Why newsXpress is working with Coke and the value this brings to newsXpress members

cokenewsXpress is the only newsagency marketing group to have a formal relationship with Coca Cola, the largest and most successful beverage company in Australia and the world.

newsXpress has developed the relationship over the last year and a half and in 2013 is driving even more value for newsXpress shoppers, newsXpress members, Coke and some of our partners.

We have recently had an opportunity to learn more about Coke, its positioning, its values and how this connects with us at a landmark international conference. This reinforced the important of the decision to focus on the relationship with Coke.

When you are working with the best consumer brand anything else is not what it could be.

Here are some key points about the value of the Coke brand and its connection with today’s consumer:

  • Coke is a brand that inspires optimism and happiness and hope.
  • Coke’s mission is about refreshing the world. It does this using a message of happiness and optimism.
  • Millenial consumers very concerned about the environemnt. Coke connects with them. On … water stewardship … recycling … climate protection.
  • Coke engages consumers with stories with strong and emotional content. The stories share value and create connections. This creates brand love and shared value.
  • Stories are the new currency for Coke in bulding their brand.
  • Coke invites all businesses to join in this journey on happiness and shared values.
  • The biggest shift in retail being driven by techology / mobility.

newsXpress is delivering strategic and valuable partnerships to newsXpress members, partnerships which bring their own shopper traffic and help drive greater engagement from existing shoppers.

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