Deals on Epson ink at newsXpress

nx_epson_promotion.JPGEpson is one of the brands we support at newsXpress as part of our HOT Ink! offer. We offer excellent prices on Epson branded ink.  This is backed by good in-store product knowledge.  Thanks to our professional shelf labels and hero product shelf talkers, we make shopping for Epson and other ink easy at newsXpress locations.  Our holistic approach to ink makes in a successful category for our members who choose to engage.

We have newsXpress members achieving ink and toner sales equal to 30% of total stationery business – often in locations where the newsagent originally thought that ink would not work for them.  Our complete strategy and back-end support help make this success achievable.

We understand that ink is not for all newsagents and so leave the ultimate decision on whether to participate to each newsXpress members.

HOT Ink! s an exclusive sub-brand to newsXpress and another way we add measurable financial value to newsXpress businesses.

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