newsXpress calendar deal loved by members

newsXpress members have rushed to snap up an exclusive calendar deals from newsXpress.  We purchased all remaining inventory from a major calendar supplier and made this available for immediate delivery to newsXpress members.

newsXpress members are banking as much as 88% gross profit from the sale of these popular and high-quality calendars.

This latest deal is another example of newsXpress leveraging its buying power and delivering to members an extraordinary opportunity.

Some newsXpress members will make more profit from this deal than their newsXpress membership fees cost in a year. Talk about banking valuable margin dollars.

Handling distribution out of our own distribution centre, newsXpress was able to quickly turn around the opportunity, beating others and ensuring that newsXpress members had access to the excellent margin product for the longest possible time prior to Christmas.

Promoting calendars and boxed Christmas cards

newsXpress Terrigal has been promoting Hallmark boxed Christmas cards and a good range of 2012 calendars just inside their front door with this display.  Sales are already strong for both categories of products, delivering early seasonal sales.  By placing the two categories together, the newsXpress Terrigal team is able to use traffic generated by one to drive sales of the other and vice versa.  As trade evolves in the run up to Christmas and the New Year, the business will refresh and adjust its offers to make the most of opportunities.

Promoting the Facebook connection

Like many newsXpress members, newsXpress Glendale has established a Facebook page.  They are promoting this at their lottery counter with this simple reminder to shoppers as shown in the photo.  newsXpress Glendale makes special offers to customers who ‘like’ their Facebook page.  They also use this channel to communicate news to customers.

Halloween at newsXpress The Gap in Queensland

newsXpress The Gap in Queensland has been having fun with Halloween already thanks to this display of Halloween products on show.

Even though the day is just under a month a way, newsXpress stores are already reporting good sales of Halloween products.

Thanks to our excellent buying, newsXpress stores are price competitive with Halloween products.

newsXpress Phonecard Promotion Drives Sales

newsXpress corporate store at Knox City Shopping Centre is enjoying excellent growth in newsXpress phonecard sales thanks to promoting in several high traffic points within the business including out the front of the shop where the simple yet effective display in the photo is showing.  Promoting the newsXpress phonecard not only helps our customers save money on overseas and interstate calls, it also promotes the newsXpress brand every time the card is used.  This is a terrific win for newsXpress shoppers, newsXpress members and our partner behind the newsXpress phonecard.

Promoting the Hallmark recordable storybook range

The wonderful Hallmark recordable storybook range from has been on show behind the counter with this terrific display at newsXpress Knox at Knox City Shopping Centre in Victoria.  The display takes up the entire feature area at the back of the counter:

This display not only shows off the excellent range of products but leverages the Hallmark brand.

2012 calendar range at newsXpress Upper Edward Street

2012 calendars are already selling at newsXpress Upper Edward Street where their calendar range includes this impulse purchase unit on the shop floor.   Showing off calendars in several locations can be a good way to leverage impulse purchases from shoppers as they move around the newsagency.

Using newsXpress exclusive calendar collateral is an excellent way to draw attention to the calendar range as it promotes range and not just the calendars in the stand on display.

Promoting the magazine Club Card at Southport Park

newsXpress Southport Park is promoting the newsXpress Magazine Club Card with this placement of collateral promoting the offer. The collateral is part of the newsXpress collateral pack provided free of charge to members earlier this year. newsXpress members don’t pay extra for access to marketing collateral packs.

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card is the most widely used loyalty promotion run in the newsagency channel.  Operating since 2005, this program continues to show off the newsXpress difference.

The newsXpress Magazine Club Card offers newsXpress shoppers access to valuable rewards quickly and simply.  It drives magazine sales and shopper loyalty beautifully.

Newsagency Marketing Group Value on Show

The March in-store offers newsletter from newsXpress demonstrates the value of this exclusive newsagency marketing group.  provided free to all newsXpress members for local personalisation prior to printing, this newsletter is packed with product offers for shoppers.  The newsletter supports preferred suppliers and presents each newsXpress store with a professional face … helping them compete in look with nearby major retailers.

The newsletter also connects with external marketing undertaken.  In the ink category, for example, our newsletter picks up on some of the offers which show newsXpress as offering excellent deals – better than nearby newsagents and better than most nearby major retailers.

By connecting with external campaigns, we are helping newsXpress stores to leverage more value from catalogue and advertised offers.  We are demonstrating the value of an integrated approach to campaigns such as ink.

The newsletter demonstrates the genuine value newsXpress brings to preferred supplier relationships.  take a look at the coverage in our March 2011 newsletter on The Sticker Family.  While some newsagency marketing groups will only want to negotiate a commission on sales to line their pockets, newsXpress seeks out relationships where we can add value, drive sales and create a quadruple win – for the supplier, for the newsXpress member, for newsXpress and, most important, for the shopper.


Each month, prior to the end off the month, newsXpress provides members with an in-store offers newsletter for promoting their businesses.  This is part of the regular newsXpress service.

In addition to the monthly newsletters, newsXpress also provides seasonal in-store offers newsletters for promoting seasonal gifts and offers.  These have a track record of driving sales of seasonal products.

newsXpress members targeted by The Lucky Charm

newsXpress members are being targeted by The Lucky Charm trying to convince them to swap brands. The Lucky Charm team is out pushing because we have excellent members in our group and because newsXpress does not force members to stay through a long term contract. NewsXpress members stay with us because they want to where TLC members do not have the luxury of freedom until their five year iron-clad contract comes to an end.

One member approached by TLC told us they are happy to stay with newsXpress over The Lucky Charm because of how newsXpress is helping them transform their business with new traffic, better margin and greater sales efficiency. A check of the card rebate showed them how much better off they are staying with newsXpress.

Newsagents joining The Lucky Charm are, in our view, handcuffed to the group. A read of the franchise agreement by a lawyer will help prospective members of The Lucky Charm to understand the extent of the handcuff. There is the five year term as well as constraints surrounding the sale of the business. This makes getting out near impossible.

newsXpress does not believe in handcuffing members to the group for a long period and through a complex contract. Rather, we want members to stay with us because they want to stay. This is a newsXpress difference.

While we are flattered that The Lucky Charm is aggressively targeting newsXpress members, we felt it appropriate to encourage greater transparency around core elements of their pitch.

Choosing a marketing group for your newsagency

newsXpress has published updated advice for newsagents searching for a marketing group.  Choosing the right marketing group for your newsagency provides guidelines on factors to consider. Not all marketing groups are the same and it is important to be certain of what is important to your newsagency.