Helping shoppers save on ink and toner

hot_ink_pricing.JPGnewsXpress offers comprehensive support to newsXpress newsagencies to drive ink and toner sales.  From external marketing to in-store messages, we offer a consistent pitch.  Take the shelf talkers, pictured.  Placed above our hero products, our HOT Ink! shelf talkers catch the eye and guide the shopper with certainty about price and brand.  They also reinforce the newsXpress brand.  The shelf talkers are provided free by newsXpress.

newsXpress members achieving the most from our ink offer embrace each touch-point: brochures, posters, shelf-talkers, range, plan a grams and staff training.

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I am a Director of newsXpress, a marketing group for newsagents keen for a bright future. You can reach me on +61 418 321 338 or mark[at]

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