Newsagency marketing group newsXpress embraces shop local campaign

nxfeb2013Newsagency marketing group newsXpress has launched a shop local campaign among newsXpress members right around Australia.

Launched through our newsXpress INSTORE communications platform, the local shopping message is being pitched through a flyer headed: Ten reasons to support local newsXpress business and other local independently owned businesses.

Personalised for each newsXpress store, this newsletter makes a compelling shop local pitch and it does this under the newsXpress banner.

In addition to excellent supplier deals, sales driving marketing collateral, excellent in-store prizes and practical business management help, newsXpress engages in a campaign of social responsibility for and with its members, to pitch to local businesses and shoppers that shopping local is good for the community. That’s what this campaign is about.

newsXpress is proud to be leading the newsagency channel with this pitch.

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