Father’s Day at Ocean Grove

newsXpress Ocean Grove has been having a terrific Father’s Day season with this display on the dance floor and promotions elsewhere in the business, pitching the excellent range of Father’s Day cards from hallmark and Father’s Day gifts in-store.

With the Hallmark and newsXpress collateral signposting the seasonal offer there is no doubting the go-to place for finding Father’s Day product in Ocean Grove.

newsXpress Ocean Grove is wonderfully connected to the surrounding community with excellent products and services.

Terrific GNS Market fair in Brisbane

We are enjoying being at the GNS Market Fair in Brisbane today. It’s been hard to get a moment to photograph the stand without people there talking about newsXpress and what we offer newsagents.

We are thrilled to have already caught up with plenty of newsXpress members and some terrific prospective members keen to grow their newsagencies.

Father’s Day window in Bairnsdale

newsXpress Bairnsdale has been promoting Father’s Day 2012 with this window display.

Featuring newsXpress collateral and some of the many Father’s Day products, the window is a terrific representation of the Father’s Day opportunity at newsXpress.

The window display cleverly promoted the Hallmark gift of a shaver to one lucky shopper at newsXpress Bairnsdale.

newsXpress stores are giving away prizes worth more than $50,000 this father’s Day season.

Father’s Day at Riverlink

newsXpress Riverlink has been promoting Father’s Day in-store with this shop floor display showing off wonderful gifts and capped by the newsXpress Father’s Day collateral.

While most Father’s Day sales are in the last week, going out early – as many newsXpress members have done – can generate excellent add-on business on impulse.

The newsXpress collateral has been complimented by members … loving the sweet, professional and unique message. we are proud to deliver fresh and creative collateral for each of the seasons to newsXpress members.