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magclubcard.jpgThe magazine club card from newsXpress is more popular than ever since the decision by the newsXpress Board to make all collateral, including the cards, available to members without cost.  newsXpress happily sends new card stock to members for no cost, including no delivery cost.  This takes a cost out of the businesses and makes running the magazine club card loyalty program even more compelling for newsXpress members.

We launched the latest changes to this magazine loyalty program last month and we are well ahead of projections of cards in circulation and rewards being earned by happy newsXpress customers.

Publishers and smart newsagents see the value of this exclusive to newsXpress offer.  We are drawing traffic from supermarkets and convenience outlets.  We are also guiding our customers to spend more on magazines.  While many newsagents moan doom about magazine sales, newsXpress members are embracing this marketing initiative and pursuing every growth opportunity.

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