Meeting on Gold Coast to plan 2009

nx_qldteam.JPGSome of our team met on the Gold Coast yesterday to discuss 2008 and continue our planning discussions for 2009.  Group planning and reviews such as this are crucial to developing the strategy which is proving so successful for newsXpress members.  Around the table in the photo is Jeff Walsh from our merchandise team, Karen Sutton our National Sales Manager, Lesley Bortfield one of NSW Business Development Managers, Ben Kay our National Merchandise Manager, Mark Fletcher newsXpress Director, Sonia Ruhland our Group Administration Co-Ordinator, Graham Randall newsXpress Director., Roger Bortfield another of our NSW Business Development Managers and Belinda Adshead our Queensland Business Development Manager.

newsXpress has a strong professional team including several not in the photo.  This team is key to the strength of our group and the success being achieved by our members.

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