Promoting the Facebook connection

Like many newsXpress members, newsXpress Glendale has established a Facebook page.  They are promoting this at their lottery counter with this simple reminder to shoppers as shown in the photo.  newsXpress Glendale makes special offers to customers who ‘like’ their Facebook page.  They also use this channel to communicate news to customers.

Promoting Lovatts titles at newsXpress Maryborough

lovatts-maryborough1.JPGShowing off their commitment to newsXpress preferred suppliers, newsXpress Maryborough in country Victoria is promoting Lovatts crossword and puzzle titles with this tactical placement with weekly titles – in addition to their usual crossword section. This is sure to drive incremental sales of the Lovatts titles … exactly what the team at newsXpress Maryborough is looking for in making this move.

newsXpress, newsXpress members and Lovatts are working together to help drive sales growth of Lovatts titles in newsXpress newsagencies across Australia – creating a genuinely valuable win for all stakeholders.

The Lovatts crossword and puzzle titles are the top selling crossword and puzzle titles here in Australia.

newsXpress members targeted by The Lucky Charm

newsXpress members are being targeted by The Lucky Charm trying to convince them to swap brands. The Lucky Charm team is out pushing because we have excellent members in our group and because newsXpress does not force members to stay through a long term contract. NewsXpress members stay with us because they want to where TLC members do not have the luxury of freedom until their five year iron-clad contract comes to an end.

One member approached by TLC told us they are happy to stay with newsXpress over The Lucky Charm because of how newsXpress is helping them transform their business with new traffic, better margin and greater sales efficiency. A check of the card rebate showed them how much better off they are staying with newsXpress.

Newsagents joining The Lucky Charm are, in our view, handcuffed to the group. A read of the franchise agreement by a lawyer will help prospective members of The Lucky Charm to understand the extent of the handcuff. There is the five year term as well as constraints surrounding the sale of the business. This makes getting out near impossible.

newsXpress does not believe in handcuffing members to the group for a long period and through a complex contract. Rather, we want members to stay with us because they want to stay. This is a newsXpress difference.

While we are flattered that The Lucky Charm is aggressively targeting newsXpress members, we felt it appropriate to encourage greater transparency around core elements of their pitch.

newsXpress Forest Hill promotes New Moon

fhn_new_moon.JPGnew moon calendars, the new moon board game, magazines and other products are in prime position in this excellent display at newsXpress Forest Hill in Victoria.  Drawing attention to the product display is the A0 poster provided by newsXpress.

Interest in the new moon movie is huge, one only has to see the magazine coverage of the stars and the movie launch.

newsXpress has taken a leadership role in bringing to its members new moon products beyond traditional newsagency items and thereby helped our members achieve more efficient new moon focused shopping.  This is a great example of the newsXpress difference in action and the value of using a core category such as magazines to drive sales elsewhere in the business.

The display at newsXpress Forest Hill looks stunning in person and captures the feel of Twilight in a high traffic area of the business.

Choosing a marketing group for your newsagency

newsXpress has published updated advice for newsagents searching for a marketing group.  Choosing the right marketing group for your newsagency provides guidelines on factors to consider. Not all marketing groups are the same and it is important to be certain of what is important to your newsagency.