How does newsXpress compare to Newspower, and are they the same?

newsXpress is not Newspower and Newspower is not newsXpress. While they may at first glance appear to be similar in their work for and support of newsagents, they are very different.

Newsagents looking for support for their business need to know for sure what they are looking for before they start to compare newsXpress and Newspower, they need to be sure of what matters to them.

Since we are newsXpress, we can speak to what we do, and this is what we will do here, rather than speculate as to what Newspower may not do. That research of the comparison between Newspower and newsXpress is something that only a newsagent can do for no one at Newspower understands what newsXpress offers and jo one at newsXpress understands what newspower offers.

newsXpress helps local newsagents run more enjoyable and valuable businesses. That’s our goal. It’s our focus every day, through every action.

With almost all of our newsXpress member newsagency businesses on the high street in the suburbs and in regional and rural Australia, our work is truly small business focussed.

We are a practical bunch, people with this local retail experience, which we bring to life when working with newsagents to help them grow more valuable and enjoyable businesses.

At newsXpress, we think every newsagent has the opportunity to make their own future.

It’s true, we all make our own future.

And, in the newsagency channel, in 2022, the opportunities for making a brighter future are terrific.

From what you sell to how you sell to when you sell to those you sell to … it’s all changing, which is terrific news because in change there is opportunity.

We can help. In fact, we’d love to help you.

How newsXpress helps is 100% up to you.

We help businesses that have limited or no capital grow in value. Our team of twelve retail professionals has a deep well of skills and experience.

For $175.00 a month, we offer value on which you can rely.

2022 is going well for many of newsXpress members.

Our free Thank You card promotion drove above-average card sales in our newsXpress newsagency businesses.

Our new EFTPOS deal is delivering excellent savings on EFTPOS fees.

Our support of Fight MND in our local newsagency shops has raised our community engagement profile.

Our Royal Australian Mint relationship has delivered exclusive opportunities for newsXpress newsagents, with more opportunities on the way.

Our card relay strategy is driving double-digit growth in card sales for newsXpress newsagents.

Our financially subsidised hosted 3-day supplier showroom visits in May were a massive hit!

Our US retail study tour is full with active retailers keen for experiencing local small business retail innovation.

Plus, we have added more preferred suppliers, delivered bonus margin and welcomed more new members to our community.

We’re loving 2022.

newsXpress believes that for each newsXpress newsagent, each retailer in our group, their future is theirs to make, to embrace, to celebrate.

Our pitch is backed by actionable items you can take. You can bank on it.

To us, the future is about value, the value of your business – what you make today and what you will make when you decide to sell.

Profit is the measurement of success, and key to value today and in the future.

The newsagency channel was created in the 1880s to distribute a magazine through the goldfields of Victoria. Some of the agency arrangements put in place then can be seen in business arrangements today.

While we understand and respect the history of the channel, the future for our shops is the future. It’s nothing like those goldfield days.

Making the most of the opportunities of the future is about what we talk about in this document.

What you sell. How you sell. When you sell. The customers you sell to. It’s all up for grabs, there for the taking. It starts with the narrative of your business, how you pitch yourself.

Our advice can include encouraging you to let go of some things that don’t make money and don’t, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy.

How far you go is 100% up to you. Our job is to pitch ideas and opportunities. What you do with them is up to you. Once you decide, we can help with practical steps.

While we understand that for plenty of newsagents, old-school products and services are valuable, their value is declining. Acting now can protect your business against those declines.

You’re not alone. We help you, work with you, hold your hand and encourage you – as much or as little as you want.

For each of us in business, what we achieve is up to us. Our future is about what we do today.

But back to the hypothetical question of how newsXpress compares to Newspower? Take your time. Do your own research. Look at the evidence, and decide which group is right for your needs.

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