for other items.

Independent Studios has some excellent products ideal for impulse purchase.

newsXpress Ascot Vale is a beacon store in Ascot Vale, drawing shoppers for their excellent range of gifts … making them a destination store for locals.

Wonderful window display for The Blob at Mt Martha

Check out the fantastic window display promoting The Blob at newsXpress Mt Martha in Victoria.

Facing the busy street, this display is leveraging the EXCLUSIVE to newsXpress product, showing local Mt Maertha shoppers why they should visit newsXpress and checkout the great gift and product for personal use.

The Blob is the product to promote and display right through to Christmas as it works on so many giving occasions.

Well done newsXpress Mt Martha!

The Blob at newsXpress Port Fairy

newsXpress Port Fairy is another newsXpress enjoying excellent success with The Blob.  Selling 75% of the initial allocation in a few days, the store quickly sought additional product. Showing off the product at the counter and engaging with shoppers is working a treat for selling The Blob.

newsXpress stores have been having a great success with The Blob – selling out, ordering more and selling out again. This is a great success story!

The keys are to engage with shoppers, use the newsXpress collateral: t-shirts, badges, posters and pricing materials. This is not a product which can be price compared – ensuring excellent margin for newsXpress members.

newsXpress Eliminyt promotes Beanie Boos

newsXpress Eliminyt is having fun with the beanie Boos range of plush. Selling well from perfect placement adjacent to the main counter, these cute plush items are selling a treat for the business from the easy to shop round spinner.

Many newsXpress stores are reporting success with Beanie Boos from our friends at Big Balloon. They are easy to sell and purchased for many different occasions.

Featured at our last round of member meetings. The range has been taken up by high street, shopping centre and regional members. for some it is their entry into plush while for others it is an extension of an already strong plush offering.

In almost every situation Beanie Boos is working well for newsXpress.

Promoting FIJI trip competition from Pacific Magazines

newsXpress Knox is promoting the Pacific Magazine competition with this placement next to newspapers.

The store checks sales form the unit by counting copies. This way it can assess whether it is working well.  It is. Customers heading only for a newspaper can pick up a magazine on impulse, adding to their basket.

All newsXpress stores are participating in this promotion thanks to terrific collateral packs from Pacific Magazines.

This promotion is one of several from Pacific currently in-store.

newsXpress tagged in Cheeki TVC

newsXpress is the only newsagency group to be tagged in the TV commercial being run at the moment by Cheeki water bottles. These safe BPA free bottles are a hit in newsXpress stores. Being tagged is a coup for newsXpress members right across Australia and a reason to ensure the Cheeki products are displayed in a prominent position in-store. We sincerely appreciate the support of Cheeki in further promoting our brand.

Wall of toys at newsXpress Ocean grove

Check out the wall of toys on show at newsXpress Ocean Grove. Thanks to excellent buying and merchandising, newsXpress Ocean grove is to go to retailer for toys in the region. Offering an excellent range of toys in an easy to shop display – catering to all agents and interests. This is another example of good retailers catering to the needs of their local community.

New Cheeki water bottle stand at Ascot Vale

The new style Cheeki water bottle stand at Ascot vale is helping boost sales of the safe (BPA free) drink containers from our friends at Cheeki.

the stand hosts a range of Cheeki product and presents it in a professional and attractive way – helping each retailer with the stand to connect with the brand in a way certain to drive a better sales outcome.

Cheeki is a long term partner of newsXpress and a valued member of our preferred supplier community.

Hallmark Christmas Keepsakes at newsXpress stores now

Plenty of newsXpress stores across Australia have the Hallmark Christmas Keepsakes on the shop floor … and selling.

This year’s Hallmark Christmas Keepsakes are presented in a terrific floor display unit of a class and style ideal for promoting the exclusive Christmas themed items.

newsXpress stores ordered months ago in their planning for the run up to a successful Christmas.

Packaged for gift giving or preserving by collectors, these keepsakes help newsXpress members present a branded point of difference around the Christmas theme – a valuable point of difference for participating newsXpress members.

The Blob at Sanctuary Lakes

The team at newsXpress Sanctuary Lakes has done an excellent job bringing the display promoting The Blob to life.

This display draws attention to The Blob, makes it a must-see product.

newsXpress stores right across Australia have been selling out of initial product and are now well into selling the second round of product shipments.

Australia … you’re being blobbed.  At newsXpress!

This is creative newsagency marketing in action.

The Blob at Ocean Grove

newsXpress Ocean Grove has been promoting The Blob with this dance floor display – using images to connect The Blob with the display in a larger than life display. It’s terrific to see newsXpress members go the extra mile with the opportunity like The Blob.

The Blob is going to sell well for months thanks to shopper demand. It’s perfect in the run up to Christmas, ideal for the Kris Kringle gift.

This is newsXpress showing off more commercial value for members.