newsXpress helps local newsagents create more value in and from their local retail businesses

The value a retailer derives from their business depends on decisions they make daily.

In a newsagency it can be challenging with some of the requirements relating to some of the products sold.

newsXpress helps local retail newsagents pours value in a range of ways from the big picture to the small and local – like at the individual product level.

The value of a product depends on the gross profit for that product, what you sell it for less what you paid for it. The real value of a product is the gross profit less the labour, and retail space costs for the product. The value of a product over a year is these things times the quantity of the product sold.

If you sell a gift for $250 with a GP% of 50%, you make $125.00. That’s the same as the GP you would make from around 380 newspapers, 85 magazines or 100 or so lottery tickets.

The challenge is to have the right higher price point items that sell at good volume to deliver more bankable margin dollars than you will make from lower margin legacy products.

This is where newsXpress helps its retail newsagent members grow profit, and through this cultivate greater value for their businesses, and from that flows enjoyment.

Can anyone sell items worth $250 or more? In our experience, yes!

But, value is about more than the ticket price of an item. Other factors:

– Buy price.

– Stock turn.

– Shrinkage.

– Differentiation.

newsXpress offers advice and support to local retail newsagents on these, helping you to maximise every value opportunity.

We know that if we help you maximise value at the transaction level, it plays our wonderfully when the time comes for you to sell your business.

Helping local retail newsagents cultivate value.

We guide local retail newsagents to harvest greater value, profit, and thereby make your business worth more.

Our community of supporting and engaged preferred suppliers offer members better margin opportunities.

We shine a light on products that turn faster.

We have preferred suppliers who: provide exclusive product and who offer first to market opportunities.

Exclusive. Plenty of our preferred suppliers do not sell to other newsagents.

Our central billing program unlocks for you delayed billing terms, and more.

Our shop floor tactical training and guidance can help you achieve higher inventory turn rates, delivering a better return on investment, better return on floor space, and better return on labour.

This is key – buying a product at a deal price is good, but not the answer if that product does not sell in an efficient way. newsXpress helps you drive product turn efficiency.

Enjoying your local retail newsagency business.

Okay, this is important for any retailer and especially for local retail newsagents.

Enjoying your business helps you make better decisions. It also helps those with you in the business make better business decisions.

Through our newsXpress community you have friends you can have a laugh with, and folks you can trust to decompress with.

In our Zoom meetings and other contact points we, together, have a laugh.

The business itself becomes enjoyable when speed bumps are overcome and stormy weather guided away. Having access to your own business mentor can help achieve these things.

Success is enjoyable. We encourage and help to find success so you can feel the happiness it brings.

We understand, too, that enjoyment can be different for each of us. We are keen to know what enjoyment feels like for you, to make sure that we tap into enjoyment in a way that is meaningful to you.

Now, let’s turn to the how

Nurturing your success – a message for local retail newsagents.

newsXpress helps local retail newsagents nurture success through opportunities you can leverage, often needing little or no capital investment. We share these in one of our regular (at least twice a week) member emails, or our regular member Zoom meetings.

Opportunities can be new suppliers, new products, in-store tactical changes, out of store marketing ideas. Often, they are early adopter opportunities that can help our members win before other retailers know about the opportunity.

We lay out for your consideration a pathway to a success. These are curated by business, considering local needs and owner situations.

Opportunities can be sales to people who will never visit your shop through any of several national #1 ranked consumer facing websites, and / or your own exclusive website, under a brand you choose.

newsXpress is a local retail newsagency marketing group. Our goal is to help our newsXpress member retail shops to be the best locally, the happiest, and the move valuable. What we offer and do is different business by business, depending on their needs, and focussed on their situation.

This is not a one size fits all approach, because local retail is not one size fits all. It’s what makes local retail so loved by folks in the local community.

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